About us

About us again:

I am conversation-art a.k.a. @yessickart

I like to write articles about different types of random products that you can buy from amazon.

These articles are intended to be entertaining and informative.
I want to help you find cool stuff you are looking for already.
I am so glad you like coming to this site.
Check back later for new posts.
Or you can follow the rss.

It’s pretty fun.

And the cool tapestries page went viral on stumbleupon.

We hope you like this site and want you to come back

and read more articles.

I try to make them fun, sometimes informative

each one is unique, and puts a cool product of artwork out there

there are pictures of the things I talk about.

I talk about art.

Or art related things.

Conversation pieces are the focus.

People like lolliz gel pens nowadays I guess.

Anyways I’m glad to be a glide.

I like you you like me.

We are together on this.

I appreciate your support in whatever regard might be accomplished.

More info on the site

I listed some charities in the links in the sitemap.

Hopefully, at least you will think about some of them and do what you can.

I support these charities and want this place to improve.
I want it to get better for everybody everywhere.
I want a world based on love rather than fear.
Fear sucks, and it is a mechanism to control people.

Don’t be seduced by fear.

Find love and confidence.

Be at one with yourself.

Be whole again.

Be healed.

Be at one with the cosmos.

Just be b.


About Us.

Well the above stuff is what was so popular.

Well, so is this:

Anyways, we just like to write fun and informative stuff.

We also like to let people know about other really cool stuff, like this nifty little koosh-esque squishy puffer ball that is like, a heck of a lot of fun:

about us
The Puffer Ball – Sensory Stimuli, Fun Stress Relief..

These things just feel good to handle. I mean, just imagine holding this thing, like wow!

It is soft and squishy, and it’s like a sensory delight altogether in it’s own category of awesomeness.

It’s like a toy for any age. I don’t know they just feel good to hold, and you can squeeze them sometimes, and then this big bubble pops out, lol, and it looks funny. 🙂

You should def try one. They work great as gifts too.

Just click on the above^ image or link, or any link or image on this entire website, to learn more about, or potentially buy that item.

This works for any image on this site.

All you have to do is click on any image on this site, or the link underneath that image, to learn more about it or maybe, buy it.

So, why not try it now, with a Puffer Ball? Maybe just to see if it works?

You can click on the image or the link underneath it.

Also, some of the links on this site are for informative purposes as well.

All of the links on this site are one hundred percent.

Try it.

I mean, these things are like awesome.

For real.

It’s worth checking out.

Hopefully, over time, I will have helped you find some really cool stuff, 🙂

like the Puffer Ball.

Thanks for visiting the about us page on this site.


Also, it's really like, up to you, but there are some really cool art books that the webmaster of this site made recently. Feel free to check them out:

So, if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read all 20+ of his art ebooks  including: A complete visual display of his personal 20 year journey with art and painting, two art theory books; including a book on how to be more creative, and also tons of other stuff including five poetry books as well as three short graphic novellas. And for real, you can read all of them on Amazon absolutely for FREE with a 30 day free trial of Kindle Unlimited, yay! Awesome! Check it out!

Or if you just want to know more about this artist, just search Amazon for Steven Yessick...

And also be sure to check out his brand new artist website:

Awe2u.com - A Site About Miracles

Thank you so much you guys! 🙂


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