Decorative Animal Garden Statues + Outdoor Animal Art Sculptures

We have compiled this list of decorative animal garden statues online.

Garden statues can help bring a feeling of coziness and life to your garden area, and it is even better when the statues are of animals. 🙂

They are little animal allies for your yard because they resonate with the spirit of your yard…

It always helps to add a little faux wildlife to your garden to enhance the space, perhaps to bring a little animal aura to the space.

Animal Statues

The following list is broken up into different types of animals. The first part is random, and then they are separated into type. This list shows some of the coolest and most tasteful animal garden statues I have found online.

Just click on the image or link of any statue in the list if you are interested in buying it, or just want to learn more about that item.

animal garden statues
Asian Foo Dogs (Fu Dogs) Garden Statues, Pair, Stone Finish

Here is a pair of Asian Foo Dogs to guard and protect your garden area from negative energy.

These are made to be weather-resistant, and are the perfect addition to balance the chi in your garden, if you believe in that. Maybe you just think it makes the garden look better. That is totally fine, too. That’s pretty normal, I guess.

animal garden statues
Lion and Lamb Garden Statue

This Lion and lamb statue is definitely in good taste because it is a well designed sculpture. The features of the lion and lamb are realistic and true to form.

It may be nice to add the power of the majestic lion to your outdoor space, and it looks good around flowers, too!

The lamb adds a sweet and gentle touch to the statue, as the Lion is showing the lamb love and compassion. They look like friends.. 🙂

animal garden statues
Grasslands Road World Garden Good Luck Elephant Statue

A little elephant statue can bring a little luck into your garden and home, perhaps?

The elephant is known for being powerful, protective, and a symbol of good fortune.

This one just looks happy, and he looks like he is bathing. You know, with his trunk over his head?

Turtle Statues

animal garden statues
Toby Turtle, Ultra-realistic Outdoor Garden Tortoise Statue, 13 3/8 x 9 3/4 x 5 1/2 inches, By Whole House Worlds

Here^ is a turtle statue for your garden, it looks very realistic so your guests might think it’s a real turtle at first, for real!

Just to add a little turtle power to your yard, this is a great choice. It might make a statement and turn out to be a conversation piece. That would be a cool way to have something to talk about with your friends. Like when someone new comes up, just set the turtle out and see if they notice it. Lol.

animal garden statues
Homestyles 11 in. Sea Turtle 3/D Bronze Patina Coastal Stepping Stone

A cool little baby sea turtle stepping stone will bring that little extra touch of charm to your outdoor space.

It is made to be stepped on, and it is durable. The perfect addition to your garden area!

William Turtle Garden Statue

Hey, this guy’s cute. A little stone-looking turtle that is looking up, just ready to snap at something..

Frog Animal Statues for the Garden

animal garden statues
Bronzed Finish Frog Atlas Garden Sculpture

This is a really neat animal garden statue that says something.

It’s like the frog is carrying the weight of the world on his back, and he must not let it fall. It’s a balancing act, I guess.

And yes, he will make it to the top of the mountain, eventually.

Wind & Weather Sitting Frog Garden Statue With Solar Lantern

Another cool frog statue that sits on a ledge and holds a little lantern. He just chills there, on your wall. 🙂

If you have a nice ledge in your garden that needs an extra touch, this is a good choice…

Design Toscano Tower of Frog Power Garden Statue

Here^ is a tower of frogs in the lotus position, and they look like they are meditating.

A cool statue that adds a little humor to your garden in a nice and tasteful way.

Joseph Studio 65904 Tall Frog Sitting Up Garden Statue, 9.5-Inch

What a cute little frog with flowers on it’s belly…

This little frog would be a nice decoration for a quaint little garden area.

He just looks so happy!


More Animal Garden Statues

Decorative Armadillo Inside Outside Garden Statue

Here is a little armadillo statue. I don’t know, some people like armadillos, I guess.

He is made for both indoor and outdoor use, and he is quite realistic as well.

Cast Iron Sitting Bunny Rabbit Garden Statue Patio Yard Large Doorstop

And a cast iron bunny rabbit would make a great doorstop, or accent for a garden space.

What a cute little bunny, and look at his long ears!

animal garden statues
Fun Express Resting Cat Stone Whimsical Garden Accent – Lightweight Resin

A cute little kitty adds a little fun to your garden. He is so happy and cheerful, and he will definitely bring warmth and energy to your outdoor garden space.

Look at the little birdie perched on his head!

animal garden statues
WuKong Home Decor Patio, Lawn & Garden Outdoor DĂ©cor Garden Sculptures & Statues Decorative Stones Pig Decor

Aww, look at this cute little piglet; it is just fun.

He just sits there and looks oh, so special. 🙂

Orlandi Statuary Classy Cat Statue, 24″, Pompeii

And finally, this cat sculpture is boombastic.

Thanks for the peaceful vibes.

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