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This is totally real art by famous artists. I have tried to include only original pieces that are available now, so just browse and have fun!

Many of the items for sale on Amazon say Lithograph. I advise against buying Lithographs. So, I have picked out the most sound art investments by each of these artists, and they are discussed throughout this article.

Anyways, these are some well known artists from the 20th Century, and I have put the best available examples of each artist’s work in this list.

If you are interested, or you want to know more about one of these artworks by famous artists, then, you know, just click.

These are also good investments. If you would like more information about art as a form of investment, then read the Art collecting: Art as Investment article on this site.

So, here is the list of art by famous artists. I hope you enjoy, and maybe get a really, really good conversation piece out of it. 🙂

Jeff Koons

Koons is most well known for the balloon dog sculpture he made.. However, he does have some other work available on amazon.

First of all, we have to have the balloon dog:

Jeff Koons Balloon Dog Blue, 2003

That’s cool and all, but check out this, far out:

The Monkey Train on a Skateboard

And here’s an autograph by Koons himself:

Anyways, there’s other artists, too, so…



Picasso was such a prolific artist, and so much so that we have some of his original work available here today.

Imagine that, you can get a real Picasso artwork, made by the artist himself. Picasso is the greatest. He is in so many museums all over the world. He was an amazing artist who never stopped, and who kept on reinventing himself throughout his career.

Picasso did all kinds of visual art, from painting, to sculpture, to pottery, and the one below is an original woodcut made by Picasso.

So amazing, a true rarity, and it is a great work of art at the same time.

En la Taberna, 1934
This is a wondeful etching. Wow, high detail, and high level of sophistication.

The art speaks for itself, and it’s an amazing pice that is truly a piece of history..

Pablo Picasso Man with Lamb, 1942 Archival Pigment, Framed, Unique Work

Picasso Femme Nue Pechant des Truites a la Main (Nude Fishing for Trout by Hand), 1962 Etching, Edition of 68

This is a real picasso etching, like, wow. It’s a woman fishing for trout by hand, and it is so amazing.

Joan Miro

La Traca III (Fireworks III), 1979
Wow, what a great high contrast piece that captures the essence of perhaps a flamingo?

Serie Personages i estels 54, 1979
A great etching that captures the emotion and power of the artist.
A genuine Miro piece, wow, I mean, it’s off the chain!

This is a real Joan Miro abstract piece. Miro created an entire style and technique of painting, to which he stayed true throughout his career. His artwork is fun, and he draws little entertaining and unique doodles that bring happiness to the viewer.

Plus it’s worth a lot of money, and it would be a good investment, as the value will most surely increase over time.

Joan Miro Partie de Campagne IV, 1967, Etching, Framed, Edition of 75

This is a really cool and fun Miro etching. So cool, and he printed it like that.


More Real Art by Famous Artists

Helen Frankenthaler

Helen Frankenthaler is known for her large monochromatic art, and she is most well known for creating her work on unprepared canvases. She is in museums around the globe, and the above screenprint is reminiscent of her larger canvases.

Such a true Frankenthaler piece above, and it is amazing.

Helen Frankenthaler “Causeway”, 2001, Etching, Framed, Edition of 100

This is an etching by Frankenthaler exploring negative space, duality, color, form, and surface.

Cool, a yellow one. Hey, did you know our eyes are drawn to the color yellow? It is the first thing we look at when different colors are in front of us. Maybe try it for yourself.


Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, 1997

He collaborated w/ Andy Warhol..

Basquiat started out as a street artist who knew a lot of people, had charisma, and was fearless. He painted sentences on street walls in NYC back in the 80’s starting out. Then he caught a break, and he was given a place to paint and live, money, and art supplies. The sponsor just told him to paint.

He painted a ton of canvases, and then he died. However, what he left behind is almost priceless now.

If you want art by famous artists, then try out Basquiat, his work continues to rise in price and demand over the years.

A screenprint that is cool because it has a ton of writings on it that you can enjoy. Basquiat had a way with words on his canvases that are a lot of fun to read, and to see his train of thought. Interesting work.

His faces that he drew are sometimes comical, to say the least, so they are funny. Sometimes the faces have expressions which make you think, and that’s what Basquiat’s work does, it just makes you think differently while you are looking at the art. His work really captures a feeling or emotion, almost every time.

Keith Haring

Keith Haring was active at the same time as Basquiat, in NYC in the 1980’s as a street artist.

His work encompasses a range of emotions, and it’s also sometimes almost startling.

He likes to convey emotions in a simple way through his work, and most of these emotion-conveying artworks are usually in response to social issues.

Keith Haring, Icons – Three Eyes, 1990, Screenprint, Edition of 250

Al Held

As an abstract painter, Held was most well known for his hard-edge abstraction paintings which lent towards abstract expressionism.

Al Held, Scholes II, 1991, Screenprint, Edition of 80

Robert Rauschenberg

Rauschenberg‘s early work back in the 40’s and 50’s was a precursor to the pop art movement. He utilizes a range of materials in his work, and they are at times akin to relief sculptures sometimes with his larger work.

These are screenprints, in which a thin screen is used to transfer an image to make a print. It is all original stuff, and is a quick way to make original art in volume. However, these pieces can also be highly collectible, and of a significant value.


These screenprints are something truly amazing if you are looking for art by famous artists, so consider them. 🙂

This one below is an original painting by Rauschenberg.

Robert Rauschenberg, Narcissus/ROCI USA (Wax Fire Works), 1990, Acrylic, Edition and 5 AP of 22


Jasper Johns

Jasper Johns is most well know for this American Flag painting below, and he does a ton of other stuff, too.

The Flag is cool, and we all like the flag.

Anyways, he does some crazy-awesome other stuff too, and this etching is a good example of his more obscure work.

Jasper Johns, Untitled (Red, Yellow, Blue), 1981, Etching, Edition 1 of 150

This is an interesting screenprint that almost seems like something Americana.

Here’s some more art by famous artists:

Roy Lichtenstein

Lichtenstein is super-famous, with work in tons of museums everywhere, and his comic-strip take on art is a truly original form of pop art.

This one is really cool because the complimentary colors draw the eye, and once you realize it’s the oval office, you’re like…cool.

Roy Lichtenstein, Paper Plate, 1969, Screenprint, Edition of 200

Nice original and affordable screenprint by an amazing and renowned artist.

Robert Motherwell

If you love Motherwell‘s work, then here are a couple of originals exploring line, space, and color.

Robert Motherwell, Red Open With White Line, 1979, Aquatint, Edition of 56

Robert Motherwell, Slate Gray Pintura, 1975. Aquatiny and collagraph, Framed. Edition 1-59 of 59

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