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Don’t you think the art of conversation is something many people really should consider improving, especially in this day and age?

Do you feel like it seems like we have gone backwards perhaps about 10,000 years in verbal communication skills with the onset of texting and smartphones?

We have forgotten this invaluable art form, and now misuse what had been the primary means of survival of humans.

And if you do know how to use this priceless and ethereal art form in the right ways, you will have a distinct advantage in life..

Here’s a list of how so so many people attempt to communicate, but they never really accomplish or learn anything because they are all caught up in their own heads.

People don’t know how to hold a conversation anymore. You know? (and when I say conversation, I don’t mean on the phone or texting.)

They will either:

  • talk over you…..
  • or are always quiet…..
  • just want to mess with your head…
  • only want to talk about themselves….
  • don’t want to share or participate……
  • are always on the phone… (even at planned get togethers)
  • way too opinionated….
  • judgemental snobs….
  • plain bullies and verbal abusers….
  • just downright mean….
  • close-minded (even when they think they are open minded)….
  • just plain stupid (like no common sense stupid)…..
  • sloppy drunks….
  • negative and critical of everything….
  • drama queens…..
  • or everything is supposed to be funny (which seriously gets old)……
  • Or a combination.
  • And I’m sure there’s more where that came from.

Why can’t people just be happy? If you think good things, good things will happen. Try putting good things on your mind instead of some crime drama b.s. Maybe you will have a more positive attitude.

Your subconscious mind believes everything it encounters. So, try something constructive instead of filling your mind with fear based programming, which only feeds the cycle of negativity..

Maybe you can go out and explore the world with your knowledge of the art of conversation, and perhaps make a difference in someone’s life…

(Sometimes life tests us and we have to change and evolve or else face the wrath of the universe.)

And, you have to know who is an asshole, and who is nice; and have to use your jedi skills to know the difference, so you can then also know how to deal with them…

Also….Please don’t talk about politics:

Everything is politics nowadays!!! It’s no wonder why we’re in three wars…Everybody’s pissed because all we talk about anymore is politics. Get a grip, people, for real…

Try helping people in a sincere way instead of running down the other guy.. All over facebook! They divided us on purpose to maintain control over us, ya’ll… All talking about politics does is start fights/qualms, and makes you look bad…. do you not know that?

Wanna be pissed at Trump? All you’re doing is egging him on. Believe that, yo…

More on Conversation

The best conversationalists are the best listeners. They ask open ended questions. And they never talk about religion or politics!!!!!! I want to engrave that on your consciousness!! Dig that…

And there’s a book that teaches you how to use inquiry to create pleasant everyday interactions here:
art of conversation
Humble Inquiry: The Gentle Art of Asking Instead of Telling

“Communication is essential in a healthy organization. But all too often when we interact with people—especially those who report to us—we simply tell them what we think they need to know.

This shuts them down. To generate bold new ideas, to avoid disastrous mistakes, to develop agility and flexibility, we need to practice Humble Inquiry.

Ed Schein defines Humble Inquiry as “the fine art of drawing someone out, of asking questions to which you do not know the answer, of building a relationship based on curiosity and interest in the other person.”

In this seminal work, Schein contrasts Humble Inquiry with other kinds of inquiry, shows the benefits Humble Inquiry provides in many different settings, and offers advice on overcoming the cultural, organizational, and psychological barriers that keep us from practicing it.” -from Amazon

How to talk: The Art of Conversation

You have to give(listen) to get(learn).. It’s a knowledge thing ya’ll… And you have to do it in a non-confrontational way (without conflict), and the best way to prevent conflict is to not talk back to people and to have respect!

There’s still a few good ones left who are real. Enlightened, cultured, refined, fun and serious tao-ish-like… (The balance thing, ya’ll..).

It’s a dying breed, people who aren’t brainwashed by TV (now they control your mind in larger-than-life hi-def resolution (and they make you want to pay money for it, basically just because everybody else does it.))

You lose face without a TV. Well, you think you will, but in reality it is all just garbage intended to feed the economy and keep you in a eternal state of emptiness..))… And it keeps you just lazy and fearful enough in a kind of government induced alternate reality vacuum of banality to make you not care about anything except yourself.. (which is quite apparent nowadays)..

Read a book? Practice random acts of kindness?

There’s still a few good real ones out there… Maybe… Hopefully… somewhere…I know a few of them, but nobody’s perfect.

“Whoso would be a man, must be a non-conformist.” ~Emerson

Who am I?

I’m sorta like a bum, I guess. (I have a lot of fun though) Or maybe a gypsy??? In a partially self-created state of exile??? Whatever..

I do, however, know that closed mouths don’t get fed… If you want anything in this life, you have to ask for it…


“Things standing shall fall, but the moving ever shall stay.” ~Bassavanna

I want you to think about that quote for a second, at least, it’s pretty profound if you actually take the time to think about something different than what you are used to…

It can actually help you survive; dig that…

And this…

“So be demanding if no ones listening
You will always find an ear
Set in motion what your life’s missing
There will always be a need.”

-U. McGee



Here’s a little video of some freestyle writing I did, that kinda relates, in a way, to conversation, go figure..

Art of Conversation

In order to engage in a real compelling conversation, one must first be a good listener. If one goes into a conversation wanting to get something from the other person then there can never be real balance in the conversation.

Also, one must always remember to remain positive and be truly interested in being friends with the other person and want to know more about how they are really doing.

When talking, it always also helps to refer to things around you to talk about. When you are at a bar, talk about wine or beer. If you are at a sporting event, talk about the star player. If you are at an intersection, talk about something that relates to that.

There are many things all of the time around us that we can bring attention to to include in the conversation. It helps to have something in common to talk about.

What to talk about

Many people who know the art of conversation keep up with current events and use news and information about things many people are interested in so that they can begin and maintain conversations with just about anyone.

If you have a genuine interest in something, there are probably other people out there who like that same thing. That is where clubs and organizations can be a great way to meet people.

Popular people are always meeting new people and making new friends. If you feel like you talk to the same few people all of the time, then you probably need to get out more and meet some new people.

It may seem hard these days this isolationist society where there is no real public center, and where the center keeps shifting, to meet people and begin conversations in today’s consumer and technology driven world. Just keep trying new things. You are bound to meet someone. The art of conversation can help you shape the future.

There’s a lot of interesting people in the world to talk to. Just get out there and do it. Throw yourself into a good and interesting conversation.

Conversationally Speaking: Tested New Ways to Increase Your Personal and Social Effectiveness

“More than a million people have learned the secrets of effective conversation using Conversationally Speaking. This revised edition provides more ways to improve conversational skills by asking questions that promote conversation, learning how to listen so that others will be encouraged to talk, reducing anxiety in social situations and more.”-from Amazon

Other Stuff

Please Check out the page I just made about art theory books

Having a great work of art in your home can help to have something in your external environment which can create and even have the power to shape moods, and thereby affect the nature and repose of the conversation at hand.

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Here’s one of my automatic writing drawings..

art of conversation drawing

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