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This is one art theory book that stands out from the rest in the originality of it’s composition and layout. A truly remarkable and original source of ideas and inspiration to make yourself a better artist. Art comes from understanding, so if you want to know more, just click on the images or links.. Thanks!

Art Theory: On Painting, Architecture, and Other Visual Media: Including Creative Inspiration for Artists

This book delves deeply into the thoughts and ideas of someone commited to art.
It is a great display of mastery of knowledge of visual art, and it it easy to understand.
It is chock full of ideas on how to produce art.

This is the paperback version and it is meant to be used as a study guide. There is plenty of room in the book to draw, make notes, add new ideas, and the like. If you are going to get a book from which to study and understand art better, this art theory b ook is the one for you. You will learn a vast quantity of knowlege gleaned from over nine years of accumulated experience and thinking.

What a great way to start a new adventure into your unknown world of art.
You will greatly appreciate having this book, because of the new ideas you will get.

And here’s the Kindle version:

Art Theory: On Painting, Architecture, and Other Visual Media: Including Creative Inspiration for Artists Kindle Edition
This is the kindle version, and if you have Kindle unlimited, or Amazon prime, then it is free for you to read. Anyways, definitely check this one out too, it may even save you a couple of bucks.

A vision filled light filled new awakening of art in an art theory book that is laid out like a list, so be sure to check out the kindle version, too. It’s the same book as the one above, just with a different cover. I thought the cover for the paperback would look good on a coffee table or something like that. Anyways, what a great deal.

Why this book?

This book is big, and is like an ideabook, where two minds meet.
Not as good as the paperback, which is recommended, because the paperback allows you to bne a prt of the book as it unfolds new understasndings and awarenesses of art.
There are some other art theory books out there, but nothing is quite like this one. Truly a great read that harmonizes with the repentance of the negation of the system.

Anyways you will definitely enjoy this far out and cool read on art and lifestyles of artists.
It starts with an introduction of how artist’s should think about art when they are approaching it. It gives artists a fresh perspective on art. Many of the principles apply to other media such as architecture and music.

Truly a great delve into the world of @yessickart art theory, and some of the ideas were discovered and written down as respose to previous writings. What the artist did was start a list of ideas, and then he came back to them oiver time, as new things were learned. A neat adventure all compiled in one place for you to read and study. And you can add to it. I would like to see many new art ideas arise from this book.

More on this art theory book

If you think you have seen it all, then just wait until you see the list of creative inspiration ideas for artists. It has cool ways of describing shapes and how they are placed next to each other to create an image. If you like other art theory books, you probably have never seen one that is a list.

Check it out

If you peek inside the book, you can read the first part, which is an introduction on how art should be thought of, as something with a standard of excellence in any media which is used. Anyways if you want to see something unique, different,. and unlike anything else out there, then be sure to get your hands on a copy of this awesome book. Truly a gem in the art world, there’s really nothing else like it in this world. So original, and straight to the point, no extra b.s. Just pure ideation with room for expansion and new ideas to surface.

A little more on this art theory book

An expanded edition may come later, but for now, this is like nine years of thoughts on art, all combined into one truly significant and meaningful book. So, if you want an art theory book unlike any other, then you have to try this one. It exceeds all others insofar as it is to the point, to the kill, and direct. As it explains ideas concisely. It is meant to be thought about as you read it. You really have to take a step back to fully understand some of the ideas, and the way they are explained. You can have a good time reading this book, and it may even make you laugh. LOL

Anyways, why not try it. It is quite unique, and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So take a sec, click on the image, and check out this amazing art theory book by @yessickart…


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