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A Lil Story


This was me, like, in 2009 on the day after I escaped the art thieves and kidnappers who I saw with my own eyes run up to my car after I decided to run into the woods. This was when I was like thirty years old or so the day that I got to safety:

Look at me in the above photo, I look so naive, like bad, like you just drove for three days solid, dude, and went to jail to save yourself from being kidnapped, man. You barely made it home by the luckiest individual hair on your chest, and yea you look shaken up, dude, for real.

But you know, when stuff like that happens in different ways and through different people that you may even know somehow, who try to get at you in some weird and twisted way, well, that’s just bullcrap. So just look at me now. Oh yea, I’m a crazy ass ho nowadays.

I can be your best friend forever, and never be mean to you ever, and treat you like you mean the entire world to you and I care about you, and I don’t want anyone going to prison, and I want the guys who are paying attention to this article to know that by now, I’ve bout had it with being the victim. If it does happen again, somebody is just going to pay the price so very dearly.

I can flip the switch from being your best friend and go straight into survival more faster that you can count chickens. I have developed somewhat of a sixth sense, and I can sense danger in the distance for some reason it might perhaps be about my art? Not sure, or maybe some other super twisted crazy reason because of some super twisted thought from some guy who is worship one person’s face maybe it’s one of these pics.

Another thing. I mean we were talking about survival mode, yea, it’s like a thing I do, I go into survival mode, I stay up all night, you never hear me in here, I’m always typing like mad. I know exactly what I would do to defend myself in my house. I know all the angles, etc…



And I’m basically taking a super long break from painting altogether. Like how long can we make it for, I mean years,I’m thinking. Possibly until I am able to design and fund my future home, which will be, like, an impenetrable fortress, just so I can start making some cool art again.

Examples of Destroyed Pieces


I am one of the artists who destroyed their own work.

I painted every day for years and years.

That’s all I wanted to do in my life.

Then one day, I grabbed up all my art,

put it in the back of my truck.

Drove to a marina, of all places….

And cut it to shreds.

I’ll show you a few of the paintings that I destroyed:

artists who destroyed their own work

Heaven 2002 – I made this after I had come home after spending months travelling.

This one is destroyed.

You can get a magnet tho 🙂

Thanks, keep reading, it gets better…

artists who destroyed their own work

The Principle of Chaotic Bliss 2006 – I destroyed this one too.

This one hung for a while in a bookstore in Nashville, and it didn’t sell.


You can get a coaster tho.

yo its a coaster glass coaster
yo its a coaster glass coaster


artists who destroyed their own work

Don’t even remember what the title was. It’s from ’06

Gone. Destroyed. It was amazing. I worked on it for months.


artistss who destroyed their own work

This one was called Symphony of Color.

It’s my personal favorite painting out of any I have ever done.

It took forever to make, and it was amazing too, it’s wiped out of existence, too. Gone bye-bye.

There’s a bunch of my art floating around out there that was stolen, too.

Including this one, which was stolen out of my house:


This one was stolen out of my house, probably on the same occasion, too:

And there’s more, but we won’t go into all that right now, I’ve had a lot of wonderful amazing truly original oil paintings on canvas stolen from me.

I invented an entirely new style of painting to make my art look cool that started with this one piece (which has been destroyed, too, no joke) which inspired the entire series of systemic hard edge abstraction which I took to its depths in Nashville while I was teaching art. The reason why I consider these particular paintings to be so cool and unique so cool, was because of how I went about designing and then later crafting them.

Here’s a place where you can view some of the pieces from the style involving systemic hard edge abstraction and perhaps buy prints of them, if you would like.

Yea, I’m only putting up the systemic hard edge abstraction pieces on the site through the above link. Here’s why: All of them are cut to shreds, gone garbage wasted, those paintings, the real ones I fucking wasted every last one of them, and you know why, because one day, well…. They are crazy super smashed to shreds and dragged through mud and cut apart again and again.

And the scraps are gone too; we threw those in the city dump, just 2 be on the safe side, ya’ll zerz

By no means did I invent the designing of abstract painting, but I invented a certain system or style for what I felt was capturing a sense of the energy, excitement, and fun that was derived or drawn from either a night out having the time of my life at the bar, going to a live show and drawing there, or just kicking it with some friends partying. I saw a ton of superb music while I lived in Nashville, and for two years while I was working on this series exploring how a simple line drawing with certain shapes, maybe triangles, different shapes arranged in an interesting way, somehow, perhaps could just look cool. Almost like a form of graffiti on canvas using an understanding of the basic ingredients that make a painting look cool or somehow dynamic. There’s an energy captured there. I worked on the relationships between the forms to make them pleasing to the eye with the  elements used for the composition that I called ‘form combinations,’ while also utilizing spatial relationships within the angular designs to create a bold and vibrant appearance. They represented and conveyed, sort of like, an upbeat and exciting energy.

So I just wanted to basically make them look cool. I wanted the drawings and the shape arrangements just to look really awesome, maybe almost like street art, in a way, with all the angles and bright colors, but these were oil paintings, and the shapes all balanced each other. The color choices were intelligent and also in harmony, and I used bright, vivid colors throughout them to make them super exciting to be viewed, and there was a certain real and tangible energy captured within them, I really think.

Sold Paintings

I have sold a number of paintings. Like this one, called The Art Thief:

Here’s another one I sold:

I have sold a way more than this, but I sold both of the ones above on the same day at an outdoor art festival in St. Elmo in Chattanooga, which is close to Lookout Mountain, which was basically the first time ever, that I took the time to show my work, in like fifteen years of painting it was about that time. Then I had a show later on, etc…

But back to the car chase:

It all started when I just randomly decided to come back to Chattanooga one day. I had the money to put my paintings in a storage facility. So, I took almost every painting I had from the last nine or so years of my life, and I put them in the back of my truck, started driving, and immediately I could tell someone was following me. They were on motorcycles. When I slowed down, they slowed down. When I stopped in the middle of the freeway, they stopped, too. So they chased me until I lost them, and then I ended up in a marina, where I destroyed some of the most awesome art you could ever imagine. All my early work is basically lost. I slashed many canvases which took months and months to make. I took pictures of each one before I slashed them to shreds.

I probably destroyed 50+ canvases that day. It was scary crazy. I just sort of went off with a knife to my work with this wild look in my eyes. It almost felt good in a way. It was like destroying something valuable to someone else for the simple reason that it’s your property and you have the option do do whatever you want to with it. I did it all to keep the art from getting stolen. I took a picture of the scraps of the paintings in the back of my truck. I had dragged the painting scraps through mud to ruin them, too. I took this pic of the scraps in the back of my truck, put it in a graphics program, and this is what that specific piece of digital art looks like:

And, the best part is, you can get a glass coaster with a remix of that image of the scraps in my truck. I think it came out really good. 🙂

The scraps were all piled up and thrown into the back of my truck. I took the picture right after the destruction was complete, then just kept on driving, and was still being followed.

They were still following me. The whole time I was listening to the most intense super intense electronic rock music you could ever imagine by the Disco Biscuits from a show they did at their festival they do sometimes called Camp Bisco. I had a CD of a show, I think it was like 2002 or 2003, not sure, but I listened to it on repeat during the chase, and it was some intense jamming, for real. Having a copy of that show to listen to my car, was probably part of the reason I survived the whole car chase thing and kidnapping attempt. Imagine like the most raging electronic jam band music you could ever imagine playing as loud as humanly possible, driving like a madman, running for my life, driving music like you could ever, ever imagine, while at the same time doing so many minor violations and getting away with all of it, and I just made it out alive, eventually.

I was in a white ford ranger, and I drove for like three days straight without stopping, and kept on being chased and followed for so long that the road eventually just become a cartoon. They were right behind me. So, I was in and around a small town and some houses, and I found a group of white trucks and sort of hid my truck in there with the others. I knew something was about to happen when the road turned into a cartoon, because why else would I see a cartoon for a road? It was about to be over, I knew it. While I was parked around the other white trucks, I saw a white Ford F-150 drive by once, and then a couple of minutes later, drive by again as if he came back for some reason. It was the same guy. As soon as he kept driving I drove straight to the woods, and ran in them with only my laptop containing all my images, and left my car behind. When I turned back to look at my truck, I saw maybe ten or so people run up to my truck to see if I was in there. That scared me a little, because then I totally knew for sure that it was real. So, I hid in some cabin, and then was thirsty, so I walked up to these farmer or worker type guys and asked for some water. This is like way out in the country. They gave me a bottle, but then they probably called the cops after I walked off, because the next thing I know I’m in a police car riding to a halfway house with a bunch of people in there who have been in trouble with the law.

The point is, I made it out alive. I actually had to do some jail time over a small technicality of stealing someone’s bag at the halfway house with their i.d. in it, which they eventually got back. So I spent several days counting my blessings and thankful to be in jail and not dead or getting potentially kidnapped, possibly raped, and with all of my super best most expensive pieces stolen, and I’m probably would have been on a boat going across the Atlantic ocean.  Lord knows what those villains would have done to my sacred ass. Screw that shit.

Now do you guys understand why I may not ever paint for like a long ass time? For real I have no urge to paint. I’ll paint once I’ve made enough money to design and personally fund my own impenetrable fortress located in a secret location whose only possibility of being breached with any amount of force would have to be something military grade. Until I get a fortress with concrete walls thick enough to protect my art from countless dirtbags who think it’s cool to steal art, I just wont do it.

I just destroyed probably 50+ of wonderful paintings during that desperate act, which was only intended to prolong my survival on this planet. That’s the main and only reason I did it: to save myself.

Sometimes you have to build an entire empire, just to tear it down and start again with nothing.

It was a massacre.

And it kinda felt like I was doing it to myself, too, in a way.

Maybe I knew I had to protect myself.

In fact that was the only reason I did it.

To protect myself.

Then, after all the madness was over,

I made collages with the scraps before I got rid of the scraps, as well.

Digital Collages from Scraps:

These collages are from one single day, the day when I had finally gotten home safe. The scrap collages are an expression of the artist’s love of making something out of nothing through having a creative and positive outlook at all times, and also while staying in motion.  Which, active motion as something in itself, when practiced correctly, is essential to survival and to prolonging your time here on Earth. So stay in motion.

These images only hit that one time. There’s a few more just like what you see in the examples below, and what you see there is the after effect of a beautiful terror that I experienced when I was cutting the paintings to shreds. It is legal to destroy your own art after you have made it as long as its yours and hasn’t been sold already.

Some of the paintings I destroyed represented an entirely new approach to oil painting that I kind of just made up by myself. The style I created was meant to capture an intangible, pure, exciting, and happy energy to convey it in an intriguing way. The goal was to communicate those same sentiments, feelings, or emotions from the shows to a viewer. I thereby, sort of just made up one new and specific approach to painting or the designing of paintings.

Here’s two examples of the art I made out of the scraps which are now sold in the form of magnets:

Brosef's Destroyed Brosef art by Yosef Bro Rectangular Photo Magnet
Brosef’s Destroyed Brosef art by Yosef Bro Rectangular Photo Magnet

Look at it. It just happened like that.

More on an Artist who destroyed his own work

So I guess it doesn’t really matter to me now that it’s done.

I would prefer not to have to do it again, honestly.

I dunno, I probably would do it again if I had to, though..

A bunch of good art was lost during that car chase, unfortunately. An entirely new approach to painting that was created with the original Systemic Hard Edge Abstraction series is gone, at least the originals all are, except for only one piece which I saved, which eventually and thankfully I sold to someone who is a good person and who recognizes good art when they see it, especially if there is a good story behind it. I think that’s cool when people are on my side.

You can view and/or buy, perhaps (if you want, it’s entirely up to you (link opens in a new tab)), but it’s awesome… You can see all the pieces from the new style here: Prints of the Interesting Hard Edge Abstraction Series

So, the Verdict

The charges on me were later dismissed in court by the judge. It’s not even on my record. Through this intense and fearless struggle, I managed to survive and evade the thieves and kidnappers by going to jail, and I barely got out of that, too. That’s another story, though.

Some people aren’t sure if it’s right for artists to destroy their own work.

Basically, I can destroy it because it’s my own property.

I made it.

I can do whatever I want with it.

I wouldn’t ever put myself in that position again, however.

So I am one of the artists who destroyed their own work, see?

I did it on purpose, because I thought someone was trying to steal it and kidnap me. Which they really were, because I didn’t just make this up. No, it really actually happened.

Anyways, it’s a crazy world out there.

And you have to be careful.

Art can be priceless.

And there are some really greedy and evil people in the world.

That’s why I make digital art and play music now.

That’s my story.

Update: 11/16.18

Dig that.


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