Auld Lang Sine

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Fortell the inevitable circumstances at will

deny fruit forecasters in the sky cloud night red sunset heart pattern lingering

amidst a sea of gravestones on a hill and the crickets masquerading as toads and eagles

situational majesty growing hill fear translation fickle sandwich juice drink e cig vape cloud coffee status

in times parallel to this one time fictional reawakening in the middle of togetherness

i’ll forget time rewoven into karmic ribbon patterns on the surfaces of furniture cow blend milkshake spilt on the white sofa strawberry flavored from McDonalds.

Signs line the causeway of humanity

ads rework your mindsets with your tv sets

spiderman rewoven into another dimension and this series and another episode

moving decay melt ice galcier huge amounts into water by infinite tons yearly

donut shop stop meander pull the trigger

fallout midsentence erupt in flames

a gargantuan desert in the south

a forest growing burning being replaced eroding day into night cloud pufff synergy

windswept away coast together with milk and gas gone and no trees left,

and tidal waves growing new storm system collapses ssurfaaces of things

a swirling cloud of power moves new trailers and horses askance…

meanwhile the garbage man collects nonsense waste  which is a waste by product of our social reality wasted waste beer cans bottles and sandwich wrappers collect

plastic styrofoam piled in layers a new layer of strata in the earth’s surface made entirely of plastic

fear lingers towards a new pawn item

fix that final mantra and decay away to nothingness donut missing hunger no cable

pizza shop order tonight gas and cardboards and new mixtures of cheese and pep.

Drive away clouds of CO2 into the night heroic mustache

speed by just over the speed limit a little faster than everyone else.

Everything becomes ocean again…


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