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This best book on art theory is one of the best art theory books out there, basically because it is so unique. The cool thing about it is that it works like a study guide. You can write in the margins, and there is room to sketch, and add to the list. So, the author encourages people to take notes in the book and add to the list. This is a cool idea, I think.

So, here’s the link to this awesome art theory book, I think one of the best books on art theory out there:

best book on art theory
Art Theory: On Painting, Architecture, and Other Visual Media: Including Creative Inspiration for Artists

So, you can click on either the image or the link to see more. We also encourage you to read the first part of the introduction, as there are some deep and meaningful ideas on the perceptions of art in the initial introduction.

This is a fascinating book, because it is laid out like a list. Also, in the back, there is a list of ideas that artists can use to expand their awareness of the various facets of composition.

Composition, subject matter, and how to choose a design or plan a work of art are the main focuses of this book. It does cover various ideas correlating to architectural design as well.

When you read this book, you should not read it straight through. You should take the time and think about each idea seperately. It is a thinking book. It helps us think in different ways to expand our creative outlook. This best art theory book is also cool because the reader sees everything from an objective standpoint at first. Therefore each individual’s response to the book is unique as the person who reads it.

A highly recommended book for artists, art lovers, art theorists, architects, and maybe even musicians may get some form of inspiration from this book. It applies to many different forms of art, and can be interpreted in many different ways.

I like this book because it is straight to the point. It leaves out extra jargon and b.s. to give you the pure ideation that comes from an experienced artist.

The author of this best book on art theory to emerge in a while

The author of this book, Steven Yessick is a fantastic painter, designer, illustrator, and writer. His work is based on capturing the raw essence of a moment and moving that emotion through time in a tangible format. A lot of the principles behind his approach to art are based on dadaism, surrealism, and abstract expressionism. In some of his work, he sort of merges all three.

He published a book of the best of his paintings in early 2017. The painting book is also meaqnt to be used for expansion of ideas, and theories. There is a ton of room in the book to glean knowledge and write it down under each painting. If you want to find it on Amazon, here’s the link:

Steven Yessick Original Oil Paintings 2000-2009: A Journey into the Abstract and Unknown

Anyways, you can visit this cool page on Amazon, and check out some of the best work of Steven Yessick by viewing the peek inside feature when you arrive. You can see some of his best work in the front of the book.

Another Version

Also, you can get the kindle edition of the art theory book. Some may want to spend a little less on this best book on art theory in my opinion. So, there is a kindle version. And if you have amazon prime, you can get it for free. So, here’s that link:

best book on art theory
Art Theory: On Painting, Architecture, and Other Visual Media: Including Creative Inspiration for Artists Kindle Edition

^The kindle version.

Well, this book may be good to have if you like to read on your phone. It may be awesome to lay down and visualize some of the ideas he is talking about. The kindle version is a good way to get a copy that you can dream to.

So, this, I think is one of the hottest, newest, most contemporary, best book on art theory out there. If you get it you will definitely not be dissapointed. It is chock full of ideas that were expounded upon over the course of a long period of time. The writer gave this book a lot of thought over the years. Now all of that useful information is laid out in a simple format.

Try this best book on art theory today!

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