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These are some of the best LED Desk lamps on the market!!!

Light emitting Diodes rock!, and it only took about 80 years to perfect them.

These particular lamps are hand selected, and are chosen specifically for their functionality, style, and affordability.

They work great offices or a studios, or anywhere else, for that matter…

They have a wide range of functionality, and they look futuristic, which makes them even cooler.

Many have varying brightness, and varying light temperature options.

Some are controlled by touch, and some are made for eye care.

Click on any of them to learn more or buy.

The Best LED Desk Lamps List:

Compact and Smart Ultrathin Office LED Desk Lamp Reading and Lighting Standard LED Desk Lamp Smart Touch Button With Micro Usb Connector Charging LED Desk Lamp

This one tops the list because of the elegant design and sleek futuristic features.

It is a top choice for office environments, when you need light over a space, because it directs the light in a wide area on your desk.

The next one is cool because it folds into a compact shape that you can almost put into your pocket:

Ideapro 18 LED Light Desk Lamp Foldable Super Brightness 6000LUX Eye Caring Reading Light with Alarm Clock Calendar Temperature Display

This one is multi-functional because it has an alarm, the eye care feature, a thermometer, and it folds into a nice little rectagular box shape.

What a great choice due to it’s cool ergonomic design, and great price of less than twenty bucks.

Best LED Desk Lamps
Gooseneck Tube Touch Sensitive LED USB Rechargeable Dimmable Portable Lightweight Desk Table Reading Study Bedside Lamp Light

Look, this one clips on stuff. Like the side of your desk, or something.

It also works really good as a bedside lamp, because it can clip onto your headboard, and it has a dimmer.

You can move it all around, like, everywhere; it’s a really fun and functional lamp.

And the bulbs on these things almost never go out!

This one clips on stuff too:

Dimmable LED Desk Lamp Lofter® 5W USB Powered Eye-caring Table Lamps with 24 LEDs, 2 Dimming Levels, 3 Lighting Modes Flexible Clip On Lights for Reading,Studying,Working,Bedroom,Office (White)

Another great bedside lamp, or it is also one of the best LED Desk Lamps to clip on stuff. 🙂

Here’s a little information about LED’s if you are interested:

How LED’s Work

History of LED’s

Best LED Desk Lamps
LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, 4 Lighting Modes (Reading/Studying/Relaxation/Bedtime), 5-Level Dimmer, Touch-Sensitive Control Panel, 1-Hour Auto Timer, 5V/1A USB Charging Port, Piano Black

A sleek and stylish modern-esque lamp with a good adjustable linear angle type movement.

This one just looks awesome, and it has a very stable base, as well..

With a timer, 4 lighting modes, and no batteries. It also has a USB charging port as well.

Pretty interesting, you know?

LE® Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, 7 Dimming Levels, Eye-care, 8W, Touch Sensitive, Daylight White, Folding Table Lamps, Reading Lamps, Bedroom Lamps (Silver White)

This is another sleek and stylish option made out of aluminum for under $25.

This one folds down to a low position when not in use, and it has seven levels of brightness and the eye care feature.

Also, this is a great choice for the functional best LED Desk lamps list because it is so stylish and does so many things, and no batteries!!

Cool Desk Lamps

Best LED Desk Lamps
LED Desk Lamp, TaoTronics Table Lamp Eye-caring LED Lamp (12W, Dimmable, Touch Control, 5 Color Modes, USB Charging Port)

This one is simple and stylish, and the white color looks fantastic.

It’s simple and awesome. The purity of white with a simple functional lamp that gets the job done.

It is also dimmable by using touch to adjust the brightness.

Best LED Desk Lamps
Boyon Portable Touch Control LED Desk Lamp USB Port & Power Adapter with Third Gear LED Eye Lamp, 3 Watts

Wow, let’s shed a little light on the subject.

Such a innovative and futuristic design, and you can have SO MUCH fun with this one by moving around it’s neck.

I think the future of design tends towards ecology and architecture based on science (cells, movt patterns, etc…) in a more organic appearance.

That’s what the above lamp reminds me of, so follow the link and you can learn more about it here:

More Cool LED Desk Lamps

or, you can look at this awesome cheap, plant-looking-led lamp:

Touch LED Desk Lamp iEgrow

This lamps is so ecology looking. It has a rechargeable battery with a long life, and it also has a pen holder built in.

A good choice where greens are in the color scheme of a room, or maybe perhaps where vegetation is also present in the interior environment.

Maybe like with some small artificial succulents?

Really cute and cool little lamp for around ten bucks.

Best LED Desk Lamps
TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp, Gooseneck Table Lamp 7W, Touch Control, 7 Brightness levels

Another stylish and futuristic sleek modern LED Desk lamp.

Sturdy base holds an led adjustable arm.

It has seven brightness levels, and it is controlled by touch.

Great simple design; elegant and practical.

Best LED Desk Lamps
TROND Halo 10W Dimmable Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp – Corded-electric (Gooseneck, 7-Level Dimmer, 30-Min Auto Timer, Touch-Controlled, Memory Function, Max. 600 lumens, Flicker-Free, No Ghosting & Anti-Glare, Rubberized Coating, Matte Black)

A highly functional, actually more functional lamp than the one above because it has a memory function.

Good when you need to adjust the level of light according to individual needs.

It comes with a timer, and it has a rubbery surface.

LE® Dimmable LED Desk Lamps, 7-Level Brightness, 6W, Touch Sensitive Control, 350lm in Full Brightness, Daylight White, Eye-care, Folding Table Lamps, Reading Lamps, Bedroom Lamps

This one is operated by touch, and it also has the eye care dimness adjustment ability to suit one’s own needs.

Sturdy and lightweight, therefore it is ideal for desktop use, and it is portable.

The list continues of Cool LED Desk Lamps

Best LED Desk Lamps
Boyon Pro Desk Lamp Touch Sensor Kids LED Eye Care Lamp Light with Adjustable Gooseneck for Home, Pc, Reading, Studying, Working (White)

Another like, organic-looking lamp. Like something in a salon maybe, or in the bathroom?

Simple white round light feature makes this lamp better for your eyes, because the led’s are hidden.

Best LED Desk Lamps
Ikea 201.696.58 Jansjo Desk Work LED Lamp Light, Black

Here’s a really hot ikea LED desk lamp.

This one is selling off the shelves.

People just love ikea I guess. 🙂

IKEA makes some of the Best LED Desk lamps out there.

I mean it is the biggest furniture company in the world for a reason.

So, why not get an IKEA?

Some More Cool LED Desk Lamp Choices

Best LED Desk Lamps
Newhouse Lighting 6W LED Desk Lamp w/ Dimmer and USB Charging Port Outlet (Phone and Tablet Charger), Black

This one includes the function of a usb charger. It has a place to charge your phone.

Pretty convenient when you are running out of options with which to charge your phone.

This would be a great choice for a tabletop or desk where work is done, and you need an extra phone charger.

That’s what makes it one of the Best LED Desk Lamps on this list, and another reason is because of the pad surface from which the light is emitted.

Best LED Desk Lamps
Saicoo LED Desk Lamp with 3 Lighting Modes (Cold / Natural / Warm), 5-Level Adjustable Brightness, Multiple Angles, Dual-Port USB Power Adapter Included

Cool desk lamp. Looks like something out of a Star wars movie. Check out the Star Wars Gifts List if you like Star Wars.

More cool desk lamps

Here’s another cool LED Desk lamp that is foldable for easy transport, and it has the eye care feature.

USB Rechargeable folding LED desk lamp with three levels of brightness.

Hey, for travelers, this is an awesome choice, because it folds.

The base is sturdy, and it is lightweight.

It has three levels of brightness, as well as the eye care feature.

Plus it looks really cool because of the stylish design and nice neutral color.

Dimmable LED Desk Lamp Work Light, RTSU® Flexible Gooseneck Rechargeable Book Light Reading Light, Portable Nightlight for Kid, Baby Nursery Night Light Table Lamp, Touch Control Bedside Lamp

Another ergonomic choice. Looks like a little light pod, and it is good for your eyes because the LED’s are placed behind a translucent cover.

Zekpro Desk Lamp [SMART TOUCH] – Table Reading Light USB Touch Sensitive LED Table Lamp For Books Bedside, Floor, Living Room, Bedrooms Kids Elderly Best Portable Dimmable Desk Study Lamp

Look at this cool adjustable arm that stretches and bends in every direction, so that’s what makes it fun.

It’s under $20, and is one of the best LED desk lamps on the list.

You can either set it on top of a table, or you can clip it to things. Plus it has that ergonomic design which looks so cool.

Best Architectural LED Desk Lamp choices

TaoTronics Metal Desk Lamp LED (Flexible Arm, Rotatable Head, Eye-Friendly Design, Black Plastic + Silver Aluminum Alloy Finish)

For those of you who would like an adjustable arm, this awesome metal finish LED desk lamp is a great choice, because it is so sleek, and you can hover it over areas where you need light.

It is perfect for drawing, and drafting, and it is lightweight and easy to transport.

And so is this one, too, because it is made specifically for architectural drawing and drafting.

Newhouse Lighting 5W Energy-Efficient Architect LED Desk Lamp, Black

When you are rendering a drawing, or making models on your desk as an architect or architecture student, you are going to need something good for your eyes, because of the long hours spent creating these renderings.

This is one of the best LED Desk Lamps for Architects because of the adjust able arm that can be moved easily to see different parts of the drawing or model.

Plus it has varying brightness levels, and it is easily portable and lightweight with a sturdy base.

LE® Swing Arm Desk Lamp, C-Clamp Table Lamp, Flexible Arm, Replaceable Bulb, Classic Architect Clamp-on Desk Lamp, Black Painted Lamp, LED Bulb included

Another great choice for an architect, because it has a little clip that you can use to clip it to your drafting table.

More Cool Led Desk Lamps

Daffodil ULT05 USB LED Light – 8 Super Bright LED Reading Lamp – No Batteries Needed – PC & Mac Compatible (Silver)

Look at this one because it plugs into a usb, then you can wrap it around anything.

A great choice for reading enthusiasts, and it works on both PC and Mac.

Furthermore, you don’t have to use it just for reading, this lamp has many potential uses.

LED Desk Lamp, Touch Lamp, ONYXLED LS 1030, 3 in 1 Touch/Adjustable/USB Outlet Charger For Portable Devices, 5 Level Lamp Dimmer Touch Lamp Pad, 22 Inch Max Height Flexible Gooseneck

This lamp is so cool because the light emits from a little pad to make it the optimal light for any indoor condition.

It is operated by touch, and it has a usb charger for portable phones. So, you probably can’t go wrong with this one.

EROS Foldable Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with Easy Touch Operation – 6-Level Dimmer – Built-In USB Charging Port – Blue

Not only does this one have six brightness levels, but you can also control the color of the light with three light temperature settings.

The blue definitely looks cool, and it comes with a usb charging port, perfect for charging your smartphone.

LED Grow Lamp

You may have wanted a natural choice for the best LED desk lamps list, so I have included this one on the list because it relates to nature, or natural things.

Therefore, for a little fun, you can get a desk LED grow lamp, because you may like horticulture or Indoor Gardening.

LED Concepts® Grow Light – Miracle Plant Light Clip Desk Lamp for Hydroponics Greenhouse Organic – 5W 22″ 360° Flexible Neck Light

This is an LED desk grow lamp, and it is really awesome because you can grow little plants on your desk!

You can look at the selection through the link directly above, because we want you to be able to find different options if you like the one in the pic, which may be the best one for starters.

This makes it super easy to grow real succulents like a little cactus inside or something, and you can have a little life area on your desk. This is probably the coolest thing I have ever seen, so I have saved the best for last.

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