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If you are looking to buy bayberry scented candles, then you have come to the right place.

I have organized the best scented bayberry candles online into groups of Tapers, Jars, Votives, and Tealight Bayberry Candles. There are also two real bayberry wax candles at the top of the list. There’s also one that is a blend of bayberry wax and beeswax below those.

Meaning of Bayberry Candles

Bayberries are found on the Atlantic coast of the Northeastern United States. They are also found around Lake Eerie. When the berries are boiled, a wax residue rises to the surface. The wax from the bayberries is on the outside of the berries.

The wax is greenish-white. Bayberry candles were saved in colonial times for special occasions. It takes a lot of bayberries to make one candle. So, the colonists reserved the bayberry candles for special occasions.

Traditionally, bayberry candles were burned during the holidays, and on New Years. One thing to do is to light the bayberry candle on New Years at Midnight. Leave it burning until the candle goes out. If you do this, you will be blessed all year with health and wealth. Another New Years Eve spell.

More on Bayberry Candles

The scent of the bayberry candle has a piney, woodsy, bitter, smell with berry overtones that are sweet. You can give them as gifts to strengthen the bond with a friend or relative.

You can also burn them in honor of someone who has passed or someone whom you admire. It takes approximately fifteen pounds of bayberries to make one single bayberry candle, that’s why they were saved for special occasions in Colonial times.

Follow the list, and find which ones use real bayberries, and which ones are merely scented with the bayberry aroma.

The scoop on real bayberry candles – Don’t get duped

Most candles out there that say that they are bayberry candles are either made with beeswax, paraffin, or soy wax. They are not made with real bayberry wax. Don’t buy anything for the holiday season which is not the real thing. There are only two candles on this list out of all the bayberry candles I could find that actually are made entirely from real bayberry wax. They are the first two on the list. The third one is a blend of beeswax and bayberry wax.

Some people just want to buy scented bayberry candles, just because of the scent. That’s ok, too.

Use caution with candles, as candles are one of the top reasons why fires start in homes.

Real Bayberry Candles (The Only Two on the List)

Cape Candle – Real Bayberry Wax Classic Candles 8″ (Boxed pair)

These are the real deal. They are made from the wax from the bayberry shrub, which has two varieties. The Northern Bayberry and the Southern Bayberry are the two varieties people use to make these candles. They are both shrubs, similar in nature. The northern bayberry is a little more compact. The Southern Bayberry has more elongated branches. Get these candles if you actually want real bayberry wax.

buy scented bayberry candles

Real Bayberry Wax 8 Inch Candle Each

This is a real bayberry candle. These candles are expensive to make. This single taper candle is the perfect choice if you are looking for a candle to burn all the way down in one use on New Year’s Eve. These are also made from real bayberry wax. Get these if you actually want the New Years Eve enchantment to actually work. Plus they smell great!

This one is a blend of real bayberry and beeswax

Pair of Bee Man Hand Dipped Natural Bayberry Wax Taper Candles (10 In.)

These candles are a blend of bayberry wax and beeswax. If you are looking for something more affordable that both promotes the longevity of bees on the planet, and uses at least some real bayberry wax, then choose these. They are handmade.

You may want to buy green taper candleholders to go along wsith your natural green bayberry wax taper candles.

The Rest are Scented Bayberry Candles

Buy Scented Bayberry Candles

Scented Bayberry Taper Candles

buy scented bayberry candles

Hand Crafted Pair 12″ Bayberry Green Beeswax Taper Candles

These candles are made from beeswax. They are scented with the delicious bayberry aroma. They are taper candles, and buying these propmotes the bee population which is so important to human survival on this planet. So, if you decide to get these, not only do you get the fine bayberry aroma, but you are helping to save the bees.

Bayberry Scented Taper Candles, Single Pair Gift Box

This is a candle made from traditional wax with a bayberry scent added. If you are looking for a more affordable choice with the same essence of the bayberry smell, then this is the top choice.

Real Bayberry 8 Inch Tapers Boxed

These are real bayberry candles, made from the wax from the bluish gray berries of the bayberry shrub. They are made in the traditional sense, with the tapers being joined together on a string. These are top notch real bayberry tapers.

More Scented Bayberry Candles

Hubbardston Candle Company 100% Pure Beeswax 10″ Bayberry Scented Taper Candle Pair, Hand Poured

These candles are made from beeswax, with a bayberry scent. They are hand dipped, and made with fine craftsmanship. They even smell like the real thing. To buy scented bayberry candles, consider this one, too.

Root Traditional Bayberry Scented Taper Candle, 9-Inch, 1 Set of 2 Candles

These are also candles made to imitate the real bayberry wax. They are made from beeswax, and buying them will help save the bees. Bee farmers cherish those who invest in beeswax.

More Scented Traditional Wax Candles – Bayberry

Williamsburg Bayberry Candles Tapers with Bayberry Candle Legend – Bayberry Scented

These are also made from traditional beeswax. These are not real bayberry candles. They are made to smell like them. This set comes with the legend of the bayberry candle printed on the back of the box. If you want something that tells the story of the bayberry candle, and imitates the distinct smell of this exquisite aroma, then this is for you.

Colonial Candle Bayberry Scented 10 Inch Tapers ~ Good Fortune Candle

These are also imitation bayberry candles. They smell almost exactly like the piney, woodsy, berry aroma of the real bayberry candle. This scented version costs less to manufacture, and therefore the  price is a little lower. If you want to buy scented bayberry candles, then this is a great choice, because that’s what it is, a scented candle.

Buy Scented Bayberry Jar Candles

Bayberry 7 Day Scented Candle

These candles are made from parrafin wax. They do not have real bayberry wax in them. They smell just like real bayberry candles. What is says on the side is: “A bayberry candle burned to the socket brings luck to the home and gold to the pocket.” Buy Scented Bayberry candles like this one to spread the holiday joy.

Sugar Creek | Bayberry Soy Scented Candle – Christmas Candles Collection | 100% Natural – Non Toxic | 24 oz Jar

This is also a scented imitation bayberry candle. It has the same pleasing aroma that can’t go unnoticed around the holidays.

Yankee Candle Snow-Dusted Bayberry Leaf Fragrance Sphere 6 Ounce

This is also an imitation. Make sure you get a real bayberry candle when you are looking to light one at new years. If you just want to smell the pleasing aroma, and you want it in a jar, then definitely choose this one. If you want to buy scented bayberry candles, then this is a top choice.

This one might have some bayberry in it, but I’m not sure

Yankee Candle Holiday Bayberry Small Single Wick Tumbler Candle, Festive Scent

The seller doesn’t make it entirely clear whether or not the wax in this candle is real bayberry wax. The Yankee Candle company manufactures these overseas. They make wonderful gifts, without the aroma being too strong.

Country Jar Bayberry Soy Candle (14 oz. Mason-Carry Jar) [+] 15%-20% Off Entire Catalog! Mix or Match!

This is not a real bayberry candle. The wax is made from soy. They have the same smell as the traditional bayberry candle, but looks can be deceiving. To buy scented bayberry candles, this choice is par excellence.

Bayberry Fir Candle – 6.5 Oz. Highly Scented Green Jar Candle – Christmas Candles Collection

This candle is made from paraffin wax. It is not made from bayberry wax. It is hard to find a good jar candle that is made from the real bayberry wax. This one isn’t either. It has that nice holiday scent, though. It has a pleasant aroma that doesn’t go unnoticed.

More imitation scented bayberry candles

Root Legacy Veriglass Scented Beeswax Candle, Bayberry, Large, Bay Berry

This candle is made from beeswax. They call it a bayberry candle because they make it to smell like traditional bayberry candles, but it isn’t real bayberry wax, so what’s the point?

Bayberry Christmas Holiday Soy Candle in 8 oz Travel Tin – Handmade by JenSan Home and Body

This candle is made from soy wax. It is not real bayberry wax, which is made by boiling bayberries in water until the wax rises to the surface.

This one isn’t clear whether or not it’s real.

Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle, Holiday Bayberry

This candle is made from paraffin wax. It is not real bayberry wax. It is more expensive, because it is a name brand. Don’t get duped by these sellers who advertise bayberry candles, which aren’t even made from bayberry wax.

A Cheerful Giver A Bayberry 22 oz. Mama Jar Candle, 22oz

The seller of this candle doesn’t want anyone to know what type of wax is used to make this candle. Therefore, it probably isn’t real. F5rom the reviews I have read, it seems cheap and fake.

Buy Scented Bayberry Pillar Candles

Root Scented Timberline Pillar Candle, 3-Inch by 9-Inch Tall, Bayberry

This is not a real bayberry candle. The scent is not that strong, but it burns a long time. The pillar is made to burn slowly, withour rivers of wax running from either side. It’s an ok candle, but probably overpriced.

Scented Pillar Candle – Long Burning Handmade – Bayberry (Medium)

This is another scented candle. It is not real bayberry. Plus, look at the color, it looks nothing like a real bayberry candle would look. The quality of the candle itself is not bad, but, for real, it’s just not a real bayberry candle.

Bayberry Christmas Holiday Pillar Candle – Handmade – Hand-poured – Decorative – Strong Scent

This is another candle which is not actually made from bayberries. The scent of the bayberry smell is a little more potent, and it lasts a long time but if you just want the real thing Click here.

Bayberry Votive Candles

Holiday Bayberry™ Samplers® Votive Candles (Pack of 3)

These might be real bayberry candles, but the seller doesn’t make it entirely clear. Also, the reviews say that these candles burn out way before all of the wax is gone. Not recommended. If you want the real thing Click here.

Bayberry Scented Votive Candles

These candles have a great smell, and people love them, but they are made from paraffin wax. They are not real bayberry wax candles. If you want the real thing, click here.

Bayberry Fir Highly Scented Hand Poured Green Natural Soy Votive Candles – 6 15 Hour Clean Burning Votive Cup Refills

These candles are made from soy wax. They are not real bayberry wax candles, like they had in the 70’s. This is something made to imitate real bayberry smells.

Bayberry Tealight Candles

Snow Dusted Bayberry Leaf Tea Light Candles

The seller does not say that these candles use real bayberry wax. There is no description of the type of wax used in these candles. They are probably fake. If you want the real bayberry wax, click here.

Shortie’s Candle Company Bayberry Fir Green Tea Light Candles 6 Pack – Highly Scented, Hand Poured, Clean Burning – Clear Container for Beautiful Candlelight

These are not real bayberry candles, either. Unless they actually say that they utilize real bayberry wax in the description, then  they are not real. These are not real bayberry candles.

Don’t Get Fake Bayberry Candles

Out of all the candles I found online that had anything to do with bayberry, only two I found were actually made with real bayberry wax.

So many of these are imitations, and the reason why is that it is way easier just to mix in the scent of bayberry with something like beeswax, or soy wax, or paraffin. It cost less, and people have no idea of the difference.

Most of the time, people just buy into the product appeal, and go by reviews. I’m here to tell you, that out of all of the bayberry candles I found, only two products actually used real bayberry wax.

Don’t get fake ones

If you actually intend to light a bayberry candle around the holidays, just make sure the bayberry candle is made from real bayberry wax. Otherwise, it’s basically pointless.

Go to the top of the list for real bayberry wax candles

Thank you

I just wanted to let everyone know the difference between a scented bayberry candle and the real deal. Why would you ever use a fake bayberry candle for the celebration of a friend’s life, or to burn on a special occasion or for a specific purpose if it isn’t even made from real bayberry wax? That doesn’t make any sense to me. I want people to know the difference between the real thing, and products that are made in China for pennies on the dollar to dupe and con people out of their money.

But if you just want a scented candle, the just buy scented bayberry candles.

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