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If you are looking to buy cheap elephant statues online, then you have most definitely found the right place with this list.

These are some of the best elephant sculptures online that I have found, truly.

Elephants are known as symbols of protection, and as guardians for the home. They provide an aura of positive energy, and they are also symbols of good fortune… So let us protect elephants..

Implementing an elephant statue can bring that animal’s energy and spirit into your home.

Having the protective energy of the elephant can help your home become a more nurturing and warm place in subtle ways.

Symbols in the home can have a quite profound effect, moreso than you may imagine.

The Elephant and other animal figurines can be symbols which speak to the specific meanings associated with those species.

More on Elephants

Then that is translated psychologically through the repetition of seeing it everyday into actually, even if subconsciously, feeling better.

So, if you are interested in one, or want to know more about it, then just click on the images or links to read reviews, descriptions, or to maybe buy one.

Elephants are known for being symbols of protection, good fortune, hope, and faith, so having one is more auspicious in Feng Shui.

Anyways, check out the list, and maybe you will find an elephant friend that you like. You can make it your own, or give it as a gift to a friend.

They are the coolest, and I mean that. I know this because I am an artist, and have been dealing with art for years. I guess I just sort of know what looks good and is well crafted.

Here’s a Lego Elephant:

You can also try to make some yarn elephants

Anyways, here is the list:

Elephant Sculpture

This is a really nice hand carved cheap elephant sculpture for a good price here, just click if you want to read about it:

buy cheap elephant statues
Gifts & Decor Lucky Elephant Wood Look Figurine Statue

A warm and gentle elephant figurine can bring unseen good fortune if placed judiciously on a clutter-free tabletop or desktop.

Elephants are known for longevity, and for nurturing and protecting their young and families.

That’s why they are symbols of protection. They are also symbols of the good fortune that comes with having a strong and loving support network.

And there’s more cool stuff you might like here;

buy cheap elephant sculpture
Thai Elephant Wood Like Design Figurine, 6″

This little elephant would be the perfect accent for a deep stain wood table, or with other dark stained furniture, like a dresser.

Delight in the ornamental look of this awesome and affordable elephant figurine. Get it just for fun, maybe?

buy cheap elephant figurine
StealStreet Elephant Collectible Wildlife Animal Figurine Statue Sculpture Model

A realistic take on the classic elephant statue. Study the form of the elephant with this realistic elephant statue,

and let it be there to maybe remind you of your own experiences with real life elephants.

Cool Elephant Statues and Figurines Online

buy cheap elephant statues
Deco Elephant Set of 3

A cheap set of three, so you can give one to a friend, or maybe put them in different places for decoration.

Check it out: a baby, a momma, and a daddy elephant, aww…

Cheap Elephant Statues – Metallic

buy cheap elephant figurine
Noble Golden Majestic Decorated Elephant Trunk Up Buddha Figurine Sculpture

Oh, so shiny… We can all agree that this gold metallic elephant statue is par excellence because of the metallic appeal…

He doesn’t necessarily have to be a Buddha elephant; he can be anything you want: just Golden, or bling. Just whatever; it looks cool..

buy cheap elephant statues
George S. Chen Imports Thai Elephant Buddha Collectible Statue

It looks shiny right? I mean, you may or may not like the Buddha aspect, but you have to appreciate Buddhist art for what it is…

This^ truly is a nice looking piece of conversation art to keep around so someone can ask you about it. You can say you found it here, on, yay! Then you can tell them about this site!

Now, if you want to make an impression when you buy cheap elephant statues, you should definitely consider this one below, too:

buy cheap elephant sculpture
Deco 79 Polystone Elephant, 11 by 7-Inch

Look at this shiny and blingy metallic look elephant to go with your mixed metals decor at home or in the office.

Let this elephant bring a metallic appeal to your home, or maybe even at work, as a conversation piece.

Sliver elephants are so original, and silver is just such a classic metallic look that you cannot go wrong.

Check it out

This is an elephant who is ready for anything, and it looks powerful with his metallic headdress.

He looks sorta like a warrior elephant, this would be great for an extra aura of protection in your home.

Set him by your front door, for sure. He looks ready to take on the world, truly.

Buy cheap elephant statues

buy cheap elephant sculpture
Metal Painted Elephant Statue Lucky Trunk Up Thai Elephant Sculpture Fengshui Animal Figurine

A little blue jeweled elephant near the door can bring attention to the association with good fortune, since elephants are associated with harmony, balance, and luck.

And this^ one is jeweled like, to the max.. ? Love those rhinestones, yes we do…

Wooden Elephant Statues

buy cheap elephant figurine
Brown Good Luck Suar Wood Sculpture, 8.75″ Tall ‘Elephant Strut’

Aww, just a cute little wooden sculpture of an elephant. This elephant statue is simple, clean, and is just simply charming and cute..

He is reaching for the sky, and no one can hold him back.

NOVICA Black Good Luck Rain Tree Wood Sculpture, 4.5″ Tall ‘Young Thai Elephant’

This wooden statue is made from rain tree wood which grows in Thailand forests. Anyways, rain tree wood is good for carving, apparently..

Anyways, it’s a tradition to carve things out of rain tree wood there, I guess.

Pretty cool elephant, though, to say the least. Nice design and colors make this^ one a great choice for a stylish and attractive look.

buy cheap elephant sculpture
Home Decor Elephant Mother & Child Crafts Handmade Statue Wooden Collectible Figurine Sculpture

Look, it’s a pair of wooden elephant figurines, like the momma and baby.

And they look happy and cheerful, I mean these are just so cute.. ? The decorations are just wonderful on those shawls; just look…

More Wooden Elephant Figurines

buy cheap elephant figurine
Wooden Elephant Sculpture Figurine Statue Hand Carved with Hand Painted Rustic Finish Home Decorative

This little wooden sculpture looks like it is walking, or strutting, too. Maybe you could get a pair, a few, or something.

They could be a nice touch to a home space or desk, and would make a great gift, too. ?

Hand Carved Natural Kadam Wood Animal Sculpture From India ‘Majestic Elephant’

This hand carved elephant is definitely of good craftsmanship. What a remarkable and intricate allover pattern on the blanket and headdress.

This one looks like it will last for quite some time, and it can be like, related to an experience, if you make it so.. Any of these can. If you make it that way.

Create an experience around a gift, that sounds like a good idea for someone who you really care about. I mean, you can plan stuff, you know?

buy cheap elephant statues
Elephant Statue Wood Carved Figurine Decor Home Guardian 1 Pair

A nice pair of elephants for your side or end table. Maybe you can use it on your coffee table, too.

They make great gifts, perhaps you should get a few, then you could give them as gifts whenever you want.

Most people think elephants are cool, I guess, you know? We do, because we want to buy cheap elephant statues today!

Good design and craftsmanship make this simple look appealing and sleek.

It definitely has nice flowing lines and a balanced overall form that makes it appealing to the eye.

Marble and Stone Elephant Sculpture

buy cheap elephant figurine
Decorative Marble Statue Figurine Sculpture Elephant 4.3” white

Aww, look at this little elephant figurine. He sits atop his base with trunk raised, just eagerly waiting for attention.

He definitely has a little charisma, and doesn’t he just look so playful and happy sitting there? ?

For cheap elephant statues of good quality, we recommendthis one, or any of the ones on this list are good too. That’s why they are on the list.. Duh.

buy cheap elephant figurine
Stone Elephant Mom with Baby in Tummy Statue/Sculpture – Impossible Stone Art 5″ Soapstone Collectible Elephant Figurine of Mother Elephant with Baby Inside – Unique Elephant Decor Gifts

This little stone figurine with a baby elephant inside of it would make a great gift for an elephant enthusiast you know.

Look how it is carved, and doesn’t it look cool? If you look close, you will see another baby elephant inside the hollowed out back of the statue.

That’s pretty cool how they do that. I mean, a little baby elephant inside? How cute!

Ceramic Elephant Figurines

NOVICA Blue Good Luck Celadon Ceramic Sculpture, 7″ Tall ‘Blue Elephant Welcome’

A little happy elephant figurine in blue. You can’t go wrong with this one because it’s just a basic elephant. It is simple and good.

It would look good with darker stained wood, and perhaps with some white fabric or carpet maybe?


buy cheap elephant figurine
NOVICA Blue Celadon Ceramic Sculpture, 3.5″ Tall ‘Happy Blue Elephants’

These little guys look like they are happy. It almost looks like they are laughing really hard. ?

It sort of makes you smile when you look at them, and that’s why I like them so much.

They are just laughing, playing, and giggling. Awww, cute..

Green Good Luck Ceramic Sculpture, 5.5″ Tall, ‘Parading Elephant’

A cute little elephant in a whitish green tint.

You might like this one just because of the calming color.

Light green is known to be a soothing color in general..

buy cheap elephant statues
Porcelain Elephant Figurine Bank

Finally, save up pennies for more elephant stuff with this awesome elephant piggy bank.

It’s pretty awesome, or at least I think so.

More about elephants

Elephants are awesome because they are so big, yet they are relatively docile creatures most of the time.

I bet you want to see a pink elephant figurine. I know you are ready, so here it is:
buy cheap elephant figurine
Hand Carved Gemstone Elephant Statue Figurine Collectible Decor 2″ (Pink quartz)

It is made of rose quartz, and if you don’t know already, that stone turns negative emotions into love.

Anyways, elephants are just so loving and nurturing of their youth.

They also clean themselves with water and mud. The mud is to keep the mosquitos off of them.

So, like real elephants are always covered with mud. I mean, they love to roll around in it and get mud all over themselves in the wild.

Elephants live in families and herds, too. They are sorta communal, and they take care of each other.

I guess that’s why they are so all about good fortune, because having a good network of friends and associates can be rewarding.

Not to say that elephants don’t have associates, lol. ???

Maybe like elephant and associates would be a good name for somebody who is all about elephants.

Elephant incorporated, maybe?

Elephant, inc.

I think that is better.

More about elephants

Elephants travel in packs, and you know the rest.

Anyways, if you want some good fortune in your life, why not try out and buy one of these cheap elephant statues. Maybe even put it by your front door, or by the entrance to your room.

I mean, it couldn’t hurt. Feng Shui is pretty basic. I mean there are symbols, and an elephant is one of them.

I mean, elephants rock u chile.

They are worth every penny. A lot of these are hand crafted, too.

So, you know, maybe check one out. I mean, somebody you know might like the Alabama Crimson Tide, and you could get them started on an elephant figurine collection.

Who knows? Why not?

Anyways, they do remind you of good things, as there are strong yet gentle associations with elephants because they are so large, and they are protective of their young, as many animals are.

Elephants are just fascinating, don’t you think?

Or are they anything like the woolly mammoth?


Well we shall see, but I think a good idea would be to get one of these things for your desk and put it in the wealth section of your desk.

Ok well thanks for stopping by the buy cheap elephant statues page on

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If you want that elephant or something.

I mean, these are great, and they are just exceeding expectations on what it means to be a good buy cheap elephant sculpture sort of thing, you know?

So you can check out some elephant pillows here:

^This is a cool elephant stuffed animal that you can buy right now by clicking on it, yes, I mean, this is way cool.

I mean kids love this kinda stuff 2.

Most of all help protect elephants.

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