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Buy cool original line drawings book by a real artist. Check out this page’s resources and descriptions out. You will find that the idea and contexts behind these drawings are some of the key contributing factors to the ultimate level of coolness that these following books are intended to represent.

For example, a lot of these drawings were made at live music shows. The artist lived in Nashville at the time. When musicians come to play in Nashville, they are playing for other musicians, as well as entertainment industry moguls. Therefore, Nashville shows are always going to be representations of musicians’ best abilities, best performances, and their best overall displays of talent.

Here’s part of the reason why he did so many line drawings:

The artist was around a whole world of superb musical talent almost nightly. At these performances, he would draw line drawings, many of which are in this book. Later, he would put the best of those drawings in paintings. He developed a system for making the paintings that involved the drawings included in this book. The painting style he used can loosely be described as Systemic Hard Edge Abstraction. This means that the artist used a system to create the paintings. He also utilized distinct divisions between colors in the manner of the hard edge painting style. The paintings inspired by some of these drawings also happened to be abstract. The drawings of the shape arrangements themselves were the subject matter for the abstract paintings. The drawings for the paintings were of cool looking shapes, almost reminiscent of the work of some types of street artists.

The artist drew what he called “form combinations,” which essentially were just line drawings of different shapes put together and arranged in ways that just looked cool together.

Much More than just cool looking shape arrangements, there’s way more to it than that in this book

There is way more to the book than just cool looking shapes. This artist did highly intricate and superior quality line drawings, as well. He also did some drawings that were surrealist in nature, and also a number of drawings that spoke to another futuristic world of architectural and city design.

The systemic Approach

Here’s the system he used to make the Systemic Hard Edge Abstraction  paintings that you can see here. The system he used was this: 1. Draw form combinations at live music shows to capture the emotional energy and rush of the show. 2. Select the best, coolest looking form combination drawings, and use those individual drawings at a larger scale in paintings. 3. Draw each form combination on the canvas large and in a judicious way that itself looks cool while considering art and design elements such as balance, spatial relationships, movement patterns, and etc. 4. Then paint and render the larger painting image using the brightest, most vivid color choices that oil paint can afford.

By following this system, he felt that he could capture the moment’s bliss of the show in a concrete, lasting,  visual, and tangible format.

Subsequently, all of these Systemic Hard Edge Abstraction paintings either have been sold or destroyed. You can see examples of this exciting and vibrant painting style here.  These paintings were the end product of the countless drawings  and relentless efforts that the artist undertook just to capture the unity of the moment when people are together on the same page all having a good time.

There are Not only form combinations, but there are many other examples of cool line drawing art in this book.

There are also many other various types and approaches to drawing as a whole within this book. The newest and final edition of this book also contains many examples of Architecture drawings, which the artist made while he was in school at Clemson University in their Architecture program.

Some of the line drawings in this book also contain a high level of attention detail, as true renderings would, normally. Most of them are made entirely of line, with some mild exceptions.


After school the artist traveled a great deal all over the US. There are excerpts from his travelling journals, too, in these books. Drawings from the turn of the millennium all drawn while on the streets and experiencing the nightlife in different cities in the US, like Atlanta, D.C. L.A. Dallas, Nashville, Phoenix, Miami, and more. He carried a sketch pad with him every step of the way, and these are the records of his travels drawn in a way that expresses the mood, emotion, energy, and raw visceral context of the moment in which each drawing was made.

This artist experienced every facet of society while creating the content for this book, good and ugly

Buy Cool Original Line Drawings Book by an Artist who has just about seen every facet of society, and who has experienced life from both the underbelly of mankind, as well as with a silver spoon in his mouth because he came from a family of the social elite. The outstanding variety inherent to the full spectrum of these drawings is phenomenal. What they contain is a reflection of those differences in perception and all of the alternate viewpoints that exist within different class structures. This variety of experience had surrounded him throughout his life and in the process of making every single last drawing in the book,. The drawings themselves reflect that same variety of experience with their sheer level of a wide variety that encompasses all walks of life and thus, artistic interpretation.

Multiple drawings are displayed on Each of the 312 Pages of this book

There is not just one drawing on each page. There may be ten or several drawings on each page of the book for you to explore. No two pages or drawings are exactly alike. There also is a great deal of evolution as well as digression apparent within the oeuvre of drawings contained within these pages.

Here’s the Kindle Version of the newest and final edition. However, it is highly recommended that you go ahead and get a hard copy, to get the most out of the experience, while having a tangible object in your hands to examine.

Final Edition

buy cool original line drawings book

Pen and Ink Drawings: One Artist’s Amazing Drawings – (second and final edition) ebook Kindle Version

There are tons of really cool, unique, and highly original line drawings in this book. Buy cool original line drawings book like this one, and you will be totally impressed by the range of style, and the depths to which this artist has taken the simple art of line drawing. Some of these line drawings were made with a straightedge, while others are loose, and freehand. They are all cool though, truly. You will most likely get an idea of the differences of style within his work, too. 

Final Edition Paperback – Most recommended Choice on this list

buy cool original line drawings book

Pen and Ink Drawings: One Artist’s Amazing Drawings (second and final edition) Paperback

This is the most extremely recommended book on this list. It’s the paperback version of the final edition of Pen and Ink Drawings: One Artist’s Amazing Drawings. It has 312 pages of all of the best line drawings, and other more detailed and intricate drawings that this artist has completed in the early and early middle stages of his career.

You will find this book to be highly interesting, entertaining, and you may even learn some tricks to help you understand line drawings as an art form better, too. Buy cool original line drawings book by this artist, whose name is Steven Yessick. You can even google his name to see some of his other art, including paintings, mixed media, and graphic art. He also writes poetry, writes creatively, and he has also published two self-help books, as well as a few graphic novellas. One of the self help books is on How to Be More Creative, and the other on is on maintaining happiness in life, relationships, and work.

Buy Cool Original Line Drawings Book Here

Buy cool original line drawings book here. If you don’t really care about seeing early architecture sketches from his school days, then you can definitely check out the first version, which may contain some duplicate images, but you still get the idea of the travel journals, the form combinations, and such. 

First Edition

The only main difference between the first edition, and the final edition, is that the first edition doesn’t have any extremely early Architecture drawings. It only contains the best of Steven Yessick’s drawings. It does have all of the journals, form combinations, and detailed pen line drawings, though. It’s basically the same book, just without the Architecture drawing examples at the end. Still a top choice, though. Again, I highly recommend the paperback.

Pen and Ink Drawings; Pen Drawings: One Artist’s Amazing Drawings: Collected and Assembled from the Matrix of Reality (first edition) ebook – Kindle Version

Both the old and new versions are put together in a way that is almost completely random. There are no chapters, it’s just page after page of totally cool original line drawings. Buy Cool Original Line Drawings book examples like this do not come along everyday, so you have to jump all over a good artist’s indie author’s best book when it comes your way. It is all piled in there together in such a way as to to increase your appetite for visual media and to look at some really cool original line drawings. Plus you may even get some ideas and inspiration from some of the cool arrangements and juxtapositions of shapes.

Buy Cool Original Line Drawing book by an Artist

First Edition Paperback

Pen and Ink Drawings; Pen Drawings: One Artist’s Amazing Drawings: Collected and Assembled from the Matrix of Reality (first edition) Paperback

Buy cool original line drawings book like this one, that has 285 pages, and is a little less expensive than the final version. You may even like the cover better, and that may also be a deciding factor. The cover is simple, plain, and there are no words on it. The drawing on the cover speaks for itself, and is a visual clue of what the contents of the book may contain, well, perhaps.

However, I strongly recommend the second and final version paperback, the second one down from the top of this page.  If you really want a deep look into the evolution of a totally original, cool, and distinct approach to painting through the use of line drawings concerning a system of art based on having fun at a show, try the final paperback version.

Methods and Styles

You can see from the cover, that the artist eventually got really good at drawing with a straight edge. Some of the drawings in both of these books, that are like the ones on the covers, are reminiscent of a futurist architecture based on simplicity and function.

Other Buy Cool Original Line Drawing Book Choices by this Artist
Maybe Try Steven Yessick’s Loopy Ladies Book

Although not drawn in pen, this artist uses his line work with a pencil this time to create some interesting takes on the feminine figure in his Loopy Ladies Book. Women are clothed and placed in environments which allow them to display a degree of enjoyment in life. These Loopy Ladies are drawn spontaneously, with no planning,and sort of congeal into a an intriguing, at times humorous depiction of today’s typical young female, most of which enjoy doing fun stuff. As far as these depictions of them are concerned, they like to have fun, always.

Kindle Loopy Ladies Book

Steven Yessick’s Loopy Ladies – ebook on Kindle

You can take a sneak peek at any of the books on this list just by clicking on the image or link below, going to the amazon page, and clicking on “look inside” which is right above the image of the book.

Also, you can get a free 30 day trial of Kindle Unlimited, and then you can read all of Steven Yessick‘s twenty-five current books completely for free. You may want to start with the Pen and Ink Drawings one, because that is his most popular book right now. Then, perhaps, you may want to check out his Art Theory book, in which he has created an entirely new way of considering abstract art as a whole through a powerful collection of all-original ideas and approaches to abstract painting and the designing of abstract art.

Paperback Loopy Ladies Book

Steven Yessick’s Loopy Ladies – Paperback Version

You really need to click on these links and actually look inside at some of these drawings of women. The cover is a flower, I don’t know why, maybe because he associates women with flowers for some reason.

If you follow these links, and actually look inside each of these books, you will get a clearer picture of what the artist has done with his line work in these drawings.

You can also read the description that goes along with each individual book, perhaps to gain a clearer understanding of what exactly the artist is attempting to convey within the content of each of his books. 

More on this artist

It would also be helpful for you, the reader, to examine some of his Hard Edge Abstraction paintings on this site to get a clearer idea of the level of cool, level of excitement, energy,and charisma that this artist attempted to communicate to viewers through his early systemic abstraction work., which you can see if you click on “this site” a few lines above this in this same paragraph.

It’s totally up to you if you want to learn more about this highly intriguing, extremely dedicated, and talented artist, but when you see how these paintings are so dynamic and visually appealing, then you will get a better understanding of the actual, specific type of cool that he attempted to convey through this specific means of approaching visual art. That grandiose level of cool was achieved in some cases, while in others, they are just simply beautiful in their complexity and color arrangements.

Look Inside the books, only if you want, but they’re really, really cool previews

Check out this artist’s Author page on Amazon, and read his really awesomely worded bio, only if you want to. Maybe you can check out some of the other twenty-five books that he has published all by himself as an indie author over the course of the past four or so years. Now he’s taking a break from writing books, too.

It’s up to you, but when you click on this link (abstract systemic paintings) you will truly see how really cool and interesting abstract paintings can actually be if the artists actually puts some serious time and effort into the layout and design of the shapes and forms in the abstract image.

There’s still so much unexplored territory in visual art and design, and there’s got to be some new subcategories of art coming out, hopefully, soon I hope. You can design basically anything, including highly detailed and refined abstract art. This artist basically had abstract painting down to almost a science. You can see actual degrees he took towards the designing of abstract paintings by examining his self-published Art Theory Book.

Levels of Cool

This media frenzied world has nearly forgotten what it actually means to be a cool individual. This artist has transformed his entire life’s work into a display of that old school cool that used to exist when people really actually used to communicate with each other to gain information and feedback in public spaces. It is a coolness and togetherness which now only exists on the level of “thinkivibes,” a term which you can understand more clearly if you “look inside” and get a preview my newest book. In the newest Steven Yessick book, you can look inside to read about this word “thinkivibes.” This latest release is called Being Happy, Always.. Check it out! I just finished it right before the end of 2018.


Thank You! Be happy forever. I mean, be happy always!

Only One more book I should mention now

There’s also another book this artist made with line drawings, but the drawings in this particular book were used as a form of therapy. They are almost more like scribbles that he used to vent out the sheer suffering and negativity of the miserable existence that he has experienced from time to time.

The book is called Yessickloops: My Kind of Loops

Yessickloops: My Kind of Loops: A Wild Ride full of Handmade Loops

In this wild ride full of handmade loops, the artist uses line drawing as a means to create loops that have helped him heal a neurosis, and has helped to prevent the neurosis from returning. The line drawings in this book are the coolest-looking drawings he could find out of the thousands of loop drawings he made to deal with a lot of negativity that consumed his environment for a while.

This is an example of one specific way of conditioning your own mind to get negative stuff out of there that you don’t want to be in there in the first place. I got the idea for mind-conditioning techniques from This book.

That’s all for now.


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