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About Frank Gehry

Before you buy Frank Gehry Book, there is a little you should know about the architect.

Gehry gained much popularity in the 80’s and 90’s when he designed the remodeling of his own house.

He used everyday materials in unique ways to make his house just the way he wanted it. It is outstanding

and unique in every regard.

Tons of angles and cool shapes to look at in his house. He uses angled windows and lots of cool stuff.

Top of the List is The Gehry Residence Remodel in ’78

Gehry then later rose to superfame with his Guggenheim Museum Design in Bilboa, Spain. It is a masterpiece and definitely should be on the bucket list for any architectural enthusiasts out there.

He has done a ton of other cool stuff around the globe as well. He is based in L.A.

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Frank Gehry Buildings’ Images

These are links to google images searches for each of the named buildings.
Guggenheim Museum
walt disney concert hall
Louis Vuitton building
Ray and Maria Stata Center
Vontz Center
Experience music project
new world center
Weisman art museum
Dancing house
Vitra design museum
MARTa Herford
art gallery of Ontario
Cinematheque Francaise
8 Spruce st

Buy Frank Gehry Book

These are the most recently published and most up to date books on Gehry and his work that I could find.

Click on the images or links to buy:

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Building Art: The Life and Work of Frank Gehry

If you want to buy Frank Gehry Books, then you have got to look at this one.^

This is a review of the life and work of Frank Gehry. It tells of his childhood, playing with blocks, and how he grew up into Architecture. How being involved with other artists led to his success.

The book explores his work such as his own home remodel, how his neighbors didn’t approve, but critics loved it.

The book also talks about his success in the long road to the completion of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in L.A.

The Glass Museum in Paris is discussed.

There are so many great tidbits to glean from this book. It is on the top of the list as highly recommended.

Buy Frank Gehry Book
Frank Gehry

This is a comprehensive overview of the top fifty projects over the course of Gehry’s 60 year career.

It talks about some of his early works in great depth. It includes beautiful photographs and also has prep sketches from Gehry and early renderings of each project.

The book discusses how Gehry has advanced the use of CAD drafting in many areas of the field.

His office has produced countless drawings and detail sketches showing how each building goes together.

With this book, you get a glimpse into the actual process of the construction of each building.

This book is a must have if you are looking to buy Frank Gehry Book online.

buy frank gehry books
Conversations with Frank Gehry

With this book, you get a glimpse in to the personality of Gehry. The book also has detailed descriptions and sketches of important projects in his lifetime.

Over 20 years of conversations with Gehry are espoused in this book.

A great look into the mind of the architect himself, and what drove him to create such unique landmarks all over the world.

buy frank gehry book
Frank Gehry, Architect (Guggenheim Museum Publications)

This book is a retrospective of Gehry’s work since the completion of the Guggenheim.

The books shows scale models, and outlines the ways in which Gehry and his team have opened up the doors for architects everywhere to incorporate unique and stylish designs into their buildings more than ever before.

Buy Frank Gehry Books
Gehry Draws (MIT Press)

If you want to bu Frank Gehry Books, then this is an awesome option, for sure.

It has 32 projects built and also unbuilt and the sketches from those projects.

Gehry explains his way of creative thinking with a pen on paper to the Author.

The Author then goes on to apply this to several huge Gehry project successes.

A great insight into Architectural design, and Gehry’s way of getting his ideas on paper in their purest form.

Buy Frank Gehry Book
Frank Gehry: The Houses

Published in 2009, this a great look into Gehry’s early work in houses.

Using collage and assemblage, with odd angles and cool geometry, Gehry explores his own understandings of his work

through these home designs. It also looks at Gehry’s own house, and how it influenced and changed Gehry and eventually the entire world of Architecture through Gehry’s later designs.

buy frank gehry book
Tour of Frank Gehry Architecture & Other L.A. Buildings

This is a tour of the Architecture of L.A. It is 32 examples of what not to miss when in L.A.

Beautiful color pictures and great text outlining each landmark guides the reader to a world full of amazing architectural specimens.

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