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If you just want to buy green taper candleholders, then you have come to the right place.

I have found every last green taper candleholder online and put them all into an easy to navigate list. Now you can see all of the green candleholders all in one place. This will make it easier for you to decide for yourself which green taper candleholders you like the best.

As always, use caution with candles, as candles are one of the top reasons why fires start in homes.

Anyways, let’s go shopping and see all of the green taper candleholders all together in one place.

Emerald Green Glass Taper Candleholders

Afloral Emerald Green Glass Taper Candlestick Holder

This emerald green glass candleholder holds most standard taper candles. You might also need some candle adhesive to hold the candle in place. This candleholder is elegant and classy. It would work great with a real bayberry candle.

Candle Holder Set for Pillar and Taper Candles Bubble Light Green Color Set of 3

Not only do these emerald green candleholders hold taper candles, but they also hold pillar candles as well. The emerald green glass goes great with green candles or white candles, or maybe even black candles. They might also look good with red candles, if you are in the holiday spirit.

Candleholder Stick with Foot for Taper Candles in Green Beige White Colors Height Approx 17 Cm Oberstdorfer Glashütte

This is perfect if you are looking for something a little more candle magical. It has a green base to hold most all taper candles. Then try this tasteful, appealing, candle reminiscent of an Irish shamrock.

More Emerald Green Candleholders

LampLust Green Candle Holders for Tapers or Tealights

You can turn these green glass candleholders upside down to function as tealight candle candleholders. They are minimalist and stylish.

Northern Lights Candles Wine Bottle Taper/Tea Light Holder

If you just like old vintage glass bottles, and you also happen to want an emerald green glass candleholder, then maybe think about it. To buy green taper candleholders with an emerald green bottle appeal, try this one.

Blown Green Glass Candleholders

If you are looking for blown glass green candleholders, consider these options. No two of either of these are quite alike, due to the nature of the glass blowing process. They are therefore works of art.

Candle Stick for Taper Candle of Green Beige White Marbled Shades Height Approx 12 Cm

This is a modern looking candlestick. It has visual appeal. The black and green swirls of glass create a dynamic and flowing look. There is movement inherent to the design.

Modern Artisans Embracing Candlestick Set, Contemporary American Made Hand-Blown Glass Sculpture

These candlesticks can be separated, but they look better when they are “embracing.” They are created this specific way to give the appearance that they are one, but, in reality, they are two completely separate objects.

Bulk Green Candleholders

If you just need a lot of basic green candleholders that get the job done of holding the candle upright, then consider this pack of 36 candleholders. Buy green taper candleholders in bulk.

HD Taper Candle Holder Standard 1″ Green 36 Pieces Per Package Candleholder

These are useful for weddings with green as the theme color. Also for celebration or parties where the primary theme color scheme is green.

Dark Green Candleholders

Buy green taper candleholders that are dark shades of green here.

Brass Candle Holders 7 Antique Green Finish Taper

This is a brass candleholder with a dark green finish. It holds taper candles perfectly, and it also won’t catch fire if you just happen to let the candle burn all the way down.

American Chateau Set of 2 Antiqued Bronze Patina Dark Green 9.5″ Metal Candle Holder Candlesticks

The life span of bronze is very long. Buy green taper candleholders that will last a lifetime without having to be replaced. They could even go to future generations in your family as heirlooms for thousands of years into the future.

Sagebrook Home 13367 Ceramic Candle Holder, 4.75 x 4.75 x 6.25 ES, Green

To buy green taper candleholders, you have to know your options. This is a smaller sized option. It is a forest green candleholder. It has a nice round balanced base, but be careful not to accidentally knock it over , or any of them, for that matter, and start a fire emergency.

Lime Green Candleholders

Buy green taper candleholders in lighter shades of green here.

Pair of Distressed Wood Candlesticks – Shabby Gypsy Bohemian Decor – Rustic Blue/Green Candle Holders (Set of 2) – 6 3/4″ Height

These are wooden candleholders. You can also make wooden candleholders, but it’s just easier to buy them, really. It would be kind of hard to make ones like this, that are round, without the right kinds of industrial tools. Plus you have to finish them with green the right way, too. Just buy green taper candleholders, it’s way easier. You may also have to remove wax from a wooden candleholder.

DharmaObjects Set of 3 Wooden Candle Holders – Height 17″, 14″, 12″ (Green)

These green candleholders almost look like some Aztec columns. They definitely have that ancient look. It almost looks like something from an ancient culture, I mean. That’s the Art Deco appeal of these column candleholders.

FLOOR | 9 Ceramic Candle Holder, Mint with Gray Accents, 4 x 12 inch, For Pillar or Taper Candles

This one is made with ceramic. It is a tint of lime green. The base is grey. It is also sturdy, so it is less likely to fall over. There is a nice, appealing balance of lighter color temperature here that adds to the appeal and attractiveness of this particular green (and grey) candleholder.

Pair of Shabby Cottage Chic Candlesticks – Two Mint & Cream Taper Candle Holders

These are your normal, basic candleholders in the lighter shades of green. It is green mixed with a cream color. They have sturdy bases, and do the job of holding a taper candle in place just perfectly. Buy green taper candleholders that are simple and effective. You may also need some candle adhesive.

Other candleholders with lighter shades of green

FloraCraft Styrofoam Half Ball Candle Holder 1.9 Inch x 3.9 Inch Green

This particular candleholder may be one of planned obsolescence, but it has a nice round shape to it. You can also just put candles in it without lighting them for use as decoration. This might be part of your Candle Feng Shui approach. There can also be other uses of unlit candles besides basic Feng Shui uses.

Hand-Distressed Rustic Candle Holders – Two Small Candle Cups – Shabby St. Patrick’s Day Decor – Little Woodland Chic Candle Stick Holders – Primitive Green Wedding Decoration (Set of 2) – 2″ Height

Buy green taper candleholders that are small and green. This is really all you need to hold a taper candle upright. Well, you may need a little candle adhesive too, or, well, maybe not. It’s up to you.

Unique and Original Green Candleholders

All of the candleholders below are, let’s just say, not your basic everyday candleholder. There is something unique about each one of these below, and you may even find some of them to be highly intriguing.

Time Concept Tropical Desert Pineapple Candle Holder – Porcelain Dinnerware Set

A welcoming pineapple appeal makes this lime green taper candleholder one of a kind. It’s only the leaves of the pineapple, without the fruit part, just to remind you of the idea of the pineapple.

Natural Green Fluorite Carved Lotus Flower Candle Holder,Crystal Ball Stand,Healing Crystal Sculpture 2″

This green flourite crystal taper candleholder is perfect for those who use crystals as part of their daily lifestyle. Perhaps combine this one with a real bayberry candle, and burn it on New Years at midnight and let the flame go out on its own for a year of health and prosperity. There are also other uses for such a magically charged candleholder.

A&B Home Natural Fluorite Crystal Tower Taper Candle Holder

Here is a taper candleholder made with rough flourite stones. You can use something like this to take negativity out of the environment through both the crystals, and the fire burning away negativity. Candles and controlled flames really do reduce negative energy in the environment.

Some cool designs, too

Celtic Knot Star Advent Wreath Candleholder with Wax Taper Candles, 9 1/2 Inch

This Celtic Advent wreath comes with four candles that are all different colors to represent the power of four. Buy green taper candleholders with gold Celtic Knots that help you in your daily meditations or rituals, or to celebrate the Celtic Advent, which lasts 40 days.

Red Green and Gold Christmas Candlestick Holder, Christmas Candlestick Holder 3.5 Inches tall

If you just want a traditional Christmas Green and Red Taper Candleholder to celebrate the holidays, then this is your choice.

Sand and Water Creations Hand Painted Pyramid Candle Holders 6″ Blue Green

Buy green taper candleholders that are hand painted. These have an elegant design, which reminds one of natural things. Painting is almost like nature, in some ways, because it is done with a natural human hand. These hand painted green taper candleholders are artworks inspired by nature themselves, too.

More Unique ones

CARTiacs Turtle Candle Holder Set of 2 Iron Vintage

If you are into turtles, and are looking to buy green taper candleholders at the same time, then why not try these? The meaning of the turtle for use in daily meditations is powerful. Plus you can burn away negativity at the same time.

Patience Brewster Pointsittier Taper Candle Holder Retired – Krinkles Christmas Décor

These are collectible candleholders. They are a little unique, but they are in the Spirit of Christmas, and therefore, are quite appealing.

8 Inch Glazed Porcelain Lotus Candleholder Pink with Green leaves

The lotus flower is always a reminder of true beauty in nature. This porcelain lotus candleholder is green with a purple lotus flower as the place where the base of the taper candle goes in when in use.

Home For ALL The Holidays Irish Leprechaun Taper Candle Holder

Here is a Leprechaun candle holder. Show your love of all things Irish by using this green candleholder as part of your St. Patrick’s Day decor.

A couple more unique ones

10.75 Inch White Porcelain Candleholder Nude Figurine with Pink Tulip

This is an attractive nude statue candleholder with green in it. The green sash she is wearing makes this eligible to be a part of this list where you can buy green taper candleholders easily just by clicking on the pics.

1 (One) Green Quartz Candle Holder Rock Paradise Exclusive with Certificate of Authenticity

This is a green quartz stone candleholder. Due to the nature of the stone, no two of these are completely and entirely identical. They are all natural.

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