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Get Kinetic! You can buy kinetic desk toys here! Many options for you to look at, ponder upon, and relax in meditation to their soothing visual and effects and motion. These things are great, and can really help you relax at work. They are also just fun to have around in general! They’re cool!

Some people like putting toys on their desk because it puts them in a good mood and reminds them to be creative in their work.

Cool Kinetic Desk Toys

Check this new product out:

They have all kinds of these. Just click on one of these and you can see similar items.

These are cool for desktop toys, too! They change colors, so they’re kinda cool, and they are like sculptures. They have a clear sheet of plastic that they shine the light on, so, anyways. It’s still pretty awesome though. Looks cool.

Randomly Oscillating Magnetic Pendulum (R.O.M.P.)

Pretty cool Kinetic Desk toy right?

Hey, check this out, too:

GSC International WVDEM02 Gsc Wave Demonstration Pendulum

The real deal.. Both of these^ are..

Anyways.. Here’s a basic hourglass in a variety of colors of sand:

Hourglass 60 Minutes Purple Sand Timer, White Wooden Frame Sandglass

Some even think the rhythmic sounds they make are psychologically stimulating. Maybe a little psycoacoustics?, or the study of sound’s effect on the mind.

Kinetic Desk Toys

Let’s check out some of these kinetic desk toys, right?. Yes.

Like this one:

Large Magnetic Big Oversized Abuot Set of 12 Pcs Huge Magnetic Office Toys for Intelligence Development and Stress Relief

These things are really good for relieving stress, and developing willpower even when you are just sitting there doing nothing. They are made of magnetic Hematite.

Exotic Sands – Circle Cherry Frame (Arctic Glacier) Sand Timers, Hour Glass, Liquid, 7 Sands from around the World.

The sand in ^this one is like a moving sculpture. All you have to do is flip it over and watch gravity pull the sand down to make a beautiful display that is never quite the same every time you flip it.

Here’s this one that involves stress relief:

Kinetic Spinning Desk Toy – Adult Anxiety Relief Fidget Toys that Creates a Mind-bending Optical Illusion of Continuously Flowing Helix (gold)

the continuous motion is calming, which helps you work more efficiently.

More About Kinetic Toys

All of the kinetic toys on this list provide you with a boost of happiness or entertainment while at work. Having something there which is entertaining and fascinates you can give you a boost of creativity to drive your work forward. That’s why these things are so useful for desks.

Check these out, too:

There is some really awesome stuff for sale through the links on this list. Like a little catapult (you could get two of them and have a catapult basketball tournament, right?), a few really awesome kinetic desk toys, and more..

You know…Just click to learn more, read reviews, or buy each item. Alright, cool. Let’s get down to business and try to stay in motion.

“Things standing shall fall, but the moving ever shall stay.” ~Basavanna

Motion is Crucial

That’s a quote that can relate to a lot of things, you know, like wind, water, or staying moving when you are in danger, as well as it’s most obvious meaning: That things standing shall fall, basically. And that things that move are way better, right? 🙂

Perpetual motion machines are cool, because they never stop. Is there any such thing? Well, not really on Earth..

The closest thing we have come up with are pendulums. Like the Foucault pendulum at Clemson University

You know, motion in the universe will probably never cease, at least for a really long time, well, relatively…

Well at least I hope so, and maybe the human race will be a part of it later on, too, after Earth is destroyed and stops moving. Maybe we can make it to other systems, like I talk about in the galaxy posters article.

That is why these kinetic motion desk sculptures are so cool:

Because once in motion, they tend to stay in motion. And that’s part of the awesomeness of these little contraptions.

These little sculpture looking things are fun to observe and watch, though. However, many of them require batteries, but not all of the ones in this list do.

So, I guess these are sorta like temporary motion kinetic sculptures, or something..

Anyways, have fun, and check out our top choices..

Let’s get started…

Buy Kinetic Desk Toy Online List

Polaris – Perpetual Motion

This is one of the kinetic desk sculptures that people really have tended to enjoy watching because it looks so cool when it is moving.

The little spinning orb on top just fascinates people, and it is really quiet.

^Perhaps the best on the list…


ScienceGeek Kinetic Art Asteroid – Electronic Perpetual Motion desk toy

This is all you need, because when it moves, the circles go in different directions. It gets the job done, and is fun to watch. Check it out.


Maybe this one:

ScienceGeek Planet Kinetic Mobile Desk Toy Mini Jupiter- Electronic Perpetual Motion

or this:

Plasma Ball – Nebula, Thunder Lightning, Plug-In – For Parties, Decorations, Prop, Kids, Bedroom, Home, And Gifts

^This would be a cool and interesting little accent for your desk, you think? And it moves, too, so it is kinetic. A little kinetic energy ball.

Perfect conversation piece for a desk, and touching your fingers to it is like making zen art.

Little Figurines

Then we have to talk about these, because they are fun to give away, and they are a true classic for kids’ desktops. Everybody just loves them, and they are really cute. They are little kinetic toys!

Little fun figurines that you can use for gifts, party favors, or maybe for your own desk. You can have a variety of figurines with this pack of 12 of them.
buy kinetic desk toy online
Assorted Balance Mobiles – 12 Pack

These kinetic desk toys are a fun lesson in physics and motion, because these things move.

You also get twelve of them, so that’s really good too, maybe you can give them out at parties, or something.


And look at this thing below, it’s like a little gear mechanism that you can fidget with while you are at your desk.

You turn it, and all of the gears move. I thought this was really awesome. I want one for my desk.

This is a small moving sand picture for your desk which is pretty cool, too!

Kinetic Desk Toy

kinetic desk sculpturesbuy moving desk sculptures online
Fortune Products Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture

Whoa, look at this one with arms that move. It’s the swinging sticks kinetic desk sculpture for you…

It moves on it’s own, and it is completely quiet. This one is almost just mesmerizing. It’s a little more pricey than some of the others on this list.

Also, this is the same kinetic motion sculpture from Pepper Potts’ desk in the movie Iron Man 2.

Once you put the batteries in, it starts moving. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before use.

Someone said it was almost Apple-esque because it is metal, comes with a case, and has sleek packaging.

It was created by an electrical engineer to create a calming energy in a space, and to mesmerize his friends.


It takes four AA batteries. The batteries last a long time, and it just keeps quietly moving without the user having to really do anything.

Anyways, a pretty cool concept: perfect for lobbies, public spaces, or waiting areas, displays, or foyers.

This^ is one of the larger and more expensive ones, and at least it’s quite high quality.

More Kinetic Toys

buy kinetic desk toy
Desk Executive Toy – Art Sculpture – Family

With ^this one, you can look at it, and it reminds you of your family.

Perfect for a parent, and for kids, too!

Aww, so sweet, and it would make a wonderful gift for a parent or child.

buy kinetic desk toy
Space Shuttle Kinetic Sculpture Art

Here’s^ a really cool space shuttle kinetic motion sculpture that you may like.

Check it out, it has pretty good reviews, and it just looks cool. It has to do with space and that is important to a lot of people.

It’s cheap, and it looks really cool on your desk… Maybe next to your scientific calculator.

Buy Kinetic Desk Toy Online – Just Click on the one you Like

And here’s a more affordable alternative that is quite mesmerizing and relaxing:

kinetic desk sculpturesbuy moving desk sculptures online
BOJIN Fan-shaped Asteroid Kinetic Desk Toy – Electronic Perpetual Motion

This is a less expensive kinetic desktop sculpture that takes four AA batteries.

This one is calming to observe, and it relaxes you to have it on your desk.

Although it is made of plastic, and may require a little WD-40 in the joints to keep it from squeaking, it is an affordable option that keeps going for a really long time (with the batteries).

This one just looks cool. I mean it looks like a boat steering wheel, and it just rocks back and forth all day long. This one is totally chill, and affordable. It is soothing to watch.

A cool spinning sculpture:

buy kinetic desk toy
Asterism – Hypnotic Pendulum Display

^The illusion of perpetual motion in a hypnotic way.

I thought ^this one was pretty amazing…

Now we get to the good stuff: Newton’s Cradles…

There are also more Kinetic Desktop Toys below the Newton’s Cradle Section.

Newton’s Cradles Kinetic Sculptures


newtons cradle kinetic motion
BOJIN Classic Newtons Cradle Balance Balls – Large – Red Wooden Base

Wooden base, Nylon strings, and solid metal balls comprise this classic take on the Newton’s Cradle kinetic sculpture.

Swing time is usually anywhere from 15-25 seconds, so it is pure kinetic motion for that long.

Also, it makes a clicking sound that sounds peaceful, and it is just a relaxing thing to have around on your desk.


kinetic desk sculpture
Newton’s Cradle 3 LED Colors Kinetic Light Up Change Shine

And here’s an LED Newton’s cradle that has a few different color settings, so cool because you can use it in the dark at your desk. 🙂

This one is awesome. A glowing Newton’s Cradle that works really well.

If you like glow stuff, you may also like Glowing Sports Stuff.

There’s more kinetic desk toy choices like the ones above, too, here:

More Moving Desk Sculptures

kinetic desk sculpture
Mars – Perpetual Motion
People also seem to enjoy watching this one as well. It runs quietly and for a long time with a 9v battery.

It’s just fun to look at, and for that price, with the durability, this one is a good buy.

kinetic desk sculpturesbuy moving desk toys online
BOJIN Fan-shaped Dolphin Kinetic Mobile Desk Toy – Electronic Perpetual Motionbuy moving desk sculptures online

People who like dolphins enjoy watching this psychologically soothing sculpture.

If you want to buy kinetic desk toy, then maybe buy something else that you need as well.

Kinetic Dolphin Toys

Dolphins are way cool. Read this article about the relationship between Dolphins and Tuna Fish if you didn’t already know and like Dolphins.

Dolphins are awesome because they communicate almost telepathically, which is way cool.


kinetic desk toys

BOJIN Ferris Wheel Planet Kinetic Mobile Desk Toy – Electronic Perpetual Motionkinetic desk sculptures

A friggin rockin table sculpture.

Fun, and it’s pink…

A kinetic and magnetic decision maker

buy kinetic desk toy
Magnetic Decision Maker

The ball swings back and forth, and then it eventually ends up landing on an answer for your question. 🙂

This thing is awesome because you can sit it on your desk, fidget with it, and it creates an interesting motion as the gears will turn. Check it out! Just click!

And here’s a perpetual motion toy that is electronic:

Westminster Nova Electronic Perpetual Motion

Three moving sections make this a dynamic and fun to watch desktop toy!

The colors of the orbs are quite relaxing as well, and as they move they create a calming effect.

Sunnytech Steel Balance Toy Weightlifter Kinetic Art balance Toy Balancing Decompressive Science Psychology Home Offic Decor Desk Decor Toy

It’s a balancing act on your desk maybe???

More Toys and Desktop Toys

Here’s a cool little catapult that kids will love…

catapult kinetic desk toy
Hog Wild Toys Air Strike Catapult

^This might be fun… For young and old alike… Who doesn’t want this awesome little catapult, yo?

and this…

robot kit
Makeblock Flagship Store – Makeblock DIY Starter Robot kit – Premium Quality – STEM Education – Arduino – Scratch 2.0 – Programmable Robot Kit for Kids to Learn Coding, Robotics and Electronics – Blue (IR Version)

It may not be a kinetic desk toy, and we have more of those on the list, but it does move, and it is a toy, so.

Robotics programs– a list of all of the universities in the US that offer degrees in robotics…


zen garden
Asian Japanese Feng Shui Sand Zen Garden

You may have fun combing the sand in a zen way with this Buddha zen garden that will fit perfectly on your desk!

All Zen Gardens Amazon

kinetic sand
Exotic Sands USA Best Quality – Medium Alder Frame (Arctic Glacier) Moving Sand Pictures by William Tabar. #1 rated sand art.

Flip the frame upside down after the sand has stopped moving. The sand creates a unique pattern every time the frame is flipped.

True art, and this makes a great conversation piece.

More Kinetic Sand Art on Amazon

More Kinetic Sculpture

kinetic desk sculpture
The Moderne Art Stabile – a mobile you display on desktop, coffee table, or shelf – inspired by Alexander Calder – Eames Midcentury Modern inspired!buy kinetic desk toy online

This is the best one. It is designed after one by Calder, who has huge kinetic sculptures everywhere, like in museums, and New York, and everywhere.

Calder was cool because he started out as a wire sculpture street artist.

He made this wire sculpture and made up a story to go along with it.

It is totally way cool, yo.

Desk Sculptures

buy kinetic desk toy online
ScienceGeek Kinetic Art Spinning Balls – Electronic Perpetual Motion desk toy

^This one is pretty rad because of the simplicity and interesting forms.

Plus, it looks really awesome when it is in motion, and doing the kinetic thing.

buy kinetic desk toy
Playable ART Helicone – Executive Edition

An excellent conversation starter, this moving desk sculpture transforms and moves with a simple twist.

It has great reviews, and people generally like it… It looks so fascinating, and it is amazing all the different ways you can arrange the branches.

buy kinetic desk toy
Playable ART Metal Cube, Gold/Silver


Get a lil motion bling for your coffee table or desk, yo.

Bling is Cool

Well I hope you found something cool.

I love these things.

Because things in motion tend to stay in motion, unless acted on by an outside force, which we have a lot of those around here with all of the gravity and such.

Anyways, chill. That’s just how the world works. It’s more like a law of physics, but that’s ok… 🙂

Thanks for visiting the buy kinetic desk toy online here page on conversation-art. We really appreciate you stopping by!

And we hope that you sincerely and utmost specifically have found the kinetic desk toy you were looking for, like, for real, yo..


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