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Garden Kinetic Wind Spinners and Outdoor Wind Whirligigs

Let your imagination float away with these beautiful and serene Kinetic wind spinners. Let them fascinate your senses with the movements of the breeze…

Wind Spinners and whirligigs are known for being a great way to add energy, motion, and life to a garden or outdoor environment.

Plus, they can give you a sense of how fast the wind is blowing.

Wind spinners are known for their incredible flowing motion, and just letting the wind move them gracefully in response to even the most minuscule of movements of the air.

These are the greatest finds I have stumbled across online, that are just simple, attractive, and of good quality and craftsmanship.

You can also hang them, or place them in other places outside of the house to bring motion to your outdoor space, like from an overhang, around the pool, or even in green garden or lawn spaces..

These will definitely bring interest and motion to garden spaces that need a touch of a certain, sort of, response to the wind, you might say… 🙂

They move with the wind, and that’s what’s really so cool about these, they flow so smoothly! And they are so simple that anybody can use them.

They are exciting and fun to watch as they spin, and magic happens when they are at work…

So, for those who like kinetic wind spinners, we have the perfect list of online wind spinners, and these are the best ones I found online. Well, at least the ones that are priced reasonably, while also having visual appeal + good design..

So, let’s get down to it, because it seems like it’s that time. It’s time to make these things spin with the air, and that is for certain!

They definitely can add a little something simply delightful to your outdoor space. And there’s a lot of them to look at in the list below.

Just click on the one you like! 🙂

Garden Kinetic Wind Spinners

Solar Wind Spinner Multi-Color LED Light Solar Powered Glass Ball with Kinetic Wind Spinner Dual Direction for Outside – Vertical Metal Sculpture Stake Construction for Outdoor Yard Lawn & Garden

This is a fantastic wind spinner whirligig that lights up when it spins.

Isn’t that cool?

Flower Wind Spinner – Magnificent 65 Inch Weather Resistant Metal – Beautiful Outdoor Lawn and Garden Décor

This^ is a floral piece. It is delicate and airy. It is really awesome, I think so, at least.

And here is a really nice copper wind spinner:

Stanwood Wind Sculpture CWS-06 Kinetic Lucky 8-Twirler Copper Wind Spinner

Add a touch of pizzaz to your yard. It is just amazing, really… I do really think this one is rockin..

Echo Valley 4394 Illuminarie Cosmic Kinetic Spinner Stake, 17.75 by 17.5 by 58-Inch

This one has little cups that look like orbs that spin around. Pretty fascinating, in my honest opinion.

More Spinners

best kinetic garden wind spinners
Metal Wind Garden Art Feathered Leaves Design 84″ High Kinetic Windmill

An excellent choice because of the cool colorful metal feathers.

Tops the list for one of the most feathery ones. (while some others are just as cool)

That is, because the wind blades look like feathers, or maybe even leaves, or wings, for that matter.

And these things sort of, I don’t know, maybe sometimes, I guess… really do remind me of airplane propellers, lol ?…. sometimes, and sometimes it spins really fast, like in a storm. That is when the colors of the individual wings blend together.

kinetic wind spinner
SOLAscape Color Changing Solar Metal Wind Spinner

Cool, the ball in the middle stays lit after dusk, because it is affected by solar energy.

It also kind of looks like it could go on forever when it spins.

The motion has a calming effect on the viewer, and it is almost a little mesmerizing.

Also, it just adds a nice touch to the garden, you know?

kinetic wind spinners
Cedar Wind Spinner One Of A Kind Handcrafted Wood

A classic fave. Handmade. All original because of the wood pieces. No two are entirely alike because the wood grain and coloring of each individual wood piece is different.

The different colors of the wood pieces also look wonderful as they move, and you get the sense of motion going up with this one, or down, whichever way you look at it. Maybe it even goes in both directions…

kinetic motion sculpture
Blue and Green Butterflies Metal Wind Spinner

Wow, look, first of all, this one is with butterflies. This would look great in the garden, and it sorta looks like a flower made out of butterflies. It may also match the colors of your flowers.

Blue for the flowers, and green for the green garden growing, because that’s how the garden grows.


Surely this one has a far out effect when it spins; it just has to because of the colors, lines, and shapes move together when it spins.

You could entertain yourself for hours watching these spin in your garden if you like to observe nature at work.

More Spinners

kinetic wind spinner
Wind and Weather Oversized Blue Flower Metal Wind Spinner, 31 Dia x 9 D x 99 H

Seems like this flower really spins with the wind, and the more wind, the faster it spins…

A cute little flower spinner, and perfect for a quaint little garden area.

kinetic wind sculpture
Bits and Pieces – Solar Multi-Color Tulip Wind Spinner-Solar Powered Glass Ball Emits Color-Changing Light – Windspinner Made of Metal and Steel – Unique Outdoor Lawn and Garden Décor

Cool solar accentuated awesomely designed kinetic wind spinners for your yard; because you can.

You could have a few of these, and it would add some motion and life to the area.

^This is one of my favorites because the wings go in different directions.

or, you could get a few of these:

wind spinners

It’s a Wind Turbine Generator kit residential, agriculture & marine. because wind power can save you money, and it is pleasant to observe.

More Wind Spinners

kinetic wind sculpture
Windspiration Helix Twister Garden Wind Spinner, “Rainbow”

Here is one you can hang from your porch, furthermore, it’s a rainbow, AND it’s continuous. See Continuous Spectrum.

Double Rainbow Guy Video Youtube

kinetic wind sculpture
Echo Valley 4353W Illuminarie Leaf Dual-Motion Windwheel, 15.75 by 5 by 45-Inch

This one looks really far out when it is moving, because of the symmetrical quality of the design.

All that motion almost slows down time. You should click and read more about it because it is a top choice among garden and home improvement enthusiasts.

Nature in Action

kinetic wind spinners
Metal Sun Face Wind Spinner

This spinner has the sun in the center, and it goes around in circles when it spins.

Also, the colors make a far out motion of their own as the spinner moves.

It almost reminds me of spin art.

Confetti Kinetic Wind Spinner

A light and airy take on the classic wind spinner, and it reminds me of faeries.

Less is more sometimes sort of, you know?

kinetic wind sculpture
Bits and Pieces – Magnificent Jupiter Two-Way Giant 22 Inch Diameter Wind Spinner – Multicolor Kinetic Garden Windspinner – Decorative Lawn Ornament Wind Mill – Unique Outdoor Lawn and Garden Décor

A really colorful one that looks like Jupiter when it is in motion, because the of the similar colors to Jupiter and the motion sort of mimics the extreme motion that exists on the planet Jupiter.

Sometimes the top and bottom spin at different speeds, and in different directions, so that is sort of a cool thing about it.

kinetic wind sculpture
Wind and Weather Deck-Mounted Metal Wind Spinner Stakes, Set of 2

Maybe these you can clip onto the rail on your porch and would probably work great if you got a few of these for an outdoor party or reception of some sort.

Kind of a colorful, geometric look, because there is beauty in geometry combined with wind creating motion..

Other kinetic motion sculpture wind spinners

kinetic wind spinner
Stanwood Wind Sculpture Kinetic Dual Helix Spinner, One Size, Copper

Wow a big kinetic wind spinner made out of copper. It seems like some kind of Mobius Strip maybe?

This one is made entirely of copper, and it is a true work of art.

More Kinetic Wind Sculptures

kinetic wind sculpture
Cosmix Copper Double Wind Sculpture

Really cosmic far out fashionable super cool wind sculpture because of all of the angles.

This one would probably bring that good copper energy and chi to a porch.

kinetic wind sculpture
Jumbo Modern Art Kinetic Quadruple Wind Sculpture Spinner

Super fantastic because it maybe looks like some kind of alien language communication device, lol, or something like that…

kinetic wind spinners
Bits and Pieces – The Wind Dancer Giant Stainless Steel Wind Spinner – Garden Spinner – Kinetic Wind Sculptures Windmills

This one looks clean and has a nice effect when it spins, and it is a well crafted design that is durable.

A little silver flower wind spinner that would maybe look good with a white house.

Pure, clean, and simple design that lends to function.

More Spinners

kinetic wind sculpture
Copper-Colored Windmill Metal Spinner

If you like spirals, then you may like this copper kinetic wind spinners, because it makes a spiral when it spins.

It just makes you happy to look at this one, because everybody likes spirals, for the most part. Maybe that’s because they are archetypes.

kinetic wind sculpture
Infinity Anemometer Garden Wind Spinner With Glow Balls

A nice little touch to the garden, and it does work well as a little accent. Also, it has glowing parts.

Something a little different, most of all.

Look at these cool wind spinners, too

kinetic wind spinners
Biplane With Solar Light Metal Wind Spinner

Also, this one is simply way cool. It almost looks like a plane is flying when the blades spin on this awesome wind spinner.

Maybe like one of those old timey biplanes.

Hey, definitely check out this video of these awesome wind spinners:


kinetic wind sculpture
Style Craft Kinetic Wind Sculpture – Large 24.5″

Interesting because it is something quite unique and unlike anything else out there.

Just roundness is all I know.

More Cool Ones

kinetic wind sculpture
Sunset Vista Designs 91454 Dragons Wing Spinner, 42-Inch

Dragon wings make the blades on this one, if you like dragons and stuff.

kinetic wind spinner
Sunnydaze Gemini Copper Wind Spinner, 14-Inch

Another Mobius Strip looking hanging kinetic motion sculpture wind spinners, and you can click on Mobius strip to see what I am talking about maybe.

The curves are relaxing to observe as they move because of the pleasant curving thick lines. In addition, the copper combined with the motion maybe creates an influx of chi, you know?

kinetic wind spinners
Iron Stop KWS101 Dragonfly Kinetic Wind Spinner

Look at this dragonfly one, because the motion is so dynamic. Maybe you should click on it and see it bigger.

Also, it has a calming effect when you watch it spin.

So much variety of space and line in this one as it moves.

kinetic wind spinners
Metal Sunflower Kinetic Spinner Garden Stake

Another one you should see bigger, because you need to see the detail on this one. It kinda has that rustic look. This sunflower spins, and sunflowers are beautiful and so is this flower kinetic wind spinners.


These can be conversation pieces, and they can be used to provoke visual interest in a space. They are also entertaining to look at sometimes.


Even cooler ones


wind spinners
Russco III WS134721 Metal Transit Wind Spinners, Bicycle

Had to throw this one in there. Look at the little bicycle spokes that are windmill fan blades, cool.

This is also a favorite one of the kinetic  wind spinners by many.

More on Kinetic Motion Sculpture Wind Spinners

I have scourged amazon.

These are the best ones from all the ones that they have on there.

I simply put them into a fun, easy to use list that you can bookmark.

These are the coolest kinetic wind spinners on there.

So find the right one for your mood, and you will have spinning things going on in a very short time.

Shipping is quick, and these things will be in your yard in no time.

There are limited supplies of most of these, so if you like one, get it now, because they may run out.

These things are really cool. I guess it just depends on what your house and yard look like.

Maybe you can have an Interior Designer Southeast US look at it for you.

Or if you just get that feeling about one, I highly recommend that you get it while you can.

The best times to enjoy your kinetic wind spinners.

They are fun, and really bring energy to a porch or yard. With the right one in the right place you are certain to find happiness and words exchanged as in a conversation, because they are conversation art. They are entertaining if you like to look at stuff besides your tv sometimes on a pleasant, breezy, and foggy morning with your coffee or something, and the birds are chirping and there is dew on the grass and a slight mist in the air.


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There’s no reason not to get one.

More peace.

You can never get enough of watching these things move with the air, and sometimes they go in different directions if you have two rotating pieces.

Or you can get a few of them and watch them all move with the air simultaneously.


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