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If you are looking to buy modern framed art prints online, then you have stumbled across a pretty interesting source.

By modern, we just mean up-to-date with current trends.

We have scoured the best resources online for the best and most popular prints. We did this to save you the trouble of you having to pour over all of those prints, page after page, to no avail.

Subsequently, we really love these prints and want to share them with the world.

Therefore, we have created this list of the best modern framed art prints online:

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Buy Modern Framed Art Prints Online

modern framed art prints
Stone & Beam Modern Blue Umbrellas on Sand Print in Black Wood Frame, 32″ x 12″

Whether you see three umbrellas on the sea line, or your own vision of this piece, the blue hues are soothing. This horizontal composition comes framed, and is perfect for any beach-themed room.

Phases of the Moon Art Print Canvas Wall Art For Home Decoration Wooden Framed 12″ X 16″

Reflect on the phases of the moon in your room. As the moon slowly ebbs from new moon to full, you can see the transition clearly. This modern framed art print may actually help with your visualization of the moon, if perhaps you can’t see the real thing at night.

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Madison Park Blue Agate Trio Framed Blue Canvas Wall Art 34X13, Global Inspired Print Wall Décor

This decorative display stands out due to three 4″ cuts of a blue agate geode stone. Each piece is unique and unlike any other one.

More Framed Modern Prints

Deny Designs Iveta Abolina Little Dandelion Framed Wall Art, 20 x 20

Make a wish, blow delicately on a Dandelion, and myth has it that your dream will come true. This tranquil piece will compliment any earth toned room.

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Soothe Spa Bathroom Black Framed Art Print Poster 12×12

Do you like old fashioned things? This print is reminiscent of old time advertising artwork. The neutral tones with the soft blue hues would look good in a restroom, perhaps.

Abstract Art, Giclee Prints abstract modern canvas wall art for Wall Decor. 30×24, Framed Size: 33×27

Brilliant and colorful, this modern framed art print is suitable for any room in the home. The variety of color tones may remind one of stained glass.

Kate and Laurel Sylvie Succulent 18×24 Gold Framed Canvas Wall Art by F2 Images

As succulents are growing in popularity, so is the demand for this print. A popular choice for cactus lovers, it comes framed and ready to hang.

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Framed Animal Prints

FRAMED Curiosity Black Cat by Jon Bertelli 11×11 Art Print Poster Wall Decor Black and White Photograph of Kitty Kitten Peeking

Peek-a-boo! This playful print is a must-have for any black cat lover. Sometimes the black cats can be the sweetest and most mysterious of all felines.

Urban Homestead Framed Birds on Dog Canvas Wall Decor

This young dog has more friends than most of his human companions. The best part is; that all of his friends get a free ride wherever he goes.

Marc Allante Jellyfish Modern Contemporary Animal Decorative Art Print (Framed 12×24 Poster)

Even though the delicate tentacles of a jellyfish can sting, there’s no denying that they are stunning sea creatures. This colorful framed modern art print captures the true beauty of the jellyfish.

More Animals

Decorative Animal Wooden Wall Mounted Art Prints Cabin Decor

A well crafted photograph cutout of trees in the shape of friendly animals adds to a rustic look in a modern way. This is another framed art print which has become quite popular online.

Retro Postmodern Martini Cat with Astrobursts & Green, Orange & Blue Bubbles Wall Art Print on Canvas with Black Frame

With the postmodern cat, you can brag a little about your love for cats while maintaining that essential party or retro environment.

Hepix Canvas Prints Wall Art Decor, Deer with Flowers and Cute Birds Framed Canvas, Ready to Hang 1317 inch

A brilliantly colorful print which emanates the deer’s beauty and powerful presence. This print is made for those spots where a splash of brilliant color is important.

FRAMED elephant art and butterflies Upcycled Vintage Dictionary Art Print Matted 10″ x 12″ Frame

This elephant just got himself hydrated at the nearby pond. When he inhales after his beverage break, he then exhales. To his surprise, a flow of rainbow butterflies appears.

Lee’s Collection Japanese Fish 3D Holographic Animated Picture with Black Frame-14.5 Inches x 18.5 Inches

If you love Japanese Koi, this elegant print will move you. With the 3D holographic animated effect, fish appear closer to the eye.

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Animal Appeal

Stone & Beam Printed Wood Effect Horse, Black Frame, 40″ x 40″

Rustic yet modern, this print can gallop your way to a smile everyday.

A Whale Of A Good Time – Upcycled Vintage Dictionary Art Print 8×10

If you like your artwork to have a vintage feel, this piece is suitable for you. Greetings good sir, are you having a Whale of a Good Time on this buy framed modern art prints online page?

Pink Butterfly Artwork

For the little girl in you, choose this delightful modern framed art print with soft pastel hues. Fly away into your dreams with these fluttering creatures on your wall.

Gentleman Giraffe Upcycled Vintage Dictionary Art Print 8×10

Hay, you guys, do you have some Grey Poupon to go with this tree leaf? I need to spice things up a bit. This giraffe is properly placed on only the most esteemed dictionary around, I have you.


Kate and Laurel – Sylvie Lion Animal Print Black and White Portrait Framed Canvas Wall Art by Simon Te Tai, Gold 23×33

Show your pride when you hang this print in your favorite room. Printed in black and white, any color can adapt.  The Lion protects his home, just like this print will send that same idea to yours.

Framed Abstract Canvas Prints Wall Art-Teal Animal Painting with Black Floater Frame, ‘Peacock Spirit’

This colorful abstract print shows the power of how beautiful a peacock can be when it spreads it’s tail feathers. Interesting tones of blues, teals, and greens comprise this top choice for dynamic and modern framed art prints.

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Framed Print Sets

Star Wars Word Art Print Three Set – 11×17″ Framed – Every Line of Dialogue

This is the perfect triage for Star Wars fans. Each print is created using the complete dialogue from each of one of the first three original films. If you look closely, you can see the words easily, but from a distance, you see accurate renditions of these Star Wars motifs.

Comfort Spaces Printed Canvas Set With Frame – 2 Pieces, 20” x 24″ – Enya – Aqua, White, Grey, Floral

If you are looking for a delicate and soft floral touch, then consider this neutral print duo. Perfect for white or cream walls, this pair will do the simple trick of not letting your walls go bare in quite the elegant and modern way.

The Birds 4 Pieces 16×16 Inches Original Framed Decorative Artwork on Canvas

These pieces have an oriental flare with their floral tree branches, and have a natural tone which lends itself to daylight and sunny environments. Places like kitchens and living rooms, and those with adequate natural lighting, would be good spots for this set.

How to Hang Pictures Video

Other Print Set Varieties

SUNRISE ART Framed Abstract Wall Art Romantic Paris Street Eiffel Tower Oil Painting 

If neutral tones with splashes of red is in your room’s color palette, then consider this modern framed art prints set. To remind you of your favorite places to visit, or to dream of horizons yet to come; use these.


Framed Flowers Painting Printed On Canvas

These are photographic close ups of various flowers. The interesting hue of yellow is present because in actuality, these are the negatives from black and white photographs.


White and Dark Blue Prints Set of 3 Framed Canvas Art Print Abstract Circle Wall Decortion

Is your favorite color blue? We have picked for you. This trio of circular designs should suit your tastes to a tee.

Visual Art Decor Vintage Animals Painting Picture Printed on Canvas

If you have ever been on a safari in Africa, you will have seen giraffes, zebras, and elephants. Presented in bright colors, this trio is a top buy modern framed art prints online choice rendition of safari animals.

Interesting Sets


Madison Park Tuscan Tiles Framed Grey White Canvas Wall Art 12X12 3 Piece Multi Panel, Abstract Global Inspired Wall Décor

They call it mellow yellow. Soothing yellow patterns with white frames lighten up the atmosphere when placed together either vertically or horizontally.

Framed Black and White Photography Print Sets

Elegant 4 Panels Set Framed Canvas Print for Seascape Beach and Boat Sunrise Scenery 

Beaches and waters are both serene atmospheres on their own. Put the two together with the sunrise, and you have an automatic vacation for your eyes.

Gallery Perfect 7 Piece Black Wood Photo Frame Wall Gallery Kit

This seven piece set captures architectural details in black and white. The details consist of patterns and abstractions pleasing to any eye. Also, there are a variety of display and arrangement options with this set of modern framed art prints.

White Matted Black Picture Frame Moon Poster Canvas Prints Black And White 

Track the moon’s progress in your favorite room with a ready-made calendar of it’s progress. You know that every seven days, the moon will most likely be in one of these phases.

Best Online Modern Art Print Sets


ART City Wall Art – Black White Cityscape Canvas Print Wall Art

Pleasing European photography, all black and white, except for a cherry red, highlighting a focal point. Relish in the European cities you know best, and let this set of prints help you remember, or perhaps anticipate their beauty.


Cactus Painting Original Oil on Canvas Beach Seascape Art Green Plant Artwork Cacti Picture 

What a succulent scene! The irony of an oceanside behind a cactus is captured with lovely green, blue, and neutral tones. This original oil painting is truly an original, and none are exactly just alike.

Pansies Original Art on Canvas White Blue Flowers Painting Hand Painted Abstract Floral Artwork Modern Wall Decor Framed Ready to Hang

This abstract beauty can be whatever you want it to be.  If you have discerning eyes, you can find your own personal meaning when looking at this piece, undoubtedly.

New York Wall Art Canvas Manhattan Brooklyn Bridge Original Oil Artwork Hand Painted Blue Sky Decor 

Good old New York, NY. A painterly portrayal of sailing slowly into the city of New York; the watery blue feel of this piece almost reminds one of the fluid motion of the city.

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modern framed art prints
White Beach Painting on Canvas Seascape Art Ocean Sea Artwork Abstract Coastal Artwork Modern Wall Decor for Home Large Framed

For a lovely beach scene created in a painterly fashion, invest in this tasteful display of a serene ocean environment. If you like to relax on the beach with your favorite beverage, escape into the intricacies of this hand painted art.

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How to Choose Art for your Home Video

Also, picking your own art has to do with what type of color scheme you are using in your home. Personal tastes also play an important role, because if you like birds, you may want a bird print. If you love the outdoors, pehaps a landsape. If you want somthing a little different you may choose some modern framed art prints, perhaps.

Along the way, you will pick up new art, hopefully. Some people even like to rotate the art in their home at times,and keep certain pieces in a storage closet while displaying fresh pieces on a regular basis.

This is why it is important to have art that you like, because when you change the mood of the art in the room, you may decide to get new art. This is why you should pick the best one according to your own tastes. You know what you like, and maybe you have even pehaps, found something on this list that you like. If you did, it’s simply a matter of just going ahead and getting it.

Anyways, there’s a lot of cool stuff out there like on Shop all of Society6’s collections. Find a unique art gift for anyone! (Society6, it’s pretty cool)

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