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Buy Phish Tickets online Easy. Phish is fun. You should do the Phish thing. It’s great. They are on tour. You should check it out. They just keep getting better and better. They’re awesome. Anyways, awe2u!

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Phish tickets

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Phish might play your favorite song at this show. Check it out. If you see them three nights in a row, the chances are more likely that you will hear all your favorite jams. And the best part about Phish is that they play a different set list every night.

You might hear Taste, Simple, Free, Divided Sky, Fee, Maze, Rift, Punch UNDI, Reba, Blaze On, or a host of other songs new and older.

I like Suzy Greenburg, too.

Anyways, it’s gonna rock u chile. Don’t forget your possessions at the show, because this band will blow your mind. And it’s easy to lose things if you are plastered.

Also, journey into the p-lot before the show, and see what kind of art and other baked goodies you can find. Be careful and watch out for bogus or bad art and things. Plus it’s good just to enjoy some live music without being out of your mind.

Either way you choose to see Phish, just have a good time. Everybody is just there to have a good time, so just enjoy the people and the music. It’s all good.

I like Slave, too, mostly.

People are basically ok at Phish shows, usually they come in cliques, but some people on Tour know everybody. Anyways, if you want to go on Phish tour, you are sure to meet some of the roadies and other groupies who follow them everywhere and sell veggie burritos or other stuff to get to the next show, I guess. Anyways, maybe get some merch or a cool personalized tee shirt from one of the vendors there. There’s a lot of cool stuff and art and things for sale in the p-lot, so watch out, you might find a good deal!
All around, the Phish experience is just a barrel of fun. You should definitely see more than one show, if you can. Definitely. Phish is on the menu all tour long for maybe you and yours truly? If you just want to buy phish tickets online easy, just buy them here:

Phish tickets

You can see Trey Anastasio, Mike “the Cactus” Gordon, Page “Chairman of the Boards,” or “Leo” McConnell, and Jon “Fish” Fishman play your favorite Phish jams.

Hey, they might even play Your Pet Cat. Until One day…. Anyways, it’s a good little jam. It’s kinda like a funky groove.

They have little meows and roars throughout the song dubbed into the jamming.

Tons of good Phish Music

They rock the show down in a funky way, sometimes. Their tracks are simply scintillating. Did you know they have like half a million recordings or so. Individual songs I mean. That’s off the hook, yo!

Why not see the best band that has already played tons of jams. A band with the experience to get the job done right, and give you your money’s worth.

It’s an interesting show live. I mean if you have Spotify, you can check out Phish on there, but man for real, it is nothing in comparison to seeing them live. There is absolutely nothing in the world like it.

Some people like to watch their webcasts, too. but for real, again, there’s nothing like actually being there yourself.

It’s the all time classic jam band. Except for the Dead of course. Anyways, Phish has like a cosmic vibe, yo.

They might even play AC/DC bag, or maybe even Spilt Open and Melt. You never know, they might even play Twist, or even First Tube.

They may even play Contact, Sanity, Highway to Hell, or Sand. Check out what songs you can see live when you go to a Phish show. You are sure to have a remarkably poignant evening with Phish.

You may even hit the john if they play Sample, too, you know. I like to go during Maze, too, or Y.E.M. or Divided. All of those songs are good pee songs for me.

Anyways, if you love Phish, you have got to just do it, and go see them live. It may even be your first Phish show, well, guess what, it may not be your last. Because you are going to see and experience a miracle of fun music and beautiful sounds and pretty lights.

Other Fun Stuff

One of the best things I have in my diet is grilled cheese sandwiches. I sometimes put garlic salt on the grilled cheese because I learned about it at a Phish show. I learned at all the Phish shows, there was always one van out in that vast parking lot that had grilled cheese sandwiches for sale. Of course, there was a much more prominent scent in the air, but me being hungry all of the time so my nose led me through all that thick fog to the grilled cheese sandwiches.

And This is the recipe for Cheesy Phish Pasta with Goldfish on top.

I like this kind of cheese I like, too. I just take the pack of cheese out and mix it with Ocean Adventures pasta. It’s better that way.

You can put it with some Ocean Adventures Pasta I like to pick out just the fish shaped pasta pieces and throw the rest away:

And then top it of with Pepperidge Farm’s Goldfish to commemorate Phish, and for that extra crunch. Plus we like the album Farmhouse, so I guess that’s part of it, too.

And that makes some good down crunchy Phish eatins of.

And on special occasions, I like to sprinkle a little caviar on top:

You can make this recipie in the parking lot and sell portions of it to Phisheads. They will love all of the fish shapes in the cheesy pasta.

And here’s a Phish cookbook by fans for fans. All profits from this book go to a food-based non for profit organization:

PhanFood: From the Kitchen Pot to the Tour Lot

Buy Phish Tickets

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Phish tickets

“I saw you!, With a ticket stub in your hand!” – Phish

Get tickets for a show, why not? It would be a fun night out for some of you guys.

Heck, who knows?, they may even play, like, a 20 minute Tweezer at your show. They get down on Tweezer.  I mean, “Step into the freezer, seize her with a tweezer,” hey you guys, for reals.

Anyways, the best part of a Phish show is the improvisational style jamming. Over time, the balance between Trey and Mike has gotten back to where it was in the late 90’s, hopefully.  They have all played together for so long, that their sound is bombastic of the nth degree possible in all space time frequencies.

I heard they broadcast Phish to aliens or something, man. Like their music is how we communicate with other star clusters. That’s the way it’s really at it’s coolest, I guess, lol. <3

Sometimes they have a saxophone player. They have a “Saxophone in the band.”  -Phish, Simple

More reasons why to go to a Phish show

They play covers, too. you may even hear something from the Talking Heads or the Beatles if you are lucky. They may play Loving Cup, which is really great, too. I mean this band has multi-faceted lenses of the ongoing portrayal of their musical styles and message.

You get to dress like a hippie. Never has there been a place so laid back about certain outfits or costumes you want to wear. Fashion is on par with the hippies, so enjoy wearing butterfly wings, your favorite miniskirt, dresses for guys, om, dreadlocks, pony tails, big bows, bald, or just “Come as you are.” – Nirvana

Another reason

Next best thing about a phish show is all the goodies to gather to take with you to the show. like Art, I mean, that you can get.  Buy a Tee shirt in the lot and wear it in the show. You will be so cool! I bet so. You can do that who cares? It’s a new tee, man!. Once I bought all new clothes in Inglewood and burgundy patent leather shoes and new pants and a shirt and everything for the Forum show there in L.A. I looked snazzy, then I bought this girl a miracle at the box office, along with mine, because they had saved a few tickets for the day of the show.

Another good thing is dancing. You get to boogie and strut your stuff all night long at a phish show these days. Check it out, you can bring glow stuff into the show, and take pictures, and make videos at the show and all kinds of stuff. It’s almost like they don’t care. Anyways, Phish is great live, and you will probably see some cool outfits, cool people, glow sticks, and maybe some cool jewelry or pizza or tee shirts will be on sale before the show.

Some Other Favorite Phish Goodies

Phish: The Biography

Tales of the lives of the band’s members, drawn from over fifteen years of interviews with them.

Phish sticker decal laptop window

Here’s just a cool men’s tie-dye Tee:

There’s other tie dye tees, on there too, if you just click on the above one, man, so check them out.

More About Phish

They really are a good, if not the best, jam band out there. They are the original jam band before all the others, and their music is classic among fans.

Divided Sky will be great and a classic tune sky flying over the clouds.

And many others. Travel on the road and see many other great phish shows.

Maybe get some Phish CDs or Vinyls

You can even get a Phish Wall Clock Here:

Check it out, it has an LED black light.

Phish is fun as it gets

Check out rad phish posters:

Here’s one from the Clifford Ball:

Here’s one from, Vegas in Halloween

And a Bittersweet Motel Poster:

Here’s Something:

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Phish is far out, yo! You should mos def check them out live for sure! It is most definitely a ph-miracle-ish type of happening, for sure.

Everybody just dances on the floor, and you might get bopped in the head with a ball, but they played one of my favorite songs: Limb by Limb. So I listen to Limb by Limb for inspiration for the days. It keeps me remembering to praise the lord for having legs to dance with them at Phish shows. My girlfriend gets sick of Limb by Limb, so I play Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan a lot, too. She says I play so much Phish that she can smell it in the air.

So, check out Phish

Phish used to play at this place called Amy’s Farm, or Ranch, or something. Those shows were great. i used to have them. So anyways, Phish is great, so are their supporters.

Here’s Amy’s Farm from ’91:

That was awesome to have back in the day.

Anyways. i went to the Omni Halloween, show, and toured a bit in ’96.

I was at the first show after the hiatus, on Valentine’s Day in ’03 or whatever.

And a bunch in the ATL.

Anyways. It’s all good because i have seen them other times, too.

It’s really all god, and a long grand adventure that ended in a good place. Let’s hope it stays that way.

For everybody, man, for real, mean that.



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