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Some people just want to buy a small brass bell online, and they are all right here. Well, at least these are the best ones I have found online…

Although they are hard to find for sale in stores, and you can easily find them here, in the list below..

Maybe you would like to to let people know it’s time to eat, or maybe you just want a brass bell for whatever reason.

Maybe you would like to use increasingly higher octaves of bell tones to clear a space according to traditional feng shui practices, because that is what is done in feng shui, traditionally.

Perhaps it is needed in a business, such as a hotel, like a hotel desk bell, so there’s one of those.

Most of these come in sets, so you can get more than one at a time, which means you won’t run out if one gets lost.

Maybe you would like to just want to hang it in the door of a shop so that you will know when a customer arrives. That is one reason that I know of for needing some brass bells.

There are many uses for bells, and it is just good to have them around, in general.

Bells are really cool, so here is the list, so just click to learn more, read reviews, descriptions, and to buy.

Brass Bells Online for Sale

Lot 8 Elephant Camel Cow Brass Bells 2″Ht 1.5″Dia Indian Vintage Style Decor

These brass bells are great, and they are all you really need because they are the basic brass bell with a simple and effective design.

They are on the top of the list for a reason, because they are some of the best bells you can buy. In India, cows wear these, I think…

Try These:

Small Brass Bells Online
Two Dozen Assorted 2″ Brass Bells

Check it out you get two dozen brass bells for a really good and affordable price. ^This is a good buy, because you get a variety of bells.

It is true that bells such as these are actually used by people for clearing spaces, and clearing stagnant energy from a space..

Good for after a conflict, or to infuse a room with a peaceful, easy feeling, so to speak. 🙂

Small Brass Bells Online
Mini Brass Bells

More cool small brass bells online. ^Here is six of them that are really high quality.

And here are three bigger ones, so the ring should be of a lower octave than the smaller ones:

small brass bells online
Small Clear Toned Brass Bell 

An ideal choice if you just want some simple brass bells to ring.

All of the bells in this list are of good quality, and are made entirely of brass. So, you can’t go wrong with any of them, really.

They are selling out quick, and they are really nice bells. They are finely crafted from high quality brass.

Small Brass Bells Online
Assorted 1.5″ Brass Bells-One Dozen

Another random grouping of a dozen bells. They ring at different tones, so you can use different ones at different times.

I mean it’s all about using the right bell at the right time, and you’ll have different tones of ring for different times with ^this particular bell set.

More groups of brass bells online

Small Brass Bells Online
Dozen 3″- Assorted Brass Bells

These are the 3″ brass ones. From India with love, and the people who make these bells take their time when they make these, I’m sure, to get the best results.

Did you know that there’s like 30 or so different words for love in the native Indian language, and maybe one of them has to do with bells, maybe??

Far out. Good conversation starter there… 🙂

Lot 25 Brass Bells 1.13″H Vintage Style India Craft Decorative Camel Sheep Horse

Here are 25 brass bells, so you can have a bunch of them. If you need a lot of bells for a bunch of people, then this is the right choice. Heck, you could give them out as gifts, for parties or events, maybe.

They are all the same, unlike some of the bells on this list. Also, they are definitely of high quality and durable.

4″ Hand Held Service Bell – Polished Brass

Here is a service bell, like in a hotel at the front desk. It is a bigger sized bell, with a big handle, so it is easy to hold when it is rung.

It has a loud ring, because it is bigger, in case you need to hear it from a longer distance, like a couple hundred feet.

Small Brass Bells Online
Temple Bell Brass Wind Thai Decor Home Garden

Really cool for like a store in the future or the past, I can’t tell which right now, lol …. Still, awesome brass bell.

And below is a bell for a ship, and it is just a small inexpensive bell that will add a touch of pizzaz to your boat, and it will ring. Oh yes, it will ring.

3″ Small Brass Ship Bell – Polished Nautical Decoration

Ring it when you need to with the attached rope that is connected to the ringer. It works great, and it is easy to use, perfect!

Small Brass Bells Online

Cool little Brass ringer here^.

Small Brass Bells Online

Check out the authentic vintage looking brass bells from India. These are perfect for anything you would need a brass bell for.

Check this out:

Feng Shui Coin Chime

Cool bells on this one, too, maybe good for clearing a space.

Ornate Solid Brass Hotel Counter Bell

Here’s that hotel bell I had mentioned.

Struck an interest, because it has visual intrigue.

Thought you might like it.


Cool, well maybe I have contributed to your knowledge of potential functionalities of brass bells.


ppppppppeaceeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 <3


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