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Did you know that Tyrannosaurus Rex was about 12 feet tall and weight about 16,000 to 24,000 pounds? Whoa.

And he was fierce. He was a scavenger and ate other dinosaurs. Kinda like wild tigers and wolves do today with like rabbits and other smaller creatures.

Anyways, he is probably the most well known dinosaur of them all. I guess he made a name for himself.

Scientists estimate that the T Rex lived about 66,000,000 years ago on Earth.

That’s a long time. I guess a lot can happen in that sort of time frame. 🙂

These Tyrannosaurus Dinosaurs lived in like Western North America, I guess, before the Smokies became the Smokies.

Kids love the T Rex, and they love T Rex toys, too.

Maybe you will find and buy T Rex toys online here.

Buy T Rex Toys Online Here

Lifeliko Tyrannosaurus Rex Action Figure Dino Toy

Try this beautifully detailed T Rex toy. It is quite realistic, and it is very durable. Perfect T Rex toy for the youngsters if you just need something basic.

Discovery RC T-Rex Radio Controlled Action Dinosaur

This ‘lil T Rex guy moves and does all sorts of stuff from a handheld controller. This is a highly engaging T Rex toy that would be fun for any kid to have.

buy T Rex toys online
Jurassic World, Stomp and Strike Tyrannosaurus Rex T- Rex Action Figure

The legs, arms, mouth, tail, and feet of this T Rex are all on hinges, and they move. This makes a great little dinosaur toy for the kiddos.

Different T Rex Toys List

Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex – Ice

This fisher-price dinosaur T Rex toy has tons of fun features to add to the dinosaur fun. It even has a little foam ball gun on it. What a great toy for the young ones.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex

Look at this Imaganext T Rex figure. It does tons of cool stuff, too. I mean, it moves all around. There are so many fun things to do with this T Rex toy. If you want to buy T Rex toys online, this is the perfect choice!

Animal Planet T-Rex Foam

This is just a fun cheap little T Rex toy for your child to play with. A great efficient choice if you just want a basic T Rex toy with no hassle.

Edu-Toys Science Tech T-Rex Skeleton 36″ Scale Replica Model

They now have these little skeleton models. This is the most popular one. It’s really lifelike, and it is like three feet tall! They have other dinosaur skeleton types, too!

Gund Tristen T-Rex Dinosaur Stuffed Animal

This cute little guy thee kids adore. Take him on a tip and strap him in for the ride! This little T Rex is adorable! Aww!

Paleontology and Bones of the T Rex

Geoworld T-Rex Skull

You can be a paleontologist and re-create a dinosaur T Rex skull at home! You put together large sized pieces to make a big T Rex skull!

Wild Republic Dinosauria T-Rex 15″ Plush

This is a little dino stuffed animal. T Rex is a top choice for stuffed animal collectors and enthusiasts. Kids like this olive colored stuffed animal, too. 🙂

More Fun T Rex Items

T-rex Bubble Gun Shooter – Light Up Bubble Blaster With Realistic Sounds by Big Mo’s Toys (Green)

This is a fun little gadget featuring T Rex. Look, the dinosaur plugs into a little egg and shoots bubbles out of it’s mouth.. Cool!

Wild Republic Chompers T-REX Green

This little T Rex chomper is really cute with his big ‘ole feet and head. He gets to chompin’ big time when it’s being used.

Dinosaur Toys for Boys and Girls – Tyrannosaurus (T Rex) , Red)

If you need a basic rubber dinosaur T Rex toy, then get the one above. For real. Plus it’s durable.

Wildlife Tree 12″ Stuffed T-Rex Plush Floppy Animal Heirloom Collection

This is a hot item, basically because it is so cute and pudgy. Makes a great little stuffed animal friend.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Power Rangers Red Ranger And T-Rex Zord

This is Zord. He is a Power Ranger Charachter. And he looks like a T Rex. If your kids love thee Power Rangers and are interested in T Rex, then theey may love this toy.

Models and kits

T-Rex Large Dinosaur Skeleton Kit

A toy for big kids, this dinosaur skeleton is made up of pieces that go together to make a model. It has instructions, and it is really fun to put together!

ROBOTIME Wooden Biting T-Rex Dinosaur 3D Puzzle Best Birthday Gifts for School Kids

This is sort of along the same lines as the one above this one, but this one is more like a puzzle, and it also has parts that move, too.

Try this

3D Lamp Dinosaur Baby Shape Boys best Bithday Gift Acrylic Table Night light Furniture Decorative colorful 7 color change household Desk Accessories (purple)

Here is a fun little maybe, say, desk toy???  It looks like a hologram, and the light shines on this little clear sheet of plastic. Really cool effect, though, and it’s cheap!


Fiesta Toys T-Rex with Picture HT Plush, 15″, Blue

Check out this little furry friend. He’s made to look like a T Rex, but he’s really cute. Great stuffed animal for a dinosaur lover!

Folkmanis Little T-Rex Hand Puppet

If you want to act out a dinosaur character in a puppet show, then this is a great way to do it!

CoolToys 17 pc Dinobots Transformer Super Dino Charge Morpher with Exciting Lights and Lively Sound Effects| Super Charge Morpher | Dinobots Super Transformation Set with Electric Drill- Green

Try this cool and unique litt drill toy thingy. It has a little dinosaur face on it, and it flashes and does all sorts of cool stuff. Check it out!

Aurora World T-Rex Plush Dinosaur, Blue, Small

Here’ s blue T Rex stuffed animal. you may have a blue room, and your son likes Dinosaurs. Well, try this little guy. 🙂

T-Rex Dinosaur Shaped Stress Relief Toy, Squeezable Foam.

This is a stress relief squeezy thing. If you are stressed out and need something to vent your frustration upon, then consider this squeezy toy. It also happens to be in the shape of a T Rex, and it’s kinda cute, so…

Wow, check it out.

T Rex Dinosaur Pull-back Car Toy Simulated Dino Dragon Head Vehicle Mini Monster Car Cool Kids (T-Rex)

Try this little dinosaur (T Rex) Headed pull back car. For A dinosaur head on wheels, this may be your best bet. For a matter of fact, it’s your only bet as far as that goes. 🙂

68″ T-Rex AirWalker Shape Balloon

This is a nearly seven foot tall balloon of a T Rex creature. Man, to buy T Rex toys online like this, you just gotta click. Imagine having this in your living room, lol.

CuddleZoo Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur – Large 20″

Here’s another stuffed dinosaur. It’s really cute. It’s made by CuddleZoo, who is known for making awesome stuffed animals.

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