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Phish tickets
FACT: Trey Anastasio has played in all of these bands:

Phish tickets

Here are some fan favorites:

  • AC/DC Bag
  • Reba
  • Fluffhead
  • The Wedge
  • Harry Hood
  • Run Like an Antelope
  • The Squirming Coil
  • Split Open and Melt
  • Tweezer Reprise
  • Chalk Dust Torture
  • Taste

Phish tickets

Enjoy the show!!

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Phish Tickets

Are you into Phish? Do you want to get up close and groove to Trey Anastasio’s cool lead guitar riffs?

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Hanging with fellow Phish groupies; what could be better? You never know what the song list will be for the night. They don’t have any mainstream hits, but they always play for the crowd.

Like the Grateful Dead, they have a huge fan base. Some of these groupies drive from city to city to see Phish perform. This is the place to get cheap Phish concert tickets so you can go to every show too!

Cheap Phish Concert Tickets – The Best Seats

Phish tickets

Formed in 1983, Phish’s jamming music combines elements of a variety of genres including funkpsychedelic rockfolkcountryjazzpop.

When you get your tickets, get to your show early and check out all of the vendors in the parking lot before the show! There’s hemp jewelry, art, grilled cheese sandwiches and more. It’s a big party with tons of hippies hanging together!