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I have hand selected the best cheap painting easel choices online for easy, secure, and safe purchase..

I guess easels have been around as long as people have been painting on canvases(Origin of the Word Canvas)

They didn’t use easels back in the day when they painted on walls and ceilings, like for the Sistine Chapel. Did you know that Michealangelo laid on his back on tall scaffolding to paint that famous ceiling?
But they were around During the 15th century when Michaelangelo was alive.

There are some antique painting easels on ebay, if you would like to look.

More on Easels

It is also said that the ancient Egyptians used easels. (By Pliny the Elder)

However they weren’t common at all until the 13th century. (Painting Easels Britannica)

However, some people like Van Gogh like to paint outdoors, so they need travelling easels.

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The following cheap painting easel selection consists of only quality easels, and I am a painter, so I know which ones are the best for everyday use. These are affordable, and they get the job done.

They are quality easels at an affordable price, from a name you can trust. Why not just find one on here that you like. This list pretty much covers all of the available options…

Find a cheap painting easel and more right here!

They do what they are supposed to do, which is to hold up a painting so that you can work on it. 🙂

So here is the list: ) Click on pics or links to learn more about each item. When you click, you can read descriptions, read reviews, and buy any easel on this list.

Top contemporary easel choices

Just a simple and easy cheap painting easel:

Table painting easel

Why not this^ one, if you just want as simple and cheap as you can get?

And here is a unique easel that took me a while to find:

US Art Supply GRAND CAYMAN Extra Large 2-Drawer Wooden Sketchbox Easel<?>

Tons of storage for all those paints. Both kinds, if you will.

This makes for a great tabletop easel, if that is what you are looking for. There’s many other types on this list, so stay tuned, and you may be surprised..

Cheap Tabletop Painting Easels
The Marquis Artists Desk Easel (13-1/4 in w x 10 in H x 2-3/4 in D )

Some people just want a really good easel that won’t slide, or maybe sometimes just a place where they can read.

So you get this, and some anti skid pads, and you’re golden..

Not only is this tabletop easel an ideal choice for painters,

but it works great for holding books.

It comes with a drawer as well for holding pens and pencils, brushes, and paint.

Get this cheap painting easel soon, limited supply.

Cheap Tabletop Painting Easels
Royal & Langnickel Sorrento Tabletop Easel

This is a painter’s everyday tabletop easel.

If you are looking for good cheap and affordable tabletop easels online, this is an ideal choice. Because it holds bigger paintings and it sits on a table.

Or maybe try this one:

Not a bad choice at all for a cheap painting easel for a table, so I mean why not? It’s a little smaller than the one above but it is great, too. Does what it’s supposed to do, you know?

Cheap Tabletop Painting Easels
Art Alternatives Napa Table Easel & Book Stand

This is an easel and a book stand. Nice if you want to read or paint standing up; you could put it on a chest of drawers.

Cheap Tabletop Painting Easels
Ravenna Table Easel with Drawer by Art Alternatives

This easel is useful for larger works of art. The lower arm stretches down below the table to hold bigger paintings.

The sturdy frame holds the canvas secure.

The drawer is sectioned off for use with different media such as acrylic paint or oil paint and brushes.

More Easels for Sale and about them

Cheap Tabletop Painting EaselsCheap Table Painting Easel
US Art Supply® Small Tabletop Studio H-Frame Easel

Another larger sized easel.

Long extension arm holds larger sized paintings, and it is sturdy.

Here’s one if you want both a tabletop and a standing easel:

U.S. Art Supply Coronado French Style Easel & Sketchbox with 12″ Drawer, Wooden Pallete & Shoulder Strap

A remedy and solution for both problems. 🙂 Some artists like to paint outdoors, so this easel can fold up, and it has a strap so you can carry it anywhere. You can set up at practically any location indoors or out!

More table easels amazon

Cheap Table Painting Easel
22″ High Small Studio Tabletop Easel

Simple and effective, this table easel is at a low price right now on Amazon. Just click to learn more!

Greenco Beech-Wood Portable Art Desk Easel and Book Stand with drawerCheap Table Painting Easel
Portable wooden desk and easel with drawer

Here is a good and inexpensive one with a drawer.

a pretty good cheap painting easel, because it is quite sturdy, and tends to stay in place well,

If not, maybe you can get some rubber anti-skid stickers, and stick them on the bottom of the easel.

Simple solutions

Cheap Table Painting Easel
American Easel Fir 24″ Tabletop Easel

A cool fir table easel on Amazon, and you can click to learn more, it’s all you need really. A simple and effective solution. Nice for display as well.

Cheap Table Painting Easel
Professional Quality Aluminum Easel

This one is cool too, because it is simple, lightweight, it folds, and it is sturdy. Also good for display.. Simple and cheap as you can get.

Hurry now, before supplies run out.

All of these best cheap tabletop painting easels are going fast.

Get yours today.

More on Getting cheap table painting easel varieties today..

Another thing about these easels is that they are the product of good craftsmanship, are highly durable, and will last a lifetime if you take care of them.

It is always good to have more than one easel, and having a tabletop easel allows flexibilty in where you work, as they are more portable.

And they fold up for easy travel, many of them.

Try one today.

Upright and Standing easels that fold up.

Encourage and inspire creativity in your life and the lives of others.

Cheap Table Painting Easel
Lightweight and Portable Aluminum field easel

Here is an easel for En Plein Air painting, or for just about anywhere else.

Cheap Table Painting Easel
Eco Portable Easel with carrying bag

This is a cool fold up easel that has a carrying case for easy transportation.

And some may want a real easel, so here are a few for consideration:

Jack Richeson Lyptus Wood “Dulce” Easel

^This is probably a really good deal on a quality easel with minimal assemblage.

Just follow the instructions, is all.

Here’s an affordable artist’s easel:

American Easel Oak Yazhi Easel-Golden Finish

Or maybe you would like this^. It gets the job done. A really popular and good one^. For less money…

Some may like something bigger:

This one is awesome. It has tilt, which means it tilts to all kinds of different angles:

US Art Supply Malibu Extra Large H-Frame Deluxe Adjustable Wood Studio Easel with Tilt and Caster Wheels

Well, these are just some choices.

Hey, maybe try this easel, because this is a very popular choice among artists:

This Deluxe Easel May be the One you want

Very sturdy, and affordable…

It is going quick, so get one while you can….

A few more easels that work great

And here’s a large artist’s folding easel:

Martin Torino Aluminum Gigante Artist Easel

Folds up with ease. Because it’s an easy easel, lol. 🙂

No, for real, this is a top choice amongst artists, you know?

Maybe consider this one.

Martin Rolling Wooden Bench-Style Artist Easel

Maybe something a little different^. People like these things….

Anyways, Thanks!

Hope you enjoy your cheap painting easel that gets the job done right. 🙂


There’s a few more easels, too, so check them out before you leave.


Have you ever considered taking art classes? The lessons at Craftsy through this link below are beyond amazing. They have an extensive and thourough collection on classes on most all specific areas involving arts and crafts. Learn something new with Craftsy:

Hope you have found the cheap painting easel for you.

I have tried to put everything I could on this list to make the browsing part easier.

Yea, Craftsy is cool, maybe check it out if you want to see something new. Maybe you will learn to do something new, you know?

Pretty awesome.

Maybe more easels?

Easels are cool too.

I dunno, Crafsty has easels too.

Anyways. Cool, well here’s one more easel you might like:

The Largest Cheap Painting Easel I could find

If you need a big daddy easel, which I’m sure some of you do, btw..

And then they have some for kids: Kids Easels

and then there are just display easels: Display Easels Cheap

Anyways there is a ton of value by buying at Amazon, because, I mean, you get what you need for a fraction of the price.

Some more easels

Metal Easels <– Some of these are good for travel and En Plein Air (outdoor painting) as well..

Some artists travel a lot, so they need something that they can take with them.

They also may need to ship canvases to the location they are travelling to, so maybe they will buy canvases that way.

Pretty easy.

Anyways, easels are great. Even artists like Camille Pisarro, and Monet used travelling easels. You know? They did the plein Air thing too.

This can be fun.

Just set up in your backyard around a flowering shrub or some irises, and go at it. 🙂

Never know, you may paint something extremely beautiful that someone will cherish for years.

Back to Easels

More specifically, cheap painting easels. Which is why we are here in the first place. You know? 🙂

Like I said, you might want to get a tabletop easel like this one:

US Art Supply Large 33″ to 53″ Tall Tabletop Adjustable H-Frame Wood Studio Artist Easel

And some anti skid pads

And a folding card table

Maybe a drop cloth

and your art supplies, and there you go.

I like to mix my colors on paper plates.

Or some like aluminum foil. You can wrap it around your handheld palette.


But make sure you have some paper towels.

And some turpenoid (because it doesn’t stink)

for oils

or acrylic brush cleaner

if you use acrylics.

Anyways. here’s another cheap painting easel that you could use on the card table:

Some may like the solid back of this tabletop easel:

US Art Supply Solid Solana Adjustable Wood Desktop Table Easel with Drawer

It even comes with a palette and you can wrap that with aluminum foil to mix the colors. Buy artist’s palettes

Some even like to buy palette knives to paint with

History of Palette Knife Painting


So they would get something like this with the anti-skid pads:

US Art Supply Medium 38-1/2″ Tall Tabletop Adjustable H-Frame Wood Studio Artist Easel

Anyways there’s tons more of them…

That’s a bunch of them to start with anyways.

And a ton of good information about painting.


If you need some inspiration, please consider my Art Theory Book on Amazon:

Art Theory: On Painting, Architecture, and Other Visual Media: Including Creative Inspiration for Artists

anyways, I have other ones.

I want to put another cheap painting easel, too

This is a great tabletop easel

This one would be awesome, and is absolutely the perfect tabletop easel. That’s why it sells out.

Hurry, get it now!

Anyways, bookmark this page if you want to, and you can use it as a resource if you want.

Here is some speed painting on a makeshift ease, which you don’t really want, because they can be eh, just not tthe greatest, you know? Anyways, if you are broke, you can throw some stuff together but it is better just to get a real easel, I think…

Cool video, you know?

He’s painting a big flower. 🙂

Some artists like Basquiat and others, have used paintsticks to draw on the canvas.. do you need some?

Jack Richeson Shiva Oil Paintstik, Professional Colors, Set of 12

Back to easels:

You know what I’m talking about when I say display easels? I mean, you can use them for painting, to. Like if you have some students and need to fill the room full of easels, consider this item of multiple easels:

You know you can get a bunch of them at once.. Like 12 of them:

US Art Supply 64 inch High x 27-1/2 inch Wide Black Wooden Tripod Display Easel, Floor Easel, Artist Easel, Adjustable Tray Chain (12-Easels)

Check out this video of a wood easel factory:

Pretty cool right?

What about handmade easels?
You can Find them on places like Bonanza:

Ever heard of it?

It’s supposed to be an alternative to ebay… I dunno…

and maybe places like Etsy???

Anyways, thanks for checking out this page.

I really hope you enjoyed it, and maybe found something that you were looking for..

And that’s not quite all. There are a couple more easels below, and check this out first, too. 🙂

And after you have finished painting your masterpiece, you can photograph it and get it printed for buyers of prints on demand, did you know that? Start here: – Transform Your Photos Into Canvas Art With Canvas On Demand!

or you could get images of your paintings printed out with this awesome company:

SnapilyPro - Your Online Digital 3D Printing Service

You could have prints ready to show people if you wanted, you know? They even do 3d printing, cool.

Another Easel

Aibecy 150cm/ 59 Inch Durable Art Artist Wood Wooden Easel Sketch Drawing Stand NZ Pine for Painting Sketching Display Exhibition

This is a really inexpensive easel for starter artists. You know?

Pretty god deal on this one.

Here’s just one more tabletop easel for cheap.

TopHomer Easel Box Painting Wooden Drawing Sturdy Rod Portable Leather Hand Storage Table Rack Natural

Not bad.


Thanks again!

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