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This site is called Conversation Art because it is about conversations, and sometimes it has art which is engaging and can help to start a conversation.Each item available on this site is unique, and carefully selected. Everything on this site has a little something to do with art and/ or conversation. Sometimes We choose works of art that are available, and begin to talk about them. We have advice on art collecting, as well as how to start a conversation anywhere with someone you are attracted to or just with ordinary folks. A conversation can be a work of art, or about a work of art, but it always has the power to move us to another deeper level of understanding. We musn’t become bitter in our conversation or daily moods insofar as to increase the positivity in our lives and around us. These things may not always look like works of art, and really, most works of art look better in real life anyways, and also as we read body language and facial expressions for visual clues to lead us on in a talking situation. I, am also an artist and have had many awesome conversations with so many amazing people. I made some mistakes on the way, but we must remember that even the best of us are not perfect, and we must forgive and not be harsh towards other people. I have a blog which I run called (same person as Conversation Art):

While striving to find ways to sell unique and conversation-starting works of art and art related products, I already have many ideas about what I would like to put on this site for sale. I would like to stay open and progressive, and feature new and engaging works of art in all mediums every day.

Every item that is on this site will be highly appealing. We intend for the art to start a conversation. Each thing will have it’s own story to tell. Each item on the site will have a few paragraphs of description, and some type of story that goes along with that item. The goal of this website is to provide you, the user, with conversation art, or art that helps to start a conversation. We also want to have a conversation about art every day! 🙂

I have many years experience working with art; making my own, working in an interior design store, so I know what items are the most widely popular, and perhaps useful. First and foremost, they always are things that will help to start a conversation. I plan to find the most interesting and most wildly unique and engaging pieces to feature on this site.

Conversation Art wants there to always be a conversation about art

Conversation Art will always be in a state of becoming. I never want to remain stagnant and always want to be open to new ideas while sticking to the basic plan that everyone likes. So if you want to come back later and check and see what new items are featured on the site then feel free to stop by any time! There will be a work of art, with a few paragraphs explaining it. That is the basic intent of this site. To give you something that you can talk about. Thanks for visiting conversation art!


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