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Decorative fake book boxes are just so totally awesome.

You can put all kinds of stuff in there.

A lot of them come in a range of sizes as sets.

You can put your, well, you know in there.. lol 🙂

Like a little stashy box, Cools!

Decorative Fake Book Boxes
Deco 79 Wood Leather Book Box, 15 by 12 by 9-Inch, Set of 3

Check out these antique looking fake book boxes.

They rock!

It’s like a map of the world on each book, yo!

Omg, like so friggin rad.

And it holds stuff.

And most people don’t really know it’s a box at first.

Benzara Smooth Leather Book Box Set with Floral Decoration

Especially with something like this.

I mean put it on a bookshelf with some other vintage looking books.

I’m telling you nobody will even know. At first.

I think that makes some sense, yozers.

Decorative Fake Book Boxes
Benzara Wood Canvas Book Box, Canvas Makes it Special, Set of 3

Here’s some cool canvas fake book boxes.

Check em out, dey gotta de Eiffel Towa, right?

And Le Arch De Triumph as well.

And it says 1889 and Paris.

That was an awesome year.

That was the year of the Exposition Universelle, for which the Eiffel Tower was constructed.

The Paris World Fair of 1889 was awesome, yo.

More Decorative Fake Book Box Brothers and Sisters

Decorative Fake Book Boxes
Wood Leather Book Box (Set of 3) 13″, 10″, 8″ inches U55702 [Casa Bonita Decor]

These books are perfect for hiding Benjamins.

Or pennies, just whatever, you know..

Or random mixed media clippings from your art.

Or a puzzle.

Or a map of the Bronx.

Doesn’t matter, you can keep it in da box.

For reals.


Decorative Fake Book Boxes
Confetti Book Boxes (Set of 3), Multicolor

Check out these brightly colored boxes.

Use to give accent to a well designed room.

Cool boxes, yo!

Well, brosefs and yozers, thanks for enjoying this fair portion of the decorative fake book boxes page.

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