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Shop now thousands of unique throw pillows designed by artists from around the world.

This list of decorative sofa pillows combines the best of the best online, with those that are just too good to resist.

Find your perfect unique decorative sofa pillows by browsing this list.

Unique and Decorative Sofa Pillows List

decorative sofa pillows
7” x 12” Microbead Bolster Squishy/Flexible/Hypoallergenic/Extremely Comfortable Roll Pillow – Small Dot

Check out this stylish and affordable plush pillow. This highly decorative pillow with such colorful appeal can add a spark of snazz to any room.

Pillow Perfect Outdoor/Indoor Jungle Throw Pillow (Set of 2), 18.5″

If you really want to be in the jungle while at home, consider this jungle print pillow. With this elegant floral print, the aura of natural jungle wildlife will come right to your door.

Fun Pillows

Emoji Cute Pillow Tears of Happiness Face

Cry tears of joy with this happiness into crying emoji pillow. Laugh so hard that you cry, and do it time and time again. This little pillow will only remind you of that.

Decorative Multicolored Modern Floral Rectangle Toss Pillows, 2-Pack

A brilliant floral print will add a soft touch of color and pizzazz to any room. Add life and excitement with these beautiful floral print decorative pillows.

Outdoor Ummi Rectangular Throw Pillow, Multicolored, Set of 2

Enjoy the beautiful colors of this decorative pillow either indoors or out. Add a fashionable and colorful spice to your patio, indoor, or outdoor space.

Interesting Sofa Pillows

Foam Throw Pillow for Home Decoration, Stump

Just plop down on this old stump, and think about the good things. With the realistic wooden look of this pillow, some may even think it’s part of a real tree at first.

Indoor/Outdoor Annie Westport Reversible Corded Throw Pillow, 18.5-Inch, Chocolate, Set of 2

Pick either side to display at any time with a reversible throw pillow that looks good in chocolate. For those dark brown or even tan or cream sofas, this is a great addition.

Panama Jacquard Chenille 18-by-18-inch Decorative Pillow, Palm Tree

For that island appeal or tropical look, consider this awesome palm tree sofa pillow. With a soft yet rugged look, it is a soft and cushy pillow that goes with any tropical decor.

Dakotah Pillow Set, Ripple Effect, Seaspray, Set of 2

A cool ripple effect with a nice shade of green enhances the dynamic aspect of this visually stimulating pillow. The sofa will just ripple with color.

Top Choices Online – Pillows

Two-color Decorative Heart Shape Reversible Sequin Pillow 13”×15” (Heart-Shaped, Pink-Blue)

If you like shiny things and sequins, a fashionable love emblem shiny pillow has that appeal that doesn’t go away or fade. A well designed pillow that holds fast, this will add pure excitement and energy to your personal space.

Indoor/Outdoor Bosco Corded Throw Pillow, 18.5-Inch, Navy, Set of 2

If you like being outdoors in style, a combination of blue and white compliments any room in shades of blue. These are really cool fleur-de-lis designs on this top choice for decorative sofa pillows online.
Shop now thousands of unique throw pillows designed by artists from around the world.

Outdoor/Indoor Woodblock Prism Throw Pillow (Set of 2), 18.5″, Blue

A nice blue symmetrical design covers the surface of this pattern pillow which is intended to add class and charm to a space. For indoor or outdoor use, you will absolutely adore this decorative sofa pillow.

Manual Dog Rules Pillow, 12-1/2-Inch Square

If you feel like your dog should come first, let this pillow be a simple reminder of the rules you must follow in his presence.

More Fun Decorative Pillows
Fun And Soft Novelty Food Throw Pillows (Pizza)

Come-a get-a your-a pizza pie. Feel the comfort of this Italian pizza pillow and almost smell the delicious aroma of pepperoni and hot melted cheese.

Small Grateful Calligraphy Print 6 x 12 Burlap Decorative Throw Pillow

If you are thankful to a close friend, send them this as a gift. It would be a dead-on choice for yellow skies and blue sunrises.

Donut Shaped Bi-Color 16″ Photoreal Print Microbead Pillow, Pink Front/Chocolate Back, 16″Wx16″H

For Homer Simpson fans, police officers, or just for your own delightful pleasures, treat yourself to this doughnut.

Fairington Aqua Corded Throw Pillow, 18.5-Inch, Set of 2

Here comes the sun. Flowers are blooming. These pillows are perfect for a happy home. Decorate your sun-room, couch, or occasional chair with this uplifting set.

Round Pillow Romantic Wedding Gift Pillow Bed Cushion with Pillow core pink Diameter 15.7 Inch

Soften up your environment with this light and detailed flower. This pillow expresses love and the romance of life.

More Top Choices
Inspirational Throw Pillow, 17 x 9″, Hope Anchors The Soul

This pillow is perfect for displaying in a room that you frequent. A pleasant reminder that days to come will be joyful, like taking a boat ride out to sea.

Manual Americana Collection Throw Pillow with Piping, 17 X 17-Inch, USA Texas

This pillow is perfect for any Lone Star State fan. Whether you are a Texan or a recent visitor, this clever design captures prominent cities. It thus reminds you of some of your favorite destinations within the state.

Brentwood Originals 8108 Wise Owl Pillow, 18-Inch, Atlantis

Do you give a hoot? The popular owl theme is presented on this comfortable pillow. Neutral Colors make it the perfect choice for any room.


I Love You More Pillow – Woven Tapestry – Reversible Love Messages

To show your love of someone close, choose this interesting design to be a little reminder of how deep your love goes.

Interesting Decorative Sofa Pillows

Decorative Throw Pillow Shaggy Purple (18 Inch X 18 Inch) Pillow

For that shag look and appeal, choose from a variety of colors for this fuzzy pillow. Feel the soft touch of shag in one of these awesome top decorative sofa pillows.

“You Are My Sunshine” Decorative Pillow, 18″

Tell some one that they are your only sunshine. You may also let them know that they make you happy when skies are grey, and that they’ll never know how much you love them. Put some sunshine on your sofa.

Home Decorative Soft Plush Cactus Throw Pillow

Even if a cactus reminds you of something prickly, this pillow is really soft. For lovers of dry air and heat, this cactus may be the perfect addition to or reminder of that desert environment.

Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Marapi Corded Throw Pillow, 18.5-Inch, Black, Set of 2

A fabulous designer pillow for both indoor and outdoor use, this accent pillow will add a nice paisley pillow touch to any room. A top choice for decorative sofa pillows.

Fun for the Family

Disney Monster U Decorative Toddler Pillow

If your sweet pea likes Monsters Inc., then this Monsters U pillow would be awesome!

Marvel Guardians of The Galaxy 2 I Am Groot Decorative Toss Throw Pillow, 15″ x 15″

Groot is a determined survivalist in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie series. He is no ordinary tree, whatsoever.

Galleria Square Pillow, 18-inch by 18-inch, Red

If you are a neutralized color palette person, then pick this luxury pillow for indoor use on your sofa. A classic choice for luxury decorative sofa pillows in any room.

Boho Living Jada Decorative Pillow, White

Find SoHo living with Boho pillows. A bohemian look and appeal, this woven pillow with white insert will add a natural feel to any room.

Uniquely Elegant Decorative Sofa Pillows

Charming Yellow Butterfly Pillow Photo-Realistic Image Printed on a Stuffed Throw Cushion

Fly away into the breeze while relaxing on this exquisite butterfly decorative pillow. Enjoy beauty in your home with the beauty and radiance of the reborn butterfly.


C&F Home, Imperial Coast Boudoir Beachy Pillow – Coastal/ Nautical Theme

Decor for your beach home is not hard to find. This wonderful pillow is bright and exquisitely dynamic in it’s color coordination. Enjoy the bright blues and greens of the sea in your home on the beach or maybe inland a bit.

The Beach Is My Happy Place Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover Decorative 18″ x 18″

If you find happiness beach-wise and beyond. This particular beach decorative pillow shall lead new paths to the ocean and it’s shores.

decorative sofa pillows
Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Nivala Corded Throw Pillow, 18.5-Inch, Set of 2

These multi use pillows are vibrant in color, dynamic in composition, and scintillating in visual appeal. For interior designers, and those looking to increase beauty in their lives, this set of two pillows is simply fantastic.

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