Divination of a Cure Holism (Random Stuff)

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particles in effect
the vacuum of interwoven identities

interspersed with m&m candies

and some glow in the dark golf balls
and a glow in the dark frisbee
def gotta have rice crispies

and rice crispies treats

a shoe shine
life cereal

and a basketball

you might need a samauri sword
some addidas boots

those are really good boots, btww. I had mine for five years…
Til I had to get some more.
Subway gift card:

and some Clash Music

Ghost Stories Live:

and Minute Rice

The Beatles “1”

and some shoe shine polish

and some starbucks coffee

and a bean bag:

weird science movie

Pink Teddy Bear
and some cabbage

and some mac n cheese

and a sofa

this^ one is a futon sofa
and some boxer breifs

and a gold necklace

and some goat cheese
and a spray bottle of olive oil
and some raw corn husks

and some peach nectar

and some instant breakfast
and some vitamin C

and a beach ball
and a roll of silver dimes
and a half gram of gold

and some tennis balls

and some bacon:

and a shinedown poster

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