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Dragon Art is what this page is all about.

Here are some wonderful examples of authentic Chinese Dragon Art for sale in this list.

About Dragons in Art

Dragons have been used in Chinese art for centuries. They have become symbols for many different things across many different cultures.

Dragons may be symbols of wealth, used for good luck, and they are used to ward off evil spirits. They may also be symbols for love, passion, happiness, and luck.

Depending on what you use your dragon art for, it can symbolize many things according to each individual’s interpretation of the art.

The List of Dragon Art Items

Here is some truly awesome metal wall art:

Dragon / Dragon Fire II / 24″ / Contemporary Metal Wall Art

It’s a metal hanging… Wow..

Golden Dragon / Cotton Throw Blanket / 53 x 70

This is a dragon blanket that is so friggin cool…

Welsh Dragon / Afghan Throw Blanket / 69 x 48

^This is a Welsh Dragon Blanket….

And this is a very nice tapestry….

Double Dragon / Tapestry Wall Hanging / 53×56

from: Art-and-Home

Look at the detail. Wow..

And this next one is Raphael's Slaying of the Dragon...

Raphael's St. George Slaying the Dragon / 63 x 45 / Woven Tapestry Decor

More Dragon Artifacts

Just look at this Dragon Tiffany Lamp, wow!:

Chinese Dragon Tiffany Stained Glass Table Lamp



Red Dragon Shirt Tie Dye Fire T-shirt Adult Tee

Here's a Tee w/ a Dragon on it. Cool.


We will restart the dragon experience here with a few dragon sculptures:

Dragon Encircling the World

This is a Dragon holding the world in his hand. A sleek and sylish example of dragons in art...

Next, we have a really cool and unique Dragon Pen holder:

Guarded Dragon Pen Holder

This is great, and it may in fact, help you keep up with your pens.


Now the coiled dragon statue. It's really cool!

Boiling Dragon

They call it the Boiling Dragon, because the shpes of it's body look like boiling water or something, I guess.

Anyways, it would look great on like a side table or something...

Dragon Art 2d

Now for some dragon wall art for you... 🙂

Dancing Dragon

^This is a scroll, it has a nice green wealth dragon on it. It is the real thing.

Just like the one below it, these are great examples of authentic Chinese Dragon Art.

Prosperous Dragon

The red works good certain areas of your home where you need a little splash of color.

You can also consult Feng Shui charts to see where red goes best in your home...

Or just put it where you want; where the wealth wants to be...

Now this one below is the real deal:

Chinese Fire Dragon

This is great authentic hand painted Chinese Dragon Wall art, for a real Chinese feel in your home.

More Chinese Dragon Wall Art

^This is not Dragon Wall art, but it's pretty cool, it's like my art.

Ok back to Dragons:

Well here's an Imagine Dragons Remix:

And here'a some cool Dragon Art:

Pretty neat right? I think so. Just click to buy...

Here's a wall piece that you might like:

Qwan Yin Riding Dragon Scroll

It's a Scroll piece, and it it far out, I think. Kinda like a print or something... It's pretty inexpensive, you know?

Here'a really cool blue dragon wall decal:

It's cool, just find out more about it maybe. Anyways, it's totally awesome, I think...

And a dragon lantern might be cool, you know?

11" Midnight Dragon Lamp

It's like a little box that you can put a candle or light inside. Pretty cool right?

More Cool Dragon Stuff

This is sort of a cool umbrella right. I mean if you want something authenic.

Chinese Dragon

The purple is great I think. The colors really balance well.

And here is a hand blown glass art dragon for cheap:

Pretty delicate. Great though. A nice visual display of the essence of the dragon.

And a dragon sitting on some books might be really cool for your desk. I dunno. 🙂

Here's another lamp you might like, too:

11" Fiery Dragon Lamp

The red is nice, pretty romantic, if you had a candle in there, I think...

And here is a cool 2d Chinese Dragon wall art piece:

Tattoo Dragon

I don't know why they call it a tattoo dragon, I guess because it sorta looks like a tattoo maybe?

Still cool though....

Here is another wall art example:

Celestial Dragon

Really awesome spiritual-esque dragon, I think... Yes, I think so, really do, esp. on this particuale wonderful piece.

It's bad, man...

This one is cool, too:

Glorious Dragon

Yes it is quite glorious. Macho dragon look, yes..

Here's one that is, like, a little different if you look carefully... 🙂

16.5" Dragon and Pearl

It's not too bad, really....It has that masculine feel.

Why not get a jar with a Dragon on it?

Dragon and Phoenix Cup with Lid

A little red dragon and yellow background vase with lid for cheap!

And if you like fans, well, then you may like this one with a cool dragon drawing or painting on it, or both, anyways....

Storm Dragon

Cool, man, it's in a storm. Feel the power of the thunder, yo...

And this next one is pretty dynamic, lol. 🙂

13" Immortal Dragon

I think it makes a nice statement, you know?

More Dragon Wall Art

This red dragon is the real deal...

Restless Dragon

Want to see something really cool?

How about a few...

Dragon Posters:

This one is really, really cool.... For real. It's like a scroll. Wow, gamers would like this^ one..

This poster is rad. Really bitchin, I think so... Thanks, fo real. Jus click to read about it. It's cheap and awesome. Pay less money for something really great. Why not?
Ok now...

This is a great blacklight dragon poster.... It's cool for those 420 blacklight moments....
Cool reality to the max, yo....

Pshychedelic, man... 🙂

More Dragon Art

Here's a really great pshychedelic yin yang indian tapestry wall art dragon wall hanging..

It looks great with blacklights...

A wizard and a Dragon, yo, so cool!

More Now!

Whiskered Dragon

Look at this whiskered dragon guy. Wow, truly raw energy and emotion captured by this art....

Thanks... Here's something amazing...

A dragon face window blind! Wow!

August Dragon Bamboo Blinds

I twists up like that, lol... 🙂

it's just great, lol....

And, you can get this fashionable kimono robe:

Black Flowing Dragon Kimono Robe

Pretty unique right?

I think sosef....

Double Sided Dragon Divider

Divide your spaces in between...

Do you like Church Ladies Coloring Books? lol 🙂

I think this^ one is pretty rockin hilarious and you should def check it out, for real...ha!

Tattoo Dragon Wall Decal

This dragon wall decal is far out... It is wavy, curvy, and quite unique.

Look at this friggin really different looking dragon decal, like whoa.. Yes...

Chinese Dragon Statue Wall Decal

It looks like it ha a bunch of faces, man...

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