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An Eiffel tower pink figurine or something maybe? Ok, well it’s all here…

Eiffel Tower Pink Decor and Figurines

The Eiffel tower has been repainted about eighteen times in it’s history. Each time they paint it they use approximately 60 tons of paint!

I wish they would paint it pink next time! And I bet you do too!

A pink Eiffel tower would look so cool, don’t you think?

And in 2015, they turned the Eiffel tower Pink for Beast Cancer Awareness, with lights!!!

It looked amazing, aww France is so cool….

I mean who wouldn’t want to express their love for this historical monument by having the Eiffel tower in Pink as a part of their home decor?

So, I have compiled this list of the best Pink Eiffel Tower decor I could find online.

Click the images or links below the images to learn more about this Eiffel Tower pink decor.

These are the products in good taste that I have found.

Anyways, here is the list:

Pink Eiffel Tower Figurines

So, here are a few pink figurines of the Eiffel Tower:

Eiffel tower pink
SiCoHome Eiffel Tower Decor 7.0inch Pink Figurine Replica Centerpiece Room Table Decor French Souvenir Gift From Paris, France, for Gifts, Party And House Decoration

Wow! These things are so fetch, yo. lol, For real, I love this one, it’s a pink metal figurine that is seven inches tall!

Cool little figurine which is durable, and will last for quite some time. It comes with a cute little keychain, too.

It would be perfect for that someone special who loves Paris, the city of love.

SiCoHome Eiffel Tower 9.8inch Fuchsia with Blings Figurine Replica Centerpiece Room Table Eiffel Tower Decor French Souvenir Gift From Paris,France,for Gifts,Party And House Decoration

Ooh la-la, look at this blingy Pink Eiffel tower! This one is even taller than the first one, and it has rhinestones.

This is great for a desk, end table, or a shelf, or just wherever, pretty neat.

Here are some goodies:

Wonderful Pink Figurines

Eiffel tower pink
Eiffel Tower Decor, Dadoudou Creative 18cm Iron Metal Paris Eiffel Tower Model Figurine Statue Collectible Sculpture as Drawing Room Table Decor Jewelry Stand Holder (Pink)

This is a pink Eiffel tower made of Iron.  It’s a smaller version, and it is very sturdy and durable.

This may be a great little souvenier for someone you know who has been to Paris in the past, or maybe to someone who is going in the future.

Look at the little intricate pattern of metal in the little figurine. It is definitely well crafted.

Eiffel tower pink
uxcell® Rhinestone Decor Eiffel Tower Statue Vintage Model Ornament 13cm Pink

A lighter shade blingy smaller sized Pink Eiffel Tower. Perfect for a little display of related figurines, or something.

Some of these come in a range of colors as well, so be sure to get other ones to go with the Pink one, maybe?

Pink Eiffel Tower Pillow Cases

Here are some designs I favored along the lines of pillow cases, which apparently are pretty popular as decor items, especially in pink. 🙂

CaliTime Cushion Cover Throw Pillow Shell Paris Eiffel Tower 18 X 18 Inches Pink

This is a famous quote by Audrey Hepburn, a true Paris enthusiast of her day.

And it makes a pretty good pillow design. This is a nice pillow case, don’t you think?

Cazzpc Cushion Cover Retro Pink France Paris Eiffel Tower Pattern Print Home Decor Size 45x45cm

Here is a little retro glam Paris fashion pillowcase that would make a really awesome accent pillow in a comfortable seating area in your room.

This one is so cool, I mean wouldn’t it look great in a black and white interior design scheme?

A couple more pillows:

Eiffel tower pink
Vintage Love Paris Eiffel Tower Retro Floral Pattern Custom Zippered Pillow Cushion Case Throw Pillow Covers 16″x16″(two sides)

Just a fun, classic pillow case that makes a statement in a simple yet elegant way.

And you get the hot pink Eiffel tower in the middle, and the heart, which are both cool.

Cotton Square Decorative Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover Eiffel Tower Paris Pink Black Picture Pillow Covers 16″ x 16″

Just a simple and unique pillow design that reminds you of a wonderful place that is so full of beautiful Art, Architecture, Music, people, and food.

Btw, have you ever heard of Sebastian Tellier? He is a french muisician that I like a lot.

Bold black over a pink background creates a pleasing visual display in this pillow case.

Pink Eiffel Tower Art

Here are some posters and prints that are primarily pink, with the Eiffel tower in them.

Paris France Eiffel Tower Pink Moon Decorative City Travel Photography Poster Print 12×12

What a nice shot. You get the full moon, a Pink sunset, and the Silhouette of the Eiffel tower in the center.

The full moon on the right creates a nice contrast which makes the Eiffel tower stand out.

A lovely pink sunset captures the essence and the mystique of Paris and the Eiffel tower.

Eiffel tower pink
Eiffel Tower Infrared – Paris Poster Print (24 x 36)

This is a beautiful poster. Heck, I want this one because the pink flowering trees are so well placed in the photograph as a framing device.

Truly an epic shot at the right time of year makes this one of my favorite Eiffel tower Pink items on this list.

More art with Eiffel Tower and Pink in them

French Paris Eiffel Tower Pink Oil Painting Canvas Print Modern Wall Art for Home Decoration(12x16inch)

A nice diagonal line print which gives you a sense of the magnitude and scale of the tower.

Looking up at it, it looks powerful, and ever so strong as a monument to the possibilities of engineering  in the late 1800’s.

And it represents so much more than that as well, now, I mean, everybody knows about it.

I just wish they would paint it pink though, you know? 🙂

French Paris Eiffel Tower Pink Oil Painting Canvas Print Modern Wall Art for Home Decoration(16x12inch)

This is a good shot which shows how the bridge is on axis with the base of the Tower. It is in a central location, in a park, The Champ de Mars, in the Middle of Paris, if you don’t already know.

You can stand underneath it an look up at it. Everybody takes a picture from there, looking up from underneath.

Other Pink Eiffel Tower Stuff

Just some other stuff I saw on there that looked cool with Eiffel tower pink as keyword.

Eiffel tower pink
Cartiar Mini Paris Eiffel Tower Shape 3D Paris Design Quartz Alarm Clocks for Home Decoration Pink

A cool little clock. I mean it is pretty cute, you know? Some may like it in blue, red, white, or black as well, maybe?

Cliab Hot Pink Paris Eiffel Tower Twin Girls Duvet Cover Set Twin Size 3 Pieces 100% Cotton

I know some people like to decorate with hot pink, so this is a great all cotton twin bed set.

It looks really comfortable too, you know?

CafePress – Pink and Black Paris Eiffel Tower Wall Clock – Unique Decorative 10″ Wall Clock

Thought this was a cute little clock. Nice design, good color and balance, and it says something. Yes, this is a good design.

Stylish Vintage Pink Paris Collage Art Eiffel Tower Red Rose Girly Gothic Black Bow and Swirls Soft Coasters, Set of 4

Here are some vintage coasters, which may be fun at gatherings amongst friends.


We have covered some really great Paris/Eiffel Tower ground, so now let’s talk more about Paris, the home of the Eiffel tower.

Paris is the city of love. I mean it’s so full of romance and beauty.

People go there and fall more deeply in love.

Many people go there for their honeymoon. I mean, maybe use one of these little figurines to remind yourself, or your lover about the experience of visiting Paris. That might be cool. A little everyday reminder to go back right?

While in Paris

Well Paris is also a huge art Mecca. I mean, people from all over Europe and beyond want to move to Paris every year to pursue art.

It does have the biggest Museum in the World, along with countless galleries and smaller museums to visit.

You could spend an entire Month in just the Louvre alone. They have good food there in that museum too.

Tons of amazing art masterpieces are stored there, in large part due to the conquests of Napoleon.

Which, you have to visit Napoleon’s tomb while you are there, and go to Jim Morrison’s grave, too.

I would totally like to visit the Musee Picasso in Paris, too. And the Pompidou center. Notre Dame Cathedral. And the Arc de Triomphe.

And tons of other stuff, too!

Paris Rocks!

You have to eat in a fine French restaurant while you are there as well, I mean, there is so much to do in Paris.

Maybe you could catch a symphony, or ballet performance as well.

Just while you are there, you have to convince them to paint the Eiffel tower pink, okay? 🙂


Anyways, thanks for stopping by and visiting the Eiffel tower Pink page on conversation-art.com.

We hope that you have found something cool with the pinkness of the Eiffel tower on it or in it.

Maybe someone should start a petition to get that ole tower painted pink next time. Like hot pink, lol.

No, for real, that would make a statement for sure.

Who knows how people would react? It’s a hypothetical situation, but who knows?

I mean anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Even getting the Eiffel tower painted pink, lol.

You gotta dream it first, you know?


Anyways, have a pleasant day/afternoon/evening/night wherever you are.

And as long as there are pink Eiffel towers for sale, we can live in awe a little more of this magnificent structure which is not only a feat of engineering, but a landmark which has become the symbol for Paris and everything that city represents.

Originally people didn’t like it, but over time, it grew so popular, that it stuck.

And that’s just how it is.



Append to Original Post

I think the whole pink thing could be a new thing on here. I mean the color just looks good with the links on the page.

The color scheme calls for it, as well as the demand by people for pink things.

For example, there is a Pink Bunny Lamp <—–here.

Maybe I could find a list of popular pink items to buy.

However, moreso I would like to promote Breast Cancer Awareness as well with this series which I may begin with this post.

Which, to me, sounds like a really good idea. Because no one deserves to get cancer.

And maybe this new series of Posts on pink stuff will help in some way.

Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Items

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Pink Car Window Vinyl Decal Sticker 5″ Tall

A decal for your car to help spread the word. It is a very affordable price, too.

And here are some bracelets that you can sell for a dollar a piece, and then donate the money here—> to Breast Cancer Research.

Here are the Bracelets:

Dazzling Toys Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Bracelets – Pack of 144 (12 DOZEN)

I think this is a good idea, so spread the word, and here are some other bracelets that you can sell:

Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets Pink (24 Count)

Anyways, and you can see all Breast Cancer Awareness products on Amazon

Thank you.

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Well, thank you for stopping by the Eiffel Tower Pink page on conversation-art.com.

We appreciate your interest and enthusiasm for these products.

I mean, the pink Eiffel tower is just cute, and you really can’t go wrong by getting one, I mean why not?

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