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Everything Mandala, man. Dala-skis. 🙂

Mandalas are like the coolest stuff ever yo for all I care-e-onomatopeia-ish state of things.

And I’m for certain yozers… 🙂

Mandalas are superfantabulous, and super far-out you know?

So we begins wit da list-ins of…. Right? lol.

This mandala tapestry would make a good symmetrical bed spread.

I agree with the photographers’ choice of set up.

If not, you can always hang your awesome mandala tapestry on the wall.

This is everything Mandala right here.

This is how you get started in the super-adventure that is everything mandala.

This is a great resource for all you mandala fanatics out there.

Get your hands on this hard copy right this instant,

because it it flying off the shelves.

And study it to the core.


THIS Macbook mandala art is beyond fantabulous.

You jus got 2 have it, yo.

Thus ends the next stage of the Mandala lifestyle progression.

And get this super huge flower mandala.


And, it’s easy  to use! 🙂

Only then will you be ready to begin your journey in the the head-trip world of mandala studies:

Whoa, then once you have channeled all of your Mandala-eriffric potential….

Only then can you harness the power of all that the mandala is.

And let me tell you, it is AMAZING!!!!

Channel your potential into a study of the mandalas’ form with these highly detailed pages.


You can stare at this.

For one whole day.

Take it with your preferred tea choice.

And a bagel.

You know bagels are kinda like mandalas too.

Then you will be ready to meditate into the light of this awesome-ish, fractal-ish, Neat-o thingy, yo…

for three whole days.

Only then, and I’m telling you ONLY then, after all of these preliminary stages, will you be ready to make your masterpiece.

The mandala poster of the Gods, it is called…

Let me tell you…

Only a few are chosen to make it in the progression of this grand test.

Many don’t make it the whole way…

Will you be the chosen one? to color the beauter-iffic mandala-esque lifestyle poster?

The choice is yours.

Let the mandala progression begin.

Seize the day and be at one with the Mandala!!!!!

Everything mandala starts today!


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