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If you want to find a good finger monkey toy buy online, then this page is for you!

Here’s a video about the monkeys that shows you how to use them:

Finger Monkey Toy Buy Online

These monkeys respond in a variety of different ways. They do different things if you turn them upside down, lay them horizontally, rub their head, and other things, too. They just sit there, cling to your finger, and make monkey sounds. Cool toy.

Finger Monkey Toys list

The first several fingerlings are the original fingerlings. These are some of the options:

Fingerlings Glitter Monkey – Quincy ( Exclusive) – Teal Glitter – Interactive Baby Pet – By WowWee

This is a good finger monkey toy buy. It has all the features, and it is cheap! It does all the stuff the normal ones do. So, why not?

Fingerlings 2Tone Monkey – Eddie (Seafoam Green with Blue accents) – Interactive Baby Pet – By WowWee

Maybe try the pink one.
Fingerlings 2Tone Monkey – Summer (Pink with Orange accents) – Interactive Baby Pet – By WowWee


Fingerlings Playset-Monkey Bar/Swing Puppet, Monkey Bar/Swing + Liv and Simona By WowWee

Cool! Store your monkeys!

Fingerlings Glitter Monkey – Kiki (Purple Glitter) – Interactive Baby Pet – By WowWee

Fingerlings – Interactive Baby Monkey – Zoe (Turquoise with Purple Hair) By WowWee

Here’s some other brands:

Finger Monkey with USB Rechargeable Battery – Interactive Smart Toy Mini Monkey – Finger Puppet Robot Makes Sound and Movement for Hours of Fun – Perfect Kids Toys for Boys and Girls by Shragis

Interactive Finger Baby Monkey Pet Electronic Baby Monkey Toys Christmas Gift Birthday Present


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