Forced Writing Post #1

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Again today
was a great
loft sails
pie in the sky whipped cream
sand artifacts horizon bliss
a shoe soft sofa caress
beam mixture sacred tie patterns
new music and the gargantuan flow
collective mass reworkings and new learnings unknown by masses
new balance
because it’s a new balance now:

a new balance boot shoe mixture fashinista mass]
dollars amount can’t say…
another Diego Rivera print:

and a smiley face bumper sticker:

and Eric Clapton live dvd

and then the rainbows]
twist snatch the red ribbon unfoldingzzz…
shlint sac
shill sheen shile
another fear caresses the boundaries of the rred Mustang going 95 past you
smiles texture, a sex unfoldingzzz…

spirals and the boundaries of the ineffable spiral past new spirals and the collectivity of spirals creates a new Balance\

because it’s a New Balance:

for her new spiral spiraling down the Avenue spiralerrific adventure on Spiral St…..

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