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So, I have gone through all of the galaxy posters on Amazon and these are the best ones.

I have also only chosen these galaxies and these galaxies only.

Only the coolest galaxy posters I could find on Amazon, yo.

and I went through all of them.

Btw, like, you can buy all of these posters on Amazon by clicking on the links.

I mean these are the raddest and most awesome ones out there, for sure, and

I’m not even joking.

So anyways, here goes the list:


Whoa the Andromeda Galaxy is ginormous,  well, relatively.

Maybe we can go there one day.

Hopefully we will be able to go other places in the universe eventually.

Hubble Ultra Deep Field Hi Gloss Space Poster

This poster is rad.


Star Cluster NGC 2074 in the Large Magellanic Cloud Hi Gloss Space Poster

A cool star cluster.

Also, Btw, sorta f.y.i,

I think we need to do more to prepare for a potential asteroid hitting our planet

maybe like the one that caused the dinosaurs to go extinct.

So that we can get, like, to one of these other galaxies one day and not go extinct and be forgotten about forever.

Also, I would like to add, all we have is right now.

And if we can’t simply be happy.

And be content.

At our station where we were placed.

If we can’t be happy right now. Right this second, i dunno…

Like, if we are always wishing something better for ourselves,

and not being happy in the present moment….

Then maybe we will never even ever even ever get to really truly be, like, happy, man, like ever again, like ever, you know?

Because life is short.

Like, we may be here for like only a flicker more.

And then we all will be forgot for all eternity.

How can we not, try to continually improve our situation on this planet?

And the situation WITHIN OUR OWN SELVES.

That is the ONLY WAY we can save ourselves as individuals

as well as make any sort of change whatsoever

on a global scale.

And evade the impending doom of climate change.

We have every opportunity to look within ourselves.

However the world has become one big huge mass distraction from simply: looking within oneself.

And continually seeking true happiness.

And let me tell you, man, happiness does not come from earthenware

It comes from within

You must look within yourself

and just all around you.

At the little details of nature.

At a flower,

You know, like we got 2 turn ourselves around

each single last one of us must take the time to


“I think, therefore I am.” – Descartes



if you think, like, you don’t have to work as hard.

No one can predict the future,

and I do not claim to know anything at any time.

But I do know this.

People were made to be happy.

And true happiness comes from your heart man, your heart, ok. I’m just being for real witcha right?

I don’t want it to be like this:

….And if you look around and feel like you are living a lie,

then maybe you are.

And you’re not the only one.

I promise.


And if you buy a poster that’s cool tu.

Just a way of sayin you appreciate.

Thanks for reading, I’m your humble servant


More Galaxies and Musings

Like that song, Nothing really matters.

Well we if we can turn that thought around,

and maybe get off Earth before a major catastrophic event happens

then that would be really cool

Something to think about, or have a conversation about

so spread the word yo.

Hubble Space Telescope The Antennae Galaxies Poster Art Photo NASA Posters Photos 12×12

This is a cool Galaxy poster Amazon.

Really far out.

Hey maybe we can live on Mars for a while.

I mean we already kinda know that there’s some forms of life on Mars,

because like they found water there.

Who knows maybe there is life on Europa too (One of Saturn’s Moons that is made up almost entirely of water (The surface of the planet is a solid ice sheet. I mean we know that)).

You Are Here – Galaxy – NEW Classroom Science Poster

I love this poster.

I think other people will too.

We have found out that there are like billions of other planets in the safe zone just in our own Galaxy.

Maybe we can move to one of those if we can make it before

something bad happens

I hope.

I don’t want Nothing really matters.

I want Our species to continue to evolve, get smarter, find willpower and virtue, and eventually move to Mars

and then to a nearby star system and beyond.

So that Everything really Matters

Not Nothing Really Matters.

That’s just something they say to make you feel better.

Everything is important.

Heck there’s like 6×10^23 atoms in a cup of water.

Every decision we make has consequences.

and we have to remember that.

Space Poster of the Messier 101 Galaxy

Whoa cool poster man, yo. 🙂

I mean in order to make real change, each individual has to change themselves before real change can happen.

Man I’m tryna get us to Messier 101, yo…

Milkyway Night Sky Hi Gloss Space Poster

Here’s like a cool poster of the night sky.

I mean, since you can’t see this all the time because of city lights.

Now you can see the night sky everyday

And that’s cool, yo…

NASA M82 Galaxy Space Hi Gloss Poster

This one rocks you chile.

I wonder what kind of strange stuff is going on in this galaxy?

Like, maybe we will find out one day…


Spiral Galaxy ESO Hi Gloss Space Poster

This is my fave.

Click on this one to make it bigger, and look how the light is different on different sides of the galaxy.

That’s like amazing, beautiful lights yo.

Space Poster of the M74 Galaxy

Looks like you’re looking up into a galaxy.

or maybe you’re looking down..

Hey did you know that when people started making maps that They had to choose which icecap would be North?

North and south are arbitrary…

there’s no real up or down.

We just say there is

or somebody did, u kno?

Somewhere Something Incredible is Waiting To Be Known Carl Sagan Quote Poster 12×18

I love this poster and the quote.

Carl Sagan is cool.

Did you know that there is a satellite they sent out way deep into space that is still travelling away from earth to an unknown place?

Carl Sagan had something to do with that, I think.

Pretty cool to think about,

They say right now it’s going through like the boundaries of our sun’s effects?

Pretty cool, yo.

NASA Starburst Galaxy M82 Space Hi Gloss Poster

Nasa has crazy cool posters or galaxies on Amazon.  This one is Amazing.

like, Wow…

Like, that is caused by some powerful forces, yo.

Well I wish upon a star that this article has given you something to talk about,

and that it has made you happy;

Cause that’s all we can hope for in this life, is to be happy.

And happiness comes from within.

And sometimes you can’t make it on your own.

And you have to help someone on their way.

Hopefully I have said something about helping us avoid extinction,

and maybe getting us to other systems like the ones in the pics above

that somebody will have a conversation about

because as we all know

Galaxy Posters Rock!


Start a Conversation.


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