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This is a holiday toy list for boys for this holiday season. Christmas toys! Check it out.. These are great! Kids love these! This is some of the best stuff out there for Christmas time this year.

This is a magnificent list for young ones, and they will most definitely like this awesome and expanding collection of toys for the holidays. Check it out, we have a glowing crystals science kit, and tons of more awesome stuff on this list.

You just have to check out this list because it is by far some of the coolest and most popular stuff out there even beyond pokemon stuff. (which is also on this list) 🙂 And Kids sabsolutely love this stuff.

Here’s the new Lego Chain Reaction toys:

Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit

With this set, you can do a whole world of new stuff with your old basic Leges. A world of possibilities comes with this collection of unique pieces, and would add a significant value to any good Lego collection for boys.

I mean, definitely check out this list. If you click and buy something, it will be a great treat that will be remembered by all on this festive occasion.

Maybe you need handmade greeting cards, for someone. Wouldn’t you rather get them something unique?

Anyways, everybody loves this list because it is the list of the decade as far as lists for the holiday season goes. Click to learn more, or maybe to buy..

And yes, this list is a little adventure, so here we go: 🙂

Holiday Toy list

Model Building Sets

Holiday Toy List
Magformers XL Cruisers Set (32-pieces) (colors may vary)

Magformers uses little magnet pieces to stick the parts together, and you can make things like cars, maybe a dinosaur on wheels, who knows?

All kids love this stuff, I mean little magnets that stick little parts together to make sculpturalesque and sometimes functionalesque toys and little go carts and such??? Like what?

Here is a toy that makes five different cool and fun games with an ipad:

Osmo Genius Kit for iPad
Five award-winning games that transform your iPad into a hands-on learning tool
Turns core subjects, like math (numbers) and spelling (words), into fearless fun

More Magformers

You have got to get some of these for your kids… Kids love Magformers!

View all Magformers toys.

Ok yes, we all know magnets are cool and all that other stuff, and also look at this too:

Holiday Toy List
LINCOLN LOGS – 100th Anniversary Tin – 111 All-Wood Pieces – Ages 3+ Construction Education Toy

Make a little cabin or a catapault? Maybe get two by clicking on it, and then make a little neighborhood, I mean, why not? Every kid needs some Lincoln logs, yo, so get with the program. These are way cool, I mean classic to the max.

Classic, yo. Lincoln logs are by far an essential toy for boys. I mean, who can deny? You gotta have Lincoln Logs.

That’s why they make the top of the holiday toy list.

Ok Now we get to some really cool stuff:

K’NEX 70 Model Building Set – 705 Pieces – Ages 7+ Engineering Education Toy

These things are far out by far, I mean, you can make almost an infinite combination of structures, and so much other jazz, with these.

They are way cool, a good surprise, and kids will absolutely love them. With these sets, you can make totally almost like anything..

K’nex are fun, and you can make a ton of stuff with these.

View all K’nex toys.

More Model Toys:

Revell 1:24 ’70 Mustang Boss 429 3 ‘N 1

Get this classic mustang model, the 1970 Mustang Boss, if your kid loves to make model cars.

Maybe try model airplanes too?

View all model cars

View all model airplanes

And then we have this awesome erector set:

Erector Revolution Crane Truck

This is one of the really popular erector sets making history this holiday season. This one has limited quantities, so you should most definitely check it out, for sure.

The little parts just feel good in your hands, I mean you feel empowered when you are building. it is fun to see what you can create after you have made the model by following the instructions.

It is a crane truck that you can assemble, and it is something else later maybe too, for real.

View all Meccano-Erector Toys.

And then there’s legos.

What about Star Wars legos? Well, here’s the coolest one that all the kids want:

Holiday Toy List
LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105 Building Kit

Every kid wants this^. Peace. I mean it’s the millennium falcon from the Star Wars Movies, and it’s made of legos, wow!

Everybody loves star wars, and these things are super fun to put together, if you know how to follow instructions.

It really gives you a sense of accomplishment once the whole thing is put together, and it looks cool.

More Lego Sets

View Architecture legos

Lego City Legos

Lego Minecraft Sets

View Lego Creator Sets

Classic Legos Blocks

Legos are a must have on this holiday toy list, because they are constructive and fun. Kids can learn to develop hand-eye coordination and learn problem solving skills with legos.

And if you lose the instructions, or have lost them in the past, you can go to the lego instructions database, which is free.

Action Figurines

Holiday Toy List
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman and Superman Figure 2-pack

I dunno, I like the dynamic duo of the new generation superhero figurines.

And we are sure that your kids will like them too!

Totally rad, totally new generation. Kids like the larger sized action figures nowadays, I guess.


Holiday Toy List
Marvel Titan Hero Series 3-Pack

Totally far out combination, yo. I mean, these rule. Haha. You are so wondering why not get them right now, I know. Well these things rock, because they are large, and kids love to play with them.

don’t even know, and you get three of them at once.

Just good taste in superhero stuff I guess, I mean this^ is what you want.


Marvel Spider-Man Titan Hero Series Spider-Man 12-Inch Figure

This is the 12 inch Spiderman that you have to have, it is sort of like a collectors item. I mean, like your kid will love it, and will love to play with it as a part of his collection.

And here’s Batman, the new generation. You gotta have Batman:

DC Collectibles Batman: Arkham Knight Action Figure

^This is the collectible Arkham Knight Batman by D.C. Collectibles. It is a limited edition figurine that is highly detailed and sculpted. It is an exquisite and collectible piece that your kid will love!

And what list of action figures would be complete without my favorite, the Daredevil:

Marvel Infinite Series Daredevil

This is a four inch version, and it is still really cool though. By the way, you can’t go wrong with Daredevil Figurines.

Daredevil is a fun comic book to read, if you have never read it. If you want, you can check out some Daredevil comics.

Pokemon Figurines

And here’s a Pokemon dude too:

Pokémon Hero Figure, Ash And Pikachu

Everybody wants this Pokemon dude. He is way cool and he’s got his little friend who comes with him, his name is Pikachu. And Pikachu is available with his little friend here too:

Pokémon 2 Pack Small Figures, Pikachu And Bulbasaur

These come in a pair, which is pretty interesting because these two are some of the most popular Pokemon characters for sale this year.

Maybe you just want all of them at once. Well, here is a complete set of Pokemon figurines:

Oliadesign Complete Set Pokemon Action Figures (144 Piece)

You can get all the Pokemon characters all at once. It’s like 144 pieces. You can stand them up all around your room, or place thee wherever you want. 🙂

Click here to see all pokemon figurines.

And look at this little robot thingy:


Cozmo by Anki

Which is way cool, because it talks, and it’s personality evolves the more you interact with it.

This^ is a really cool robot, because it shows emotions, and you can talk to it. Also, the more you interact with it, the more it responds to your moods. It can make you laugh. 🙂

Holiday Toy List
Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

This is a highly popular choice for kids’ robots as well. You can program it to be a sidekick, a sleep buddy, or just a way to communicate. It has a range of personalities, which you can change at any time.

Have fun talking back and forth to this^ really fun and interactive toy, the Dash robot…

And here’s one with a claw that can pick stuff up:

Mebo Robot – With 5-Axis Precision Controlled Arm

This is another awesome robot, that you can control from anywhere with your smartphone. It has an arm so it can carry a lot of different things.

This may be cool to have when you are away from home, because you can control it from anywhere on your smartphone, move it, grasp stuff, maybe keep an eye on your house, and speak through it.

Kids will absolutely love this^ robot with a grasping claw because it actually is a functional toy.

Other Toys

And then you can grow some crystals with this:

Holiday Toy List
4M Crystal Growing Experiment

Grow seven different crystal experiments with this awesome and exciting kit for growing crystals.

It takes about a week for the crystals to grow, and they grow a little more every day.

Highly recommended because kids like to see how much bigger the crystal gets every day.

The kit also comes with little containers, so you can put the crystals on display.


Holiday Toy List
Jenga Classic Game by Hasbro

The classic stacking game that kids will love, stack it up, pull pieces out, and watch the structure crumble away.

Makes a great gift for anyone any age. This is a must have for any and all toy enthusiasts.

Holiday Toy List
Bloxels: Build Your Own Video Game

This cool gift lets you make your own games, and teaches you how to program games. What a wonderful gift in this world that is becoming more and more based on technology.

Learn to make games with this^ simple and affordable educational game making platform.

Holiday Toy List
Simon Electronic Memory Game

A classic game that is still relevant today.

This game helps improve memory skills, and it makes cool noises.

Plus, if you love Paul Simon, you have something to remind you of him when you play with this toy.

Holiday Toy List
Diggin Slimeball Dodgetag

The slime balls only stick to the vest that comes with this dodgeball gear game.

You may want to order extra slimeballs, so you have enough of them, because they are easy to lose.

More Holiday Toys:

Holiday Toy List
Uno Card Game

Another classic game which is also a must have for any toy enthusiast. You can have so much fun interacting and playing this game with your friends.

The wild cards are the key, you have to get as many of them as you can, along the way.

Monopoly Game: Ultimate Banking Edition

Electronic banking is a new feature of this awesome monopoly game, which uses cards and little transaction machines.

Enjoy all the same fun of monopoly in a new tech friendly way.

Sports Items

Tangle Sport Matrix Nightball Football (Large)

This nightball football is flexible, made up of a matrix of cells, makes a cool sound, and lights up when you throw it.

This is a super awesome gift for any of those night owls that you know who love tossing the football.

And here’s a regular one as well:

Wilson NFL MVP Football

Enjoy passing this real NFL football with your friends and family.

View all footballs

Maybe you would like a flag football set.

Or, maybe you like basketball too:

Spalding NBA Street Basketball

Here is a regular outdoor basketball made for street use.

Check it out, if you already have a basketball goal, you may need an extra basketball or two.

And here’s a glowing frisbee, and it is simply awesome:

Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light Up Flying Disc, Glow in the Dark for Night Games, 185g

Wow, you can have a hella good time throwing this disc at night with your friends.

Such a fun and exciting way to spend your nights in the yard under the moon and stars.

View all glowing frisbees

More Sports Toys


For those of you who love disc golf, here is the perfect set of discs to get you going.

And here’s a disc golf basket:

Driftsun Typhoon Disc Golf Basket – Portable Heavy Duty Disc Golf Practice Goal Target

A really good and quality basket for sale here^.

Maybe get a few, and build your own disc golf course in your backyard.

Escalade Sports Zume Badminton Set

Like to play sports? Well try this all inclusive badminton set with everything you may need in order to play badminton, whenever and whenever you want.

Simply fold out the net, hand out the racquets, and begin to play!

Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

Does your child love baseball? Well here’s a youth glove to get him started.

View all baseball gloves here

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Well, thank you for visiting the holiday toy list page on 🙂

We are glad you stopped by, and we hope that we have helped you find the perfect toy for your child this holiday season.

I’m sure your kid will have a good time with any of the toys on this list.

The toys are there to show you what some kids may like for Christmas.

These are just some ideas. The rest is up to you and Santa Claus.

And, well of course, we can’t forget Rudolf. He helps during Christmas time too.

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