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Hologram Lamp
This is a real hologram projector that creates a real 3d Hologram Sculpture,
and you can set it to one of seven different colors!
There are many other shapes and colors of these Hologram lamps.

Pretty soon, everything will be a hologram.\

Everything is infinite!

Even these lamps, well, almost…

They are pretty cheap..

Here’s another one that will light up your dark nights.
They are kinda like art sculptures, or something:

Here’s the little droid from Star Wars, probably the greatest adventure on screen ever. I have seen all of them.

Rouge One is amazing!
So is the one this Droid played a large role in for holding the Map of where Luke was hiding.


All good.

Tons of Hologram Lamps

See all Hologram lamps

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These may be good for interior design. Or to sell at a gift shop. Om interesting pieces like this would perhaps go well in a display.

Just a thought…


Really cool, man, you know?

I had no idea these existed. Pretty far Out, you know?

For real.

God Job…


And here is a hologram projector for iphones…

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