Imagekind: Works from Thousands of Artists

What if I told you there is place called Imagekind where you can go stock up on unique works from thousands of artists? What if I told you there is a place where art for every taste collides, and it’s all for sale? Allow me to introduce Imagekind.


What is Imagekind?

What is Imagekind? Where is Imagekind? Find a cozy seat, brew a nice cup of tea, sit back, chill, visit this storefront right here, online, on your computer screen. On Imagekind you’ll find exquisite pattern art, thrilling pop art, scenes of natural beauty, tranquil still lives, glowing angels, tribal imagery, dreamscapes, and so much more.

Imagekind brings you a whole world of art. You’ll find posters, prints, canvases, and framed wall art. I recommend poster and prints to a wide range of clients. Anyone can afford one, two, three posters or prints from an independent artist. Canvases, and especially framed wall art, cost you more, but are still reasonably priced and worth every penny..

Because you can buy unframed works, you can build up quite a collection of art extremely fast and with little overhead. Frames add up, and shipping them costs a pretty penny too. Get a flat file, and start collecting. Start with five, ten, twenty posters or prints. Overtime, you can frame them as you like after living with the images in the flat file for a while.

Check out Imagekind’s special categories for easy online browsing. Available artwork is divided by popular subjects, such as “Animal Art”, “Spirituality”, and “Kids’ Art”. It is also divided up and browseable according to the space you intend to decorate. Finally, you can browse for new pieces for your art collection by Imagekind’s category “Art Styles”. What kind of image do you seek? Abstract? Erotic? Surreal? Old advertising? Imagekind makes it all easy to find.

Thousands of Artists

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