The Italian Futurist Giacomo Balla and His Books

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Giacomo Balla was ballin back in Italy in the day. He was a big time artist who was one of the founding members of the art movement Futurism. His work is really cool.

These two guys just published this book on Balla, the baller, lol. No, for real his work rocks! For real…

Google search images Giacomo Balla.

Here’s his most famous work:

Ok and here’s his wikipedia link, yo.

He was into physics, and painted light, motion, and speed in his own way. 🙂

Plus he got laid and made money with his art. So he was ballin..

Jus sayin.

Anyways, here’s the book by the two guys that know a lot about him (it just came out):

Giacomo Balla: Designing the Future

And here is a highly recommended read by the artist himself back in ’86 of his early work described by himself:

Works by Giacomo Balla from 1905 to 1928. March 15 to April 24, 1986

He made this^ book while he was still alive. Pretty awesome. Look inside if you want. It has a different cover in real life, so anyways.

Ok well here is an old sort of collectible book by Balla:

I dunno.

More on Giacomo Balla

So anyways, there’s some good stuff in here.

Balla used curved lines, shading, and visual texture created with spacing. The lines he used created movement, making the eye move across the surface of the canvas. He saw things as speeding up in all walks of society. He wanted to form the future. Which he did put some interesting ideas out there. I’d say he had a quite wide circle of influence in Italy and beyond.

Giacomo Balla was one of the five contributing members of a Futurism manifesto that formed and shaped the art style. Balla himself took the art form Futurism as far as it could go in both two and three dimensional formats. He did make some sculptures, yes, and many of them are really quite intriguing.

A lot of times they are made of metal and use form and line to create the movement so sought after by Balla in his own work.

By using drybrushing techniques and medium with which to paint, he created subtle inter-plays of color and form which enhanced the dynamic of motion with an underlying mystical quality of the portrayal of light within his paintings.

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