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Buy Lava Lamps Online and other thoughts on motion.

Lava lamps are like so friggin amazing.

Like they just keep going.

They just keep on moving around so that you don’t even know what shape or form they are going to take next.

They are truly rad, yo.

Check it out:

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Lava Lite 2142 14.5-Inch Color Max Paintball Print Lava Lamp with Paintball Print Base, White Wax/Clear Liquid/Tri-Colored Globe

This one is like really colorful, yo.

Look at all the pretty colors. 🙂 aww, We likey da cool colors, yo. 🙂

Cool art on the base, like wow.

Pretty like, rad, if u ask me.

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Lava Lite 2149 14.5-Inch Color Max Volcano Print Lava Lamp with Tri-Colored Globe, White Wax/Clear Liquidbuy lava lamps online

Whoa, look at this neat-o orangey-ish lamp.

Like it reminds me of the desert, or something.

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Lava Lite 2158 14.5-Inch Metallic Lava Lamp with Metallic Base, Yellow Wax/Purple Liquid/Purplebuy lava lamps online

Whoa, like a purple one.

Looks pretty trendy.

Looks like fashionista.

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Lava Lite 1953 11.5-Inch Accent Lava Lamp with Silver Base, White Wax/Blue Liquid

A silver one.

That blue keeps changing and moving and never stops moving, yo.

Like a lamp in continuous motion, wow.

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Lava Lite 2144 14.5-Inch Color Max Fireworks Print Lava Lamp with Fireworks Print Base, White Wax/Clear Liquid/Tri-Colored Globe

Cool lava lamp, yo, it has all kinds of pretty psychedilic stuff goin on.

Lava lamps are da bomb, like for reals

Buy lava lamps online by clicking on the images or links.

Well thanks for buying a cool lava lamp today.

Continuous motion is cool.

You know:

“Things standing shall fall, but the moving ever shall stay”. ~Basavanna

(who was this like awesome leader back in the day in India who wrote some awesome poetry. Truly an amazing read, here is his book:

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Speaking of Siva (Classics) by none ( 1973 ) Paperback

So you want something that is always moving.

Like a lava lamp. 🙂

Thanks for visiting the buy lava lamps online page on conversation-art.

So, here are a few more:

buy lava lamps online
Lava Lite 4221 17-Inch Mega Lava Lamp, Purple Wax/Blue Liquid/Purple Basebuy lava lamps online

I likey da purple one, u know?

buy lava lamps online
Lava Lite 2157 14.5-Inch Metallic Lava Lamp with Metallic Base, Yellow Wax/Blue Liquid/Greenbuy lava lamps online

Some may like the green one.

Sharper Image Lava Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker 17.5″ Classic Retro Style (Pink)

And this is the best of all, it is a bluetooth speaker and lava lamp combined, pretty far out, yo. 🙂


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