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Look at these metal wine goblets.

Metal Wine goblets may be used for religious, ceremonial, or everyday purposes.

They are all made of some type of metal. Some are copper, some are brass, some are silver plated.

Just Check them out, and click to buy:

Metal Wine Goblets | Real Metal Chalices..

Design Toscano Grape Harvest Solid Brass Goblet

This is made for drinking wine, and it even has grapes on the sides.

It is made of solid brass, and is finished with a safe coating.

German Silver Wine Goblet – Wine Glass

Look at these awesome metal wine goblets. They are silver. Like wow.

Anyways they come in a pair. They are so exquisite!

Wedding Common Cup with Cross Heavy Gold Tone 4 3/4 Inch

Here is a metal wine goblet for a wedding.

It comes with a cross. It is ideal for using during wedding ceremonies.

XHWine Vintage Hand-made Pure Copper Engraving Flower Pattern Wine Glass Water Goblet(Brass 11x6cm)

Cool metal floral wine glass. Cool designs with flowers.

These goblets just feel good in your hand when you are using them.

They are sorta heavy, so it makes it more awesome to hold, and gives you a tactile experience when drinking out of it.

More Metal Goblets

Design Toscano The King’s Royal Chalice Embossed Brass Goblet (Set of 2)

Goblets for a King and Queen.

Such amazing detail. They are made of brass.

Great for relaxing and to add a touch of class to your drinking experience.

STREET CRAFT 100% Authentic Hammered Copper Wine Goblet /Hammered Copper Moscow Mule Copper Mug /Cup, Capacity-14 Ounce.

Cool hammered copper awesome metal wine goblets.

Check this one or any of these goblets out by clicking on the images or links.

Silver-Plated Simple Brass Goblet W/ Wide Mouth – 7 1/2″ Tall

A Simple goblet. Nothing too fancy about this classic take on the wine chalice.

Basic, pure, and elegant, this silver plated wine goblet is perfect for making a statement.

High Polished Brass Holy Wine Goblet 4 Ounce Chalice

This one just looks cool.

If you like it, get it. It doesn’t matter what they say what it is for. You can do whatever you want with this awesome metal wine goblet.

8 Inch Catholic Church Gold Gilded Priest Chalice and Paten Sacred Vessel Fish Node

Pretty cool goblet with fish on the bulb part of the stem.

Art Judaica Prophet Elijah’s Cup Wine Goblet with Saucer for Passover Seder Extra Tall with Jerusalem Design

This one is pretty rad, yo.

It is a replica of the prophet Elijah‘s chalice.

Brass Kiddush Cup Goblet with Leaf Design and Bubble Handle – Borei Pri Hagafen

I think this one has cool designs on the sides. Nice metal goblet.

More cool Metal Wine Goblets and Chalices

Pentagram Altar Chalice and Drinking Goblet

Cool Pentagram goblet.

Perfect for Wicca altars.

MAITHIL ART Hand-made Pure Copper Wine Goblet, Wine Glass Water Goblet/Silver Plated Brass Wine Goblets /Copper Moscow Mule Mint Julep Cup/ (Brass Base Pure Copper With Nickel Lined Plain)

This one is pretty amazing too.

Extra Large Silver Plated Brass Chalice or Goblet; Holds 24 oz

Cool ornate designs on the sides.

Is silver plated, and, well, it is quite large I may say.


Insideretail 501416 Kiddush Cup Goblets, Brass with Nickel Plating on Polished Metal, 5 by 5 by 12.5 cm, Silver

Cool Celtic type goblet.

Cool design on the side.

Handcrafted Brass Goblet Wide Mouth – 6 1/2 Inches Tall

Another take on the cool design.

Just a normal sized metal wine goblet. It is all you need.

Antique Nickel Plated Brass Goblet – Ornate Flower Design Etched on a Cone Shaped Kiddush Cup

This one is fancy.

Maybe for the bubbly.


The King’s Royal Chalice Embossed Brass Goblet

Fit for a King.

Perfect for drinking wine responsibly.

MAITHIL ART Hand-made Pure Copper Wine Goblet, Wine Glass Water Goblet/Copper Moscow Mule Mint Julep Cup/ (Brass BaseBeautiful Design)

Cool awesome designs, yo.

Neat copper art goin on.

Great stuff.

I think this^ is the best one.

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