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A Mini Desk Zen Garden can be used for daily meditation practices, and moving rocks, which symbolize mountains, can be a way to relieve stress at home or at work. Each rock in the Mini Desk Zen Garden is a specific mountain. These may be arranged and moved every time you use it. A larger stone, or ishi as it is called, may represent the Buddha. Also, some of these Mini Desk Zen Gardens may include a realistic Buddha figurine, as well.

A popular choice among office workers, and those seeking a way to silently meditate on something simple, these Zen Gardens below represent the best choices of what may be found online. One may find a sense of serenity in the movements of the rake through the sand as each action that is done is like a ripple. Many small ripples eventually lead to nothingness, which is a typical aspect of the Zen philosophy. In Zen, enjoyment is found in the act of doing something, and not in the results.

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Zen Gardens have been used at larger scales in the orient for many years. They provide a sanctuary where one may attain peace. Rakes are used to move the sand, and the lines that the rakes create are supposed to represent ripples of water, or ripples of energy. The ripples that are made with the rakes, which are included in all of these Mini Desk Zen Garden Kits are used to create similar ripples. All of this is done within the context of the smaller miniature version of what many call the Buddha’s palace.

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These Mini Zen Gardens are a great way to focus your mind on creating an environment which may be always subject to change. In the Zen way, small changes may eventually lead to nothing. All the work is for nothing. It is the practice of raking and moving the sand that is the Zen way of relieving stress.

Another key factor of the Zen way of looking at the world is that one must devote full concentration to each thing one does. If one is listening to music, then he must devote full attention to the music. If one is reading, one must devote full attention to reading. There is no multi-tasking in the Zen philosophy. In order to get the most out of each experience, in the Zen way, one must fully concentrate on one thing at a time as a form of mindfulness.

Lets look at some examples of Zen gardens that you can buy just by clicking on them:

Mini Desk Zen Gardens

mini desk zen garden

Toysmith Deluxe Zen Garden

This is the basic, multi-functional Mini Desk Zen Garden which included three rakes, and a few stones, or ishi. The stones may be moved around as mountains. The ripples in the sand imitate the flow of water.

Zen Garden with Tree Bridge Cobblestones and Wooden Land Set with Free Rake

This Mini Zen Garden comes with other features, such as a bridge, tree elements, and provides a distinct variety of attributes. These may be typical of a larger Zen Garden. All of the elements may be moved at any time during the meditative process of raking and arranging the elements differently each time.

Zen Garden Sakura Pagoda Bridge Landscape Stone Set with Free Rake and Pushing Sand Pen Base

This is a very nice example of how a Zen Garden, even a miniature one, can illustrate another side of beauty and serenity. It just adds a splash of color with the tree. You can also incorporate some of your own rocks, or ishi, into the garden, too.

Cool Zen Gardens

Zen Garden with Boat Bridge Japanese Censers Set with Free Rake and Pushing Sand Pen Base Tray

This is a really nice Zen Garden, chocked full of interesting items, including tree elements. It also has a bridge, and it also comes with the rakes typical of most of these Desk Zen Gardens. These are miniature versions of the larger Zen Gardens found in the Orient.

Deluxe Wooden Zen Sand Garden with 2 Types of Rocks, Sand, and Rake

An interesting take on the traditional Zen Garden, this kit comes with a variety of stones and ishi to place strategically how you see fit.With a place to organize the ishi, or stones, in compartments, one may create an unique, serene environment every time one rakes of uses the garden.

More Zen Gardens

Tatum & Shea Sand & Rock Zen Garden Kit with rake

Here’s another example like the one above, however, with this one, there is only one compartment, and the stones are all different. It includes a wave for creating the ripples. This is an affordable Mini desk Zen Garden, which you may want to consider just for its pure simplicity of approach to its design.

Mini Zen Garden Sea Life, A Day at the Ocean, Desktop Sandbox for Meditation and Relaxation

If you are looking for colored sand as part of your Zen Garden, then you perhaps have blue walls in your home. Incorporating a Zen Garden such as this one will undoubtedly provide a sense of calm to any space in which blue is a dominant color.

Leisure Llama Ultimate Zen Garden

With unique types of rakes, and a large wooden base, this classy take on the traditional; Mini Zen Garden would go well in an office that has wood features.

Zen Garden Handmade Kit Black Indoor Zen Garden

A nice color of sand makes this luxury Mini Desk Zen Garden have quite the appeal. The rake is of the highest quality, and the stones have been polished to create a balance between an artistic approach. The sense of luxury is definitely here.

Zen Gardens

Zen Decor – Healing Crystal Zen Garden White Sand Bamboo Rake

If you want your ishi, or stones, to be healing crystals, which emit an effect on your psyche just through their color and appearance, then consider this Mini Desk Zen Garden which  comes with the highest quality accessories.

Magnetic Zen Gardens

If you have never heard of magnetic sand, well, it is way less messy than traditional sand. It can be sculpted to create a three dimensional appearance. These are really cool examples of how magnetic sand may accompany a traditional Mini Desk Zen Garden to create an exciting and fun interpretation of the Zen Garden itself.

min desk zen garden

Deluxe Magnetic Zen Garden Zen Box, Tabletop/Desktop Zen Garden Kit for Relaxation, Stress Relief, Creativity and Magnetic Science

This one has crystals included as the ishi, and a magnetic sand that sticks together and won’t get everywhere. This Mini Zen Garden comes in a box which can be folded up and put away. A great choice due to the sheer quality of rakes, and the cool design that this one has.

Magnetic Zen Sand Garden Box Set Toy for Magnetic Science,Stress Relief,Creativity, Children Education

With spades and metal rakes to help you form the sand, a great way to start to enjoy real Zen Gardens starts with the magnetic sand in this Mini Zen Garden. Think of all of the cool three dimensional shapes that you can make when you mold the sand into different shapes.


MagZen – Unique Magnetic Zen Garden Zen Box, All Natural Real Magnetic Sand Mined from Arizona USA – Does Not Stain Hands

With quality magnetic sand mined from Arizona, this is some of the best magnetic sand that you can find online. Consider this magnetic sand mini zen garden if you are looking for a top of the line magnetic sand.

More Zen Gardens

Mini Zen Garden Classic with Free Rake Bamboo Pen

A simple take on the basic Zen Garden, this little Zen Garden comes with a top quality rake. It provides plenty of space to explore relaxation and meditation, without the fuss of too much extra stuff getting in the way from the artful, relaxing motion of raking the sand.


This Mini Desk Zen garden comes with a candle, and many stones. It has a large area in which the sand may be raked, and also includes a variety of stones which can be placed according to your Zen demands.

Buddha Zen Gardens

As the Buddha plays an important role in any Zen Garden,a nd his presence may be marked by a large stone at the entrance to larger Zen Gardens, these Zen Gardens incorporate the Buddha in a realistic way.

Tabletop Zen Garden Buddha Rock Rake Sand Candle Incense Burner Home Decor Gift

What a luxury mini Desk Zen Garden! With a pit divided by a curved line with sand on either side, the physical presence of the Buddha provides a look into how through meditative practices such as combing the sand, one can achieve a serenity and relaxation on the same level as that which meditation does.

Gray Cement Rustic Zen Buddha Statue Garden Set with Lotus Tealight Candleholder, Sand, Rock & Rake

This Mini Zen Garden is made of stone, which is a practical choice for something more realistic. The Buddha statue is also made from concrete, which provides a sturdy, realistic version of the Buddha that comes from real earthen materials.

Asian Home Asian Japanese Feng Shui Sand Zen Garden

With an incense holder, this cheap Zen Garden ha many pleasing attributes, including a realistic portrayal of the Buddha to accompany this elegant take on the Zen Garden.

More Cool Buddha Zen Gardens

Asian Japanese Feng Shui Sand Zen Garden

With pure white sand, and a golden Buddha figurine, as well as a place for incense, this multi-functional Mini Desk Zen Garden is a popular choice due to the inclusion of other aspects characteristic of meditative practices.

Whole House Worlds Table Top Zen Garden, Includes Seated Meditation Statue, White Sand, River Rocks, 3 Candles and Rake

The ishi, or stones, in this Zen Garden come from flowing streams. This elegant and perhaps ethereal take on the classic Mini Zen Garden also includes candles reminiscent of succulents. Perfect for a home or office in which succulents, artificial or not, play a role in the design.

Stylish Zen Gardens

Eve’s Zen Garden Kit Wooden

For a wide base and minimalist appeal, try this basic zen garden that includes all of the essentials.

Zen Garden Swimming Buffalo Set with Free Rake and Pushing Sand Pen Base Tray Dimensions

Another minimalist take on the classic Mini Desk Zen Garden, this kit has everything you need. The raking of the sand is the key factor in discovering the meditation and serenity associated with practicing the art of combing the sand.

Buddha Handmade Zen Garden Kit Black Indoor Zen Garden Relaxation Gift for Stress Relief

This small Buddha is part of this basic, minimalist Zen Garden. With natural stones that are polished and refined, try this Zen Garden that uses a sand with a natural look.

7 Inch Tabletop Zen Decorative Garden Kit

For a smaller, and lower priced Zen Garden that has a candle, too, try this one. It even has reminders of the Zen way with a stone inscribed with teh word “Zen.”

Zen Garden Sand Stamps

Mini Zen Garden Sand Stamps, Set of 8, for Relaxation and Meditation

This is one interesting accessory that I found online which comes in eight different and unique shapes. Use this sand stamp collection to create new combinations of patterns and ripples that you could never achieve with just a simple rake, or rake set.

Cheap Zen Gardens

If you are looking for some cheap Zen Gardens that basically, do the same thing as any of the rest of them, then perhaps consider these cheapest choices for the popular Zen Garden Miniatures.

Gifts & Decor Miniature Table Top Zen Rock Garden Mini Tabletop Set

Another minimalist Zen Garden with nice polished stones, try this simple an d elegant cheap Zen garden as the perfect choice for a gift to yourself or someone else who is in need of a way to relax and meditate.

Zen Garden Mountain River and Crane Set with Free Rake and Pushing Sand Pen Base

Another cheap zen garden, with real mountain features, combing through the pure white sand of this Mini Desk Zen Garden will bring you the comfort and satisfaction you need to find peace either at home or at work.

New Mini Meditation Zen Garden Figures and Natural River Rocks Rake Buddha with Wood Sand Rock

Another cheap yet effective choice for the popular Zen Garden, try this take. It may perhaps be somewhat humorous on first glance. For a fun and cool zen garden that is all you really need, try this one.

Rake Sets

Many who own Mini Zen Gardens would like to expand their collection of rakes in order to create different varieties of sand patterns. Try some of these rakes as the best ways to create newer and more unique styles of combing the sand.

Mini Zen Garden Tool Rake Set, 6 Pieces, Rakes, Drawing Stylus, Sand Smoothing Push Rake

A basic set which includes all of the essential rakes, you can’t go wrong with these ripple creators.

Professional Mini Zen Garden Rake Tools Set three rakes One Bamboo Drawing Pen One Pushing Sand Pen

Here is a traditional mini Desk Zen Garden collection of tools which, used in combination, can crate some of the most interesting designs in the sand.

Zen Garden with Boat Bridge Japanese Censers Set with Free Rake and Pushing Sand Pen Base Tray Diameter 9.4 inches

Finally, we have a cheaper choice of Zen Garden tools. These are for those who would like to expand their collection of rakes for a more affordable price.

Thank You for Looking at these Mini Zen Gardens

I hope that this article has helped you find some interesting choices of Zen Gardens for you to buy. If you still are not sure which one you like, it may help to click on each one and read more about it. These are basically all of the best ones online I could find.

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