30 Modern Abstract Art Prints

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Check out these Modern Abstract Art Prints

30 Modern Abstract Print Sets – Home or Office

Modern Abstract Art Prints
Abstract Colorful Splash Artwork – Modern Home Decor Stretched and Framed Ready to Hang – 16″x24″x3 Panels

Talk about color!! This 3-piece Modern Abstract Print is an eye-catcher. Perfect for any room and versatile due to such a large catalogue of tints, this artwork is a plus!

5 Panel Abstract Canvas Wall Art (W60 x H30)

Wow! This Wall Art is abstract, yet composed carefully. On 5 panels, the design is clear. Envision the ocean with the splashes of teal and aqua. Let yourself sail away with this modern artwork.

3 Panel Canvas Wall Art – Abstract Grunge Color Compositon

Remember grunge music from the 1990’s? Regardless if this graphic trio reminds you of the music or you like the metallic look and color, these modern abstract art prints will look fantastic in the living room, bedroom and your office!

Printed Canvas Set – 2 Pieces 18” x 18” – Watercolor Geometric Pattern

Blue and yellow ready-to-hang artwork makes this pleasing to the eyes. These geometrical Modern Abstract Art Prints are easy to hang in your favorite room.

Canvas Prints Wall Art – Cigar Whiskey Cigarette

This modern art print 3-piece set would look great behind the bar in a restaurant or home. Bourbon and cigarettes are captured in tasteful photographic compositions.

3 Piece Canvas Wall Art – Abstract Painting – Modern Home Decor Stretched and Framed Ready to Hang

From the bold red and yellows on the left panel to the cool color temperature on the right side, this 3 Piece Canvas Wall Art is for you! Large blocks of painterly color form the composition of this Modern Home Decor Abstract piece.

Printed Canvas Set with Silver Metallic Foil – 2 Pieces, 18” x 18”

Abstract and symmetrical, these 2 panels with Silver Metallic Foil can be placed on a wall as a set or separately. Use modern abstract art prints like this to accent any room in the house!

Blue Abstract Modern Prints on Canvas Artwork

Do you like the color blue? If so, this is the artwork for you. All shades and tints of blues you could possibly imagine are here in a 3-panel and ready-to-hang modern art print.

Modern Home Decor – Piece Canvas Wall Art – Abstract Huge Wave Composition

Neutral modern wall art will go anywhere in your home. Each section of the decorative canvas measures 24″x36″.

Mother Nature’s Modern Abstract Print Sets

Contemporary Art Modern Wall Decor – Beautiful Aspen Trees – Giclee Artwork

With fall colors and aspen trees, you can’t go wrong with this contemporary composition. This 3-piece modern art print is available in 2 sizes: 36″ x 24″ x 3 panels or 24″ x 16″ x 3 panels.

Romantic Beach Theme 4 Piece Modern Giclee Artwork

Go to the beach without ever leaving your home! Display the 4 Contemporary Abstract Seascape Pictures together or separately. Each panel is printed on high quality cotton canvas.

Watercolor Style Tropical Plant Leaves – Giclee Print Gallery Wrap

Beautiful leaves are featured is this Modern Home Decor canvas set.  These three ready-to-hang 16″x24″ panels compliment each other with their subdued tones of green.

Black and White Tree Canvas Art

If you feel connected to Mother Nature, then out of the many Modern Art Print Sets featured here, this one is for you. The 5 panels create an abstract feel to the photograph of the tree. Black and white will work in just about any room in your home.

Spring Summer Autumn Winter – Four Seasons Landscape Color Tree Painting Picture Prints

Each panel of this Modern Art Print Set represents a different season of the year. Look up at the sky! Even on the coldest of days, the sun is shining.

More Modern Abstract Art Prints

3 Piece Canvas Wall Art – Red hairy polyester texture background – Modern Home Decor Stretched

Texture, texture, texture! You can touch this wall art and feel the fuzzy red color. Red is such a popular, bold color. Display this Modern Art in your living room!

Canvas Prints Paris Street and Eiffel Tower Oil Painting Modern Wall Art for Living Room Decoration

Have you dreamed of traveling to France? Well dream no more with this 3-piece set. See the Eiffel Tower every time you view this artwork right in your home.

Modern Wall Art Canvas Print Decor – Large 5 Piece Abstract Star Fantasy Landscape

Escape the stress of daily living with this abstract art. Look at the stars and the wonder of outer space in this 5-piece modern print set to sooth your weary eyes.

3 Panel World Famous Painting Reproduction on Canvas Wall Art – Dancers by Edgar Degas

Inspired by Edgar Degas, an abstract impressionist from the early 1900s, these dancers are considered modern in style to this day. This is a great colorful choice from Modern Abstract Art Prints.

American Flag Stretched and Framed Modern Canvas Wall Art Set

Feeling patriotic? Show your loyalty to the United States of America. Place it in the living room for all to see!

Modern Canvas Prints Wall Art Cosmic Cloud Orion Nebula & Crab Nebula

Ever wonder what the universe looks like? Here you go! This set is printed on High Quality Glossy Canvas at high resolution using the latest state of the art color technology.

Framed Hand-Painted Modern Abstract Oil Paintings on Canvas Wall Art Set

While browsing on our Modern Abstract Art Prints page, this piece should grab your attention! It is a 100% hand-painted high quality oil painting. Purchase this artwork for a gift or for your own home. (Actual artwork may be slightly different from the product image.)

Animal Modern Abstract Art Prints

XXLarge Animals Canvas Wall Art

If you enjoy bright colors and love animals, this modern art print set is for you. A cute frog, a monkey and a dog all with human accessories on their heads creates a fun experience for any viewer in your home.

Modern Horses Painting Wall Art Canvas

Wild horses couldn’t drag me away! Horse-lovers will get a kick out of this wall art.

Wieco Art Happy Fish 3 Piece Giclee Canvas Prints

Ready for a swim? Adorable salt-water fish plopped into water create this trio of color for any animal lover.

Cute White Cats with Delicious Foods Modern Canvas Wall Art Paintings

Cat-lovers beware! You won’t be able to resist this trio of white cats with modern food on their heads. Perfect pastels compliments these hungry felines.

Animal World Series Labrador Dogs Modern Canvas Wall Art

Baseball and dogs! Labrador Retrievers top off this set of 3 dogs with caps on their heads. Ready-to-hang, each panel measures 12″x16″.

Contemporary Modern Abstract Art Prints

Mid-Century Modern Style Retro Seamless Pattern with Drop Shapes in Various Color Tones

Remember the 1960s and 1970s? Reds, oranges, neutrals and teardrop shapes are reminiscent of this time period. If you like retro, look no further.

Abstract Canvas Wall Art Paintings on Canvas for Wall Decoration

If you’ve ever seen abstract paintings in a museum of modern art, you’ve likely encountered pieces like this. Big bold patches of yellow, white and grey color.

Colorful World Map Modern Canvas Wall Art

See the world splashed in color before your eyes! This map of the continents is sure to draw attention and lift people’s spirits in a waiting room, office or home setting.

Hand Painted Framed Art “Colorful City” Abstract Oil Painting

Contemporary and colorful, this abstract cityscape contains most every color of the rainbow. Suitable for any room. Take a mindful  drive to the city without the hassle of traffic.

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