Original Diamond Allover Painting by Steven Yessick

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Released on the release date of the movie Despicable Me 3, which is a film about the Felonious Gru attempting to steal a diamond, this Steven Yessick diamond allover pattern painting emerges for auction to the highest bidder starting at a low price of 48.88 + 12.50 shipping for three weeks of painstaking and intricately delicate labor by a world renowned visual artist named Steven Yessick, a.k.a. @yessickart.

This is an original oil painting that can be seen from many different angles, and perceived on a variety of different levels because of the illusion created by the diamond allover pattern. It creates different responses and interpretations from different viewing angles and distances, most naturally.

The allover pattern idea comes from Lee Krasner, Jackson Pollock’s wife, who painted many allover pattern field paintings, usually based on flowers. In this work, the grid, which is here based on diamonds, is used to capture the idea of an allover painting; aimed towards a new threshold of this beautiful and intense reality that travels through time in an easily decipherable visual format.

The artist has painted a field, in a sense. It may almost be seen as a screen, where the imagination may be able to run freehandedly, altogether in a fun and intriguing way. Through a nonstop and painstaking three week process, this artist has used layering and the blending of color to create an intricate network of connections based primarily upon diamonds, movement, and the grid. The diamond in itself represents many, many different things, as many of you may very well already know.

When you look at this piece close up, it almost looks like a snakeskin pattern. If you let your eyes unfocus a little, you will see the movement, and the movement creates imagery in your mind’s eye if you only let it. That’s why this particular piece is so great. It is left open to interpretation by the viewer, which may be the purpose of all true art.

The artist of this piece, Steven Yessick, is the author of eleven books so far on art, creativity, art theory, and poetry as an exclusive Amazon author. Search Amazon for Steven Yessick…

This piece measures 11x14in and is oil on canvas, simply. It is an allover pattern painted over an old piece from 2002, and just enough of the old piece shows through to create a ever-changing visual dynamic that occurs when it comes under the eye of the observer.

Truly a mysteriously beautiful work of pink, purple, blue, and red hues that will sweep you away, while you are letting your imagination run freely over the intricate surface patterns on this truly amazing work of Art; this piece really is a sound investment and will be a treasure in it’s own right to it’s owner for many years to come.

Signed in red paint: G Yessick (the artist’s closest friends call him Glenn) and there is a cipher signature above the name (which is a visual logo-ish combination of the artist’s initials, SGY….)

The primary image in this auction shows the painting in natural light. The rest are close ups taken indoors.


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