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As many of you know, pop art dog artworks have been popular in recent years, especially with the Jeff Koons Balloon dog exhibition which broke the record for a work of art sold for the most ever by a living artist at auction.

The Jeff Koons Rosegold Balloon Dog Sculpture sold at auction in 2015 for 58 million dollars. It was based on the idea of the balloon dog, the most basic balloon animal shape for balloon twisting.

Now we have an interest in other pop art dog artworks online. Well, I have compiled a list of the most pop-art-like artworks that I have found online on Amazon, and put them in an easy to navigate list.

I was looking through dog art prints on there, and these are the art works of dogs that looked the most pop-ish. Pop, simply meaning popular, and something that is popular among many people due to it’s style and reference to contemporary culture can be considered pop-art.

As dogs are popular among owners, so have dogs become a popular subject in art in recent years. Pop art dog artworks are on display and conversed about in this list below.

Dogs in Pop Artworks Online List


Canvas Prints Wall Art – Elephant and Dog Sit under the Rain | Modern Wall Decor/ Home Decoration Stretched Gallery Canvas Wrap Giclee Print. Ready to Hang – 16″ x 24″

This elephant looks cute holding an umbrella over the dog sitting next to him. The sky is dark like a storm, and the elephant, which is also a symbol of protection, is taking care of his little dog friend.

They are both sitting on a bench on the beach, and just watching the storm roll in from the sea

Kennel Gothic Dog and Cat illustration beautifully upcycled dictionary page book art print ‘American Gothic’

A retake on the classic American Gothic Art print, but with a dog and a cat. Something which is remade from a popular artwork in the past can be just as popular today as it was in the past.


Space Pug. Captain Pugbert of the Space Patrol black dog in a space helmet illustration beautifully upcycled dictionary page book art print

Look at this pug in a spacesuit. Wow, what a great and wonderful piece of art inspired by space and the final frontier. A dog in a spacesuit, wow! lol!

Love And A Dog by Dean Russo Art Print, 16 x 20 inches

This dog just looks happy, with his tongue hanging out, and bright colors all around him. What a colorful and wonderful print picture for you to take home.


Dachshund Love – A Modern & Whimsical Dog Breed Watercolor-Style Wall Art Print / Poster on Fine Art Paper. Unframed & Can be Personalized

If you love the Dachshund, and you love love, then you will love this love print with a lovely dog. The artists makes it when you order it, and you can ask the artist to personalize it for you. Maybe write your name on it, or write something different on it, perhaps.

Steampunk Pug “Inquisitor Percy U. Pugington, Esq.” illustration beautifully upcycled dictionary page book art print

You know, pug puppies are really cute, and they grow up to be great dogs. This pug puppy looks ready to go, and he looks quite intelligent, yes.

Dean Russo Dog Love Quote Modern Animal Decorative Art Poster Print, Unframed 12×12

The attention to detail and creative use of color make this an interesting artwork that really has a message. The message is that dogs love us too much, and we should appreciate them sincerely for their love, and treat them with respect and dignity always.

“Long Haired Dachshund” Abstract Watercolor Dog Art Print By Artist DJ Rogers

Here is another Dachshund print which incorporates a really nice use of color. It is a signed print, and it comes ready to frame. Look at how the paint droplets create the image or silhouette of the dog.

Colorful Labrador Metal Wall Art 16″x16″

Aww, this abstract Labrador is not so abstract so that you can’t tell it’s a dog, but is abstract enough to where it looks cool still. Great patterns on the dog, and the green and purple really look good together.

The Long Voyage Home Yellow labrador retriever and lab puppy dog on a bike upcycled Dictionary Page book art print

If you love Labradors, and you love bikes, then this is the perfect print for you. Made from and printed on an up-cycled dictionary page, this interesting and evocative take on pop art dog artworks is just fascinating.

Dean Russo Happy Dog Close Up Modern Animal Decorative Art Poster Print, Unframed 12×12

This dog art print looks colorful and happy. The dog in this artwork just looks healthy and happy. Usually dogs are enthusiastic when we come home, and happy to see us. Plus, this is pop art dog artwork that really stands out as something special.

FRAMED Pug on a Bicycle Company by Ryan Fowler 12×12 Art Print Poster Dogs Sign

Pugs are a lot of fun. If you have ever had one, they are funny little creatures, and they make good companions, as well. An interesting take on the Pug, because they seem to always be doing something. This one is riding a bicycle. ­čÖé


Beagle Coffee Co Chicago by Ryan Fowler 12×12 Beatles Coffee Signs Dogs Hounds Animals Art Print Poster Vintage Advertising Sign

Let this awesome wall art remind you of the beagle in your own life. These two Beagles love that their masters love their coffee. This is a nice ad print with a classy look and appeal.

Dog Poster Chihuahua Laundry wash and fold motivational love Vintage cute Dog Poster saying 11×14 Art Retro Print

We all know Chihuahuas are popular dogs, and are used in popular culture quite often for ads, like in the Taco Bell commercials.. Chihuahuas are fun little friends that bring a happy energy to your home, and this print will, too.

Pug Art Print Mike the Trike pug dog on a tricycle original art vintage dictionary page book art print

This little Pug print is almost as cute as a Pug itself. Look at his face. It almost seems like he knows what he is doing. He is just riding on that little tricycle of his… Oh well… ­čÖé

Yellow Dog Coffee Co by Ryan Fowler 12×12 Coffee Sign Dog Lab Animals Art Print Poster

Another dog serving coffee in a cool art print poster for your walls. Pop-art-ish, because coffee is a very popular thing, and so are dogs! Yay!

Colorful KALAOK Style Dog Paw Art Pattern Animal Paw Print Non-slip Doormat,Floor Mat Door Mat Rug Indoor/Outdoor/Front Door/Bedroom Mats 23.6(l) X 15.7(w) Inch

Here is a print of paw prints. It is super colorful, too! Dog prints make this floor mat. It is a good one if you love dogs!

English Bulldog – Watercolor-Style Print / Poster on Fine Art Paper – Can Be Personalized

This little bulldog print is just oh so cute for your walls… It has “love” in the middle of it, with a heart in the middle of that, what a great alright print.

“Weimaraner Moon” Dog Art Print Signed by Artist DJ Rogers

A nice dog art print. It is pop-ish sort of, because it appeals to the masses. Everybody loves the moon, and we all love dogs, so what’s better than a dog sitting in the moonlight?

Black Labradoodle Golden Doodle Art – Dog Pop Art MaTTED Print by Angela Bond

This Black Labradoodle is the main subject of this beautiful and quite artistic print. Wow, what a great use of contrast with┬áthe complimentary┬ácolors, and the flowers add a nice touch…

Womanizer Pitbull Dog Art Print – MATTED Dog Pop Art by Angela Bond

This Pitbull is just joyful, as many Pitbulls are usually. They make great dogs if you treat them right.

We all love our dogs, and we want to celebrate our enthusiasm for our K-9 pets by looking at and maybe purchasing some pop art dog artworks, like the ones on this page.

Well thanks for viewing our pop art dog artworks, and we hope you have found a piece of art that you like. ­čÖé

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