The Products You Buy Makes the Products You Buy

For the rock n’ rollers, some rad useful earplugs:

Signed by Stalin…

Topiaries and Carrots and apple juice and cups.

Maybe stretch a time warp in  your mind’s eyes, or something…

Then slam it in da trash can, with these garbage bags^.

Minions Bob artifacts for your perusal…

Bob just loves that little bear friend of his…

Rattle and Roll all the days with these:

Baby bands are cool, yosef…

Donkey Knog is killer, yosef and yozers… Truly I mean fur rizzle.

For a wii motherload slammin play date.

While listenin to the Gorillas:

Then some old peculiar beer

and watch a movie in these:

folded in a drawer for that special occasion, white silk PJ’s yo!

and we get down on some petunias:

and eat a bannana and sign language people are on TV..



More cool artistic stuff:

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