random things put together

I have a list of random things put together.

All of which you can buy.

Just different things with different associations put together in

a fun list and writing piece, I call:

random things put together.

Here goes the list of random things put together.


A fake bonzai cherry blossom tree.

Pretty cool little fake plant. It looks so real.
Pretty awesome.

Ok next:

random things put together
A blender, so you can make awesome drinks and smoothies.

or a 25 ft cable so you can hook your phone up to a computer speaker in another room, ’cause this one is 25ft.

How about a giant rose:

random things put together

Wow a six foot rose and stuffed animal.


What about a xylophone? Pretty cool right?

You could jam out on this thing.

random things put together
ProKussion Professional Wooden Soprano Glockenspiel Xylophone (X-Series)

or a steak?

or maybe Cards Against Humanity:

you should check this game out, for real.

random things put together

What about a lawn mower?

or maybe a suitcase:

More random things I put together

Here’s the original smiley face vintage postcard:

random things put together

mmm, let’s see, I’m thinking about waterfalls,

now I’m thinking about rainbows…

mmm now I’m thinking about:

An Eminem autograph:

random things put together

Or the #5 Amazing Spiderman?

Maybe your cat needs a flea collar.

random things put together

Or a paperclip is useful sometimes:

random things put together

More randomness

Hobie Tandem Island

Now this is awesome, I mean ya.

Or you could get:

Galaxy Duct Tape:

I’m enjoying putting together random stuff, it’s pretty fun.

Here’s a poster of a tornado, wait no let’s put

The complete collection of the Simpsons Seasons 1-17 &20


Some milk?

random things put together

How about some Oil of Olay moisturizer with spf 15?

random things put together

Or an 100 inch tv?

random things put together
Screen Innovations HDTV 100-Inch Matte White 1.1 Theater Sensation Fixed Screen

How about some hot wing sauce?

random things put together

Well thanks for checking this out, I may continue to include randomness in future pops.

I mean, articles, lol

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