In safety stance send out signs along the byways for 10000 dollars for Tea.

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I’m trying to write what we all think in a simple sign on painting vision quest transcript vacation divine reaching of the mind’s television daytime wringling brothel after sex is donut soup and salad, for territory, verticality, and soap, with a vacuum, challenge soap operas, with a spacecraft to the moonshine whiskey tv signs terriotrial openness switch gears changeling channel sweat halfway to the other side, new Jesus sacrament and the oath of sample suitcase simple swear word salad and signs on the byways and high words from a partaker in the twe4nts.

Tea because it rules.
and smoke because it’s best:
and some starbursts:

sounds like a bass guitar synapse firing:

and then some roses:

and if you want minions, well here’s Bob:

and if you want a sketeboard by Jeff Koons, well here it is:

well, this one’s not by Koons, but just as good,
and some green ribbon:

and then I will smoke some green.
And then I will drink a protein shake:

just because i NEED it
and some russel stovers:

night unfolds into a flowers sign vision quest muse vacation in the sand temporary daytime routine in the etchings:
of Joan Miro:

or something
until a new diamond pattern painting unfolds:
until then we changelings waitDespicable Me Diamond Pattern Painting
and there it is
in remembrance of all the time travellers out there
pushing the boundary:
here’s some soap:

find a bronze statue of Jesus:

and why don’t they legalize 420 everywhere:
visit Norml.orgĀ To Donate legalize it, like Peter Tosh say long time ago.
and the journey continues.
with a dance creation synergy.
I a divine sign:
it’s a hula hoop:
glow in the dark, lit up:

with some psychelelic art poster from this:

or maybe go goth with some black fingernail polish:

and some blue hair dye:

and some green lipstick:

go solar, every house deserves a solar panel:
or wind turbine:

and then watch the simpsons on Sundays, for crying out loud
and then go to the park, with this sweater:

and try some fritos:
bbq flavored:

maybe you would like a cane:

and some wheatgrass juice:

in a powder
if u want
then you can ride in your dooley and collect sand:
for your next sandcastle:

and some jungle juice:
or maybe orange juice

or maybe a stop sign :

and maybe some green tea bags:
and some shoes from adidas, maybe some boots:

mine have lasted for four years;
and then we will read the butter battle book:

then we will eat alligator meat with a fresh set of onyx handled spoons.
and the we will drink coffee from Koffee Kult

Silence of the lambs, and sunrise is a vacation from the vampires:
and a little sunrise scenery wouldn’t hurt in your room:

why not try some cheetos big melons:

I mean and beef jerky?

then the buddha is always a good thing to have around, so why not?

you can six em out of them
yet together
sundry opposites or something
going to
see some redheads
my easel

but i WANT
a sexier one
one of each
a blonde, a brunette, and a read head
I want
surrounded by beautiful women when I paint
fo swear word
and pens, for real, like a million of them:

I’m swaying shite
and flowers, like a georgia O’keefe poster:

and some auto parts, like this one:

it’s a radiator,
and then we like snickers;

and a hair curler:

and a saxaphone:

or some ov

Peace in the floral

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