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Historically, a folk art sculptor strikes a note of playful absurdity and even veers towards the visionary at times.

Modern Artisan’s sculptors create the sculptures listed below.

Each one of these strikes that traditional note so typical of folk art. Whimsy, beauty, and sometimes functional too.

In the past, access to handmade artisan objects was confined to high end stores, art consultant showrooms, artist’s backyards, or the pages of magazines.

The existence of Modern Artisan represents a break from the rarified world of collecting artisan crafts.

Let’s take a look at 5 of my absolutely favorite objects this group of sculptors has to offer:

Modern Artisan Sculptor Group Selected Works

fish sculptor

Bonefish Indoor/Outdoor Metal Wall Sculpture
from: Modern Artisans

Bonefish Sculpture
With a “Bonefish Garden Wall Sculpture,” from a highly talented Modern Artisans sculptor, you can mark your garden using an ancient tribal symbol representing abundance for the land.

Place it inside your home to bring this symbolism into your daily life, and enjoy the beauty of this wish for abundance. In a sense, Modern Artisan’s Bonefish Sculpture lives and grows with the rest of your garden.

Left outdoors in the season’s elements, the Bonefish Sculpture will come alive and go through a never ending process as it patinas overtime.

Exposed to nature, the Bonefish Sculpture’s special metal material reveals an always morphing array of shades and colors.

Tap into lost tribal symbolism and the wordless beauty of aesthetics all at once with this piece.


Armadillo Reclaimed Metal Garden Sculpture
from: Modern Artisans

Metal Armadillo Sculpture
If recycling is your thing, pick up one of these cool Metal Armadillo Sculptures made from upcycled materials.

This quirky art from Modern Artisans recalls a long history of brilliant folk art for yards made from cast off objects.

Folk art’s storied history is deeply meshed with a particular note. Modern Artisan’s over-sized armadillo sculpture reminds me of robots in 1950’s science fiction films.

Pieced together with various kinds of metal parts, it looks like a robot from one of those bad sci-fi films everyone is afraid to admit they secretly love.

This makes Modern Artisan’s Metal Armadillo Sculpture an extremely love-able little character for your yard, garden, or – if you’re feeling like playing around – place one in your living room for kicks.

sculptor wall

Celestial Orbit Metal Wall Sculpture
from: Modern Artisans

Celestial Orbit Metal Wall Art Sculpture
Perhaps you want an indoor sculpture more intergalactic than tribal or science fiction?

Drop a Sun and Moon into your living space with Modern Artisan’s Celestial Orbit Metal Wall Art Sculpture.

This steel sculpture is designed to float from your wall.

It casts subtle shadows which make the form pop. Get into the proper orbit with this celestial art.

reclaimed metal sculptor

from: Modern Artisans

Grobot Planter
Introducing the Grobot to house guests is one of my favorite traditions.

People haven’t seen anything quite like it. Part of its charm is its function.

Everyone loves sculpture which also performs a tangible function for them.

It’s quite a surreal experience. It’s entertaining, and it causes people to stop and reassess their ideas of how a functional object can be designed.

The Grobot Planter is perfectly situated in this gap between play and performance.

glass sculptor

Handblown Glass Salt & Pepper Shaker Set – ‘Pig & Piglet’
from: Modern Artisans

Pig & Piglet Handblown Glass Salt & Pepper Shaker Set
Another great sculpture form Modern Artisan which traverses the land between play and performance, appearance and function, are the gorgeous Pig & Piglet Handblown Glass Salt & Pepper Shaker Set.

The form is – as I mentioned – gorgeous. You won’t find a more unique set of salt and pepper shakers anywhere on Earth.

I expect an example of this offering by Modern Artisan to end up in a museum somewhere in the distant future where it will enthrall visitors primarily as two small sculptures, but two small sculptures which perform one of the most primary functions at our dinner tables.

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