Seeing what happens in a flux pattern nightengale vision creation of the minds eye

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Btw. you can buy anythin by clicking on the links thanks, disegard this b.s. dada stuff, mingling time and space and association complexes just for fun, because that’s what life’s all about: fun and different unique experiential divinity, that’s all go leak to the skies in a star stance vacancy moonshine night vision sway shinedown growth vision entablature marking.

With additions like right now:

Here’s a pshychology neural network biblical version of the truth.
It expands infinitesimally of course.
And changes things. Like this hand spinner:

Spin in disregard of alles.
Change the channel with this remote:

And then you can travesrse the universe in this time travelling neon glow lamp.

if you want, you can get some dove chocolate:

and eat it on the beach of desire, with the procrastinators, and changing the channels all the while, and seeing new videos, like this one:

which is cool, about a guy who builds robots.
and his little buddy named Jesus.
and crucifix on the wall, next time, get a jet ski, with a little kayak:

and wear some UV protection sometimes:

you might want some oakley bomb ass sunglasses:

for when you go sandwich or steak eating when it is quite the sunny establisment division partaking of some glorious fruit.
Change patterns night vision goggles:

or a home theatre package:

and then you are to play some tennis, so you need some little yellow tennis balls por favor please:

maybe a little grass?
just because it’s great like that
and then you need a hot babe poster, maybe a little Christina Hendrix?

then you will drink tea of herbalized brews manufacturing star pattern synergy growths:

I prefer chamomile, and you will become the flower if you drink it everyday…
and lucifer changes the energy to a new beach ball:

and then we traverse space and time, and travel into the future on our easel, and then we buy some starbucks, and then we watch the simpsons:
and then we see leaves of grass, by Walt Whitman:

then we decide to go to the enter of energy and all time and see the mona lisa everyday, because everybody was there, for the most part:

I mean where else would everybody be?
At riverband in chattanooga, TN?
I mean, you can see the flaming lips.
I like their album, embryonic:

why not, and make some play doh minions gifts:

or you can get a cactus:

and stack some cheese, for real, yo, I mean, why not, yosef?
thanks for stopping by my random assemblage of not so related supplies and gifts for
your fam squatch to pervail in the beatitudes of a butterfly vision pattern
and some soup from the backyard with chicken.
and potatoes:
and a garbage bag supply for two months:

because we melt icecaps round here, and that is a good song by the counting crows, this is my favorite album by them:

that guy’s the rain king, yo
he deserves a good shower:
with this showerhead:

It’s beyond comparison to the fabric of simple sex.
Peace and rainbows forever, not. I like vagina, thanks

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