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small artificial succulents

If you are in the mood for some small artificial succulents cheap, well, you can’t go wrong here.

This is the place. 🙂

Anyways these plants rock absolutely!

They are small artificial succulents, sorta like cactus plants I guess..

These are some of the best cactus collections on Amazon right now.

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So, click on the images to buy these plants, or to learn more about each one.

Or to see bigger photos and learn more about each artificial plant.

Small Artificial Succulents

small artificial succulents

Potted Artificial Mini Succulent Plants, Set of 3

Look at this triple combination of rad succulents, and they are rad because they are quite decorative and stylish.

There’s different kinds for different places, I mean, some of these plants look better in places than others.

Make a big triangle with one at each corner and meditate inside the triangle, perhaps…

small artificial succulents

Set of 4 Small Modern Cube-Shaped White Ceramic Planter Pots with Artificial Succulent Plants

Here’s four succulents, one for each corner of a room, or place them all together on a display cabinet, perhaps with books, and other accents.

When you have good shelving, these plants may be of good use, especially if you shelves are white.

Or on a bookshelf, they work great on shelves in general, or maybe on a side table, or something.

small artificial succulents

Small Glass Cube Artificial Plant Modern Home Decor / Faux Succulent Planter Pots, Set of 3

Here’s some glass container small artificial succulents.

These are quite appealing because the glass llok is nice, and they still have the character of the cactus.

Different varieties of succulents for ya! 🙂

Glass container makes it even cooler!

small artificial succulents

Set of 4 Decorative Mini Modern Design Clear Round Artificial Succulent Plant Glass Display Vases

This is four succulents, one for each corner, AND in glass containers.

Wow, the best one so far because the cactus is like inside the pot., and it makes a nice display effect.

A double combination of the best aspects of the ones above.

More for your money, and the glass is curved, awesome!

small artificial succulents

Set of 3 Modern Square Black Ceramic Artificial Succulent Planter / Mini Faux Potted Plants

These are some retro style small artificial succulents for ya.

The black containers are nice if you are looking for a dark base, these are the ones.

The plants, the plants are the best part.

And even better, they require no maintenance and never die. 🙂

small artificial succulentsRustic Garden Wood Planter w/ 3 Artificial Green Succulent Plant & Moss / Rectangular Plant Container Box

Here’s some country-esque or rustic-looking succulents in a wood box with moss.

Looks pretty woodsy and down-home, if that’s the theme you got going on.

small artificial succulents

Modern Glass & Artificial Succulent Plant Centerpiece Display / Decorative Faux Plant Decor

Here’s a small artificial succulents arrangement.

Use as centerpiece or just wherever, like, by the TV or something, I guess..

Looks highly appealing and would make a great gift.

Artificial succulents are so cool.

Just about as cool as their cousins, the real succulents.

Those you have to take care of; you don’t have to do anything with these

except dust them occasionally.

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