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If you love slinky toys, we have these small plastic slinky toy slinkies all day long. 🙂

They are fun, and great for party favors, so why not try one today. Just click on the picture to learn more. 🙂

This is a Slinky Jr. It is the best quality small plastic slinky toy out there. This is the blue version.

Here is the orange version of the Slinky Jr.

Party Favor Small Plastic Slinky Toy Sets

If you are looking for small plastic slinky party favors, then ^this is a top recommended choice.

These^ small plastic slinky toys are different and irregular shapes. Try these, they are super-fun!

Here is another pack of small slinky toys party favors, check these out, they are quite affordable.

Very Tiny Small Plastic Slinky Toys

If you want really really small plastic slinkies, these^ are like 1.25″ big. They are tiny! If that’s what you want. 🙂

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