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Cheap Glow in the Dark Golf Balls list:

For cheap glow in the dark golf balls and other sports stuff, you have found the right place, and that is for sure, 100% without a doubt.

You know, night golf can be like, a ton of fun, for real. 🙂 Just imagine being out there on the links at night, with all of your friends, and watching these little glowing golf balls soar through the night sky at tremendous speeds.

Sounds like a lot of fun right? Well there are a few things you need to know before you buy them.

Some may prefer the LED glow in the dark golf balls, and really it is usually the case that the LED inside outlasts the golf ball itself.

Others may find the durability of the ones with the glowsticks better suited for their purposes. If you like these, you can get replacement glowsticks.

There is also a type of glow golf ball that is activated by a flashlight that is usually included with the golf balls on the initial purchase.

These are some inexpensive options that are readily available for purchase now.

The list also contains some other fun and interesting glow sports products that you may want to purchase. If so, just click!

I have categorized this page into four sections:

  • LED Glow in the Dark Golf Balls
  • Night Golf Balls that utilize a glowstick
  • Glow golf balls that are activated by a flashlight.
  • Other glowing sports stuff you might like

You can have fun with any of these varieties, and you may want to try all four. One at a time, of course, or not, lol…

Just check out the list of cheap glow in the dark golf balls we have here on this page, and see what you may like, then just click to learn more or buy!

Glow in the Dark Golf Balls – Cheap

LED Glow Golf Balls:

Here’s a few cheap LED golf balls, and there are some more alternatives in the list below…

LED Light up Golf Balls – 3 pack w/ different colors

This^ is the best choice for LED cheap glow in the dark golf balls because they are a good company that has been around for a while, and they make great night golf balls that are affordable and good!

good cheap glow golf balls
Night Eagle CV LED Golf Balls – Light Activated – No Timer – 6 Pack

This is a good choice for an unbeatable price because they are LED and you control when to deactivate the LED glow.

The LED lasts for up to 30 hours continuously, and if you live on a golf course in Alaska and drink ethiopian coffee all of the time, this feature comes in handy.

LED golf balls that glow in the dark
Night Sports Light-Up Golf Balls

These are great because of their price, and they are well crafted and durable.

They also stay on for 8 minutes after being struck, and are LED golf balls that glow in the dark for many hours, so you can use them over and over again.

More Glowing Golf Balls

led glow golf balls cheap
MAXZOLA LED Golf Balls,Night Golf,Super Bright Led Golf Night Training Ball,glow in the dark,Ultra Bright and Easy to golf with

These are some good and cheap standard LED glow in the dark golf balls, and that are super bright. They are super cheap too, and are only available for a limited time. A simple solution if you just want to have a little fun.

cheap glow in the dark golf balls
Nite Flyer Led Golf Balls

^These are SUPER awesome, and they are great quality by a trusted name. They are LED, and they are highly recommended These are maybe almost the highest quality LED ones on the list.

led cheap glow golf balls tournament
EW Glow LED Light-Up Golf Ball – official size & weight Glow in the Dark

These are cool because they are the official size and weight of a real golf ball, and they are perfect for tournaments in this regard.

These LED Glow in the Dark Golf Balls are cool and cheap!

cheap glow in the dark golf balls
4 LED Glowing Golf Balls – Cheap

Try these^ golf balls because they glow for up to 40 hours, and they can glow for 8-10 mins after being hit.

They are lightweight, durable and affordable, so try one today! Do you like a green glow? Or a blue glow?

They also have blue ones, and these are just like the green ones above.

They also have Orange glow in the dark golf balls, and Red glow in the dark golf balls, too!

Anyways, maybe you want to see the ones with glowsticks in a minute because some of those are cheap, and they are less susceptible to breakage or water damage.

4 Nighthawk Glow In Dark LED Light Up Golf Balls Official Size Weight Constant On

Look different color LED golf balls in four different colors, almost totally awesome.

These are great because the batteries in each one last about 40 hours.

They light up after being struck, and stay on for a while after that, maybe about seven minutes or so.

Night Flyer Lighted Golf Balls – 4 Ball Variety Pack

^Here’s some good and cheap ones.. These are highly recommended if you want something good and cheap that gets the job done.

Here are some more good and cheap ones that use glowsticks

glow in the dark golf balls cheap
ProActive Glow Flyer Ball – Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

^These are really great, and they work perfectly if you just want fun at night playing golf. Just insert the glowstick, and you are ready to go!

3 Pack Of Green Glow Flyer Golf Balls

A three pack of Glow-Flyers, because you really need more than one, also it’s harder to lose these because they don’t shut off after 8 minutes.

The ones above use a glowstick to activate the glow, and these are really cheap, durable, and awesome.

Simply bend the tube and put it in the hole in the golf ball, and you’ve

got a glow in the dark golf ball.

All night long.

And they glow, so they are harder to lose at night. These are a more affordable option as well, just click for prices!

This particular type, with the replaceable glowsticks, is highly recommended for many uses wet or dry.

NiteLite Glow Golf Balls

These use glowsticks, so once you click, you will see where to get the glowsticks.

Still super cheap, and from a good brand.

glow in the dark golf balls cheap amazon
Glow in the Dark Golf Balls – The Cheapest – 4 pack

^These are the kind with the glowsticks inside, and again, this kind is all you really need if you just want to have some fun on the golf course at night.

Super durable, and cheap, they are a bargain, and the four balls come with eight glowsticks in four different colors, so you get a lil variety, you know?

So you can tell them apart for different players and stuff.

Try them today, just click on the image or link!

Golf Balls that Use a Flashlight to activate the glow

Luminous Night Golf Balls,Long Lasting&Rechargeable Bright Fluorescent Night Golf Ball,Glow in the dark, recharged by Flashlight (one included)/Sun light,Easy to Golf, 6,12,18 count or 24 count

The ones above and the ones below both use a flashlight (which is included) to make the golf balls glow in the dark. If you prefer that, they are not really that expensive at all.

GlowV1 Night Golf Balls – Best Hitting Ultra Bright Glow Golf Ball – Compression Core and Urethane Skin – 2 Count, 6 Count, or 12 Count

These come with a UV flashlight which you shine on the ball for 60 seconds, and they stay glowing for 15 minutes. They are professional quality, and they go farther than normal LED balls. Plus they are really durable.


or you can get these:

and, before we get to more cheap glow in the dark golf balls, here is a little something you may want to check out, just for general usefulness:

6 in Industrial Grade Snap Light Glowsticks 12 hr Duration Pack of Ten – Click to buy

Cheap Glow in the Dark Golf Balls are here

These golf balls actually glow in the dark, and they are truly top notch.

They are professional grade LED.

glow in the dark golf balls
GlowV2 Night Golf Balls – Best Hitting Ultra Bright Glow Golf Ball – Compression Core and Urethane Skin – 2 Count, 6 Count, or 12 Count

That’s pretty far out, because of the high quality for the affordable price.

Like night golf, yo, and these are quite durable and professionally crafted.

Maybe learn more about them, and read the reviews.

Far out cheap glow in the dark golf balls are really fun because night golf is cool, you know?

You can enjoy playing golf at night whenever you get the chance with these things.

And you can play in Glow in the Dark golf tournaments, and yes, there is such a thing if you didn’t already know.

If you do know, then you may really appreciate the quality of the above golf balls if you do participate in such events.

It is like, so much fun to get together and play golf at night under the moon and stars, I think.

Plus it’s also cool to watch these things spin and fly through the air when you hit them down the fairway.

Or straight off the tee into the cup, like, every time! Yeah, I wish, you know?


Pretty much, the above option is the choice you really even need to look at, because the pros prefer these..

Each of the ones above are the best in their category of either LED Golf Balls, or Glow in the Dark Golf Balls with a glowstick which is inserted into the middle of the golf ball, or the kind on which you shine the flashlight.

The above type plays pretty nice, as well, provides an accurate shot, and is measured and weighted like a real pro golf ball.

Another LED Golf Glow option: most durable

You may also want to try the Night Flyer, which is another great LED glowing golf ball choice, because it is the most durable LED night golf ball you can get on the market, for real.

glow in the dark golf balls
RUGD Night Ball (2 Pack) – Most Durable LED Golf Ball – Six Bright Color Options

Another Option for Fun:

Last and not least by any means, we have the disco light up LED golf ball two pack, a good bargain:

DISCO FLASHING LED Electronic Golf Balls 2-pack ~ Lights up red green blue purple

These are so freaking cool because you can stand out as the only one with disco colored late night golf balls on the course.

You can be the cool one with the disco golf balls, lol… 🙂

These are maybe not your ordinary everyday cheap glow in the dark golf balls.


you can try other stuff below:

Glowing Frisbees

Well, if you want to see more sports glow stuff besides the cheap glow in the dark golf balls above, then maybe check out a frisbee, or a flexible football made up of cells that light up when you throw it.

Here’s a Glow in the Dark Frisbee:

Tangle Sport Matrix Airless Nightball Disk

^This one lights up when it is thrown, is waterproof, it floats, and it is easy to throw and catch, so you can’t go wrong!

glow in the dark golf balls

Click on image to learn more about this amazing frisbee.

This frisbee is awesome.

Night frisbee rules!

Great for night ultimate frisbee.

you have got to check this out.^ Wow!

glow in the dark frisbee
Dozen Glow In The Dark Ring Flying Disks

These are pretty neat if you just want a bunch of them for cheap, and it doesn’t matter what happens to them.

Night Flyers Airbender – Light Up Glow in the Dark Frisbee with Soft Rubber grip – Flys up to 100 Yards

^This is a super cool LED frisbee, ya’ll… Plus it looks amazing when it flies through the air at night, and it is easy to use.

So stealthy and aeorodynamic, just simply so much fun these things are.

More Glowing Stuff:

and an awesome glow in the dark hula hoop:

glow in the dark hula hoop
36″ – 24 Color Changing LED Hula Hoop – Cotton Candy Rainbow

Wow. this hula hoop is like, the best out there.

It breaks down and reassembles easily for transporting efficiency.

Great for any time, just hanging out at night, and doing some hula hoopin, too.

Then you just break it down, throw it in your pack, and take it somewhere else.

It works awesome, and it is really durable.

glow in the dark softball
Softball Throw N Glow

This is just cool for sitting around in the dark, writing on it,

and tossing it back and forth.

Maybe get multiple pens so everyone can have a pen, and

then sit with the lights off with your friends,

and everybody can write notes and doodles on it with light.

And toss it back and forth.

Pretty cool little thing to enjoy. 🙂

The softball is covered in glow material
combined with the CyberGlow pen, the user can create custom “glowing designs” on the surface to be used over and over again.
Just draw any design with the CyberGlow pen and it glows where you draw.

More fun glowing sports stuff:

and they have a frisbee too like this for eight bucks that glows in the dark.

Nerf Fire Vision Glowing Disk

pretty cool.
good reviews.
check ’em out, just click.

Sports balls

Light Up Basketball-Uses Two High Bright LED’s (Official Size and Weight)

Cool, night basketball time…

Tangle Sport Matrix Nightball Football (Large)

This^ ball is flexible, is made up of a matrix of cells, and it lights up when you throw it.

glow in the dark football
Nerf Fire Vision Ignite Football

This is probably the best glow in the dark football on the market.

Tons of good reviews about this product.

Ignite Football has a bright glow
Play for hours with no charging
Ball glows as it flies through the air.

Light Up LED Soccer Ball – Uses 2 Hi-Bright LED Lights, Size 5

A cool and durable soccer ball that lights up with LED.

Pretty awesome little soccer ball here, and it really works, it’s pretty crazy amazing, at least that’s what they say.

S&S Worldwide Gator Skin Glowround Ball

Here^ is a soft play ball that glows..

A couple more things

glow in the dark bracelet
LED Safety Slap Bracelet Armband for Cycling Jogging Walking with Blinking Modes from Minisuit Sporty
Ultra high visibility: This Safety LED Slap Bracelet from the Minisuit Sporty Line is designed to give you visibility in dusk and night time activities
Practice safe sports: The light-up bracelet is worn on wrist, arm, ankle, to allow greater safety for you or your children
Truly lightweight, and made of soft but sturdy flexible nylon
Press button for 3 different modes: On/off, flashing, or steady light. Built-in long lasting battery included
Measures 10.00 x 1.75″ for ultimate fit and comfort.

glow in the dark beach ball
Glow in the Dark Beach Ball 24″, 1 Each

Just for kicks, the glow in the dark beach ball.

For those fun warm summer beach nights.

Zen. – Pretty relaxing just to have one of these around by the pool or something, and you can replace the glowstick inside the beachball.

Thanks again, and visit the cheap glow in the dark golf balls page again sometime for new stuff. 🙂

Maybe we will post a glow in the dark sports shirt:

Reflective Vest for Running or Cycling (Women and Men, with Pocket, Gear for Jogging, Biking, Walking)

For all you late night bikers out there, this^ is for you, and you may need a reflective vest for some reason maybe.

If you want to go back to the cheap glow in the dark golf balls page now or anytime, just go to the top!

Also, there is some really good adventures that can be had on the golf course late at night, and you can start with some cheap glow in the dark golf balls. You should get whatever floats your boat, m’kay?

I mean, these are perfect if you live on a golf course or just play put put at night at home in the dark in your basement.

These things are just fun to have around, and that’s the bottom line.

Pretty much, I mean who doesn’t want to hit a little glowing orb 300 feet through the air with a club?

Thanks for visiting the cheap glow in the dark golf balls and other sports stuff page on


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